5 Best Cloud Backup for Small Business (Free & Paid)

You may protect your data by using backup software to make a copy of your files, databases, and hard drives. Data loss may be remedied with this program’s help.

Various additional features are available in the finest backup software to help you better manage your stored data and back up your stored data files with confidence.

A backup program for all your papers and data is critical for everyone, regardless of whether they are for business or personal use.

Cloud backup services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are widely accessible, but you shouldn’t depend on just one of them. As a best-case scenario, an additional hard drive or cloud storage would be used to back up any data.

Coordinating this process might be a hassle since you don’t want all of your files and directories to be duplicated manually simply because a few of them have changed. This is particularly true if you’re using file management to securely exchange data and don’t want to disrupt your document management.

As soon as a new file is saved, it’s transferred over to the opposite side. In other cases, frequent backups are carried out at predefined periods. Because of this, various backup software options make it easy to set up multiple backups whenever necessary.

Listed here are the most popular backup programs and the most recent download links. This list includes both free and paid software.

Best Data Backup Solutions for Individual/ Small Business Users 2022

Our methodology for evaluating the top data recovery programs!

We first create an account with the required software platform, whether a download or an online service, to test for the finest backup software. We tried if the application could restore data from an internal and external hard disc.

Each software platform was tested to evaluate how well-rounded it was in terms of its fundamental tools and how simple it was to master the more sophisticated ones.

EaseUS To Do

The most user-friendly Windows backup software is available for free. The program can back up your whole computer and specific files and folders.

Over the last decade, EaseUS Todo Backup has provided various options for enterprises, private users, and even network operators. Windows (XP and above) and Macintosh (OS X) are supported.

Multiple partitions, RAID, and cloud backup are all supported in the Home/Home Office tier, as is an incremental or complete backup of up to 16TB of data.

Even though there’s a free option, the Home tier has additional options for individuals who routinely manage their backups. The home version may be purchased for a one-time cost, or you can pay a yearly or two-year subscription fee.

It’s one of our favorites, with an appealing and easy-to-use interface, a wide variety of file and picture backup options, and even a useful free edition. Still, it couldn’t quite elbow its way into the top five due to intense market competition.

Upgrades for servers and technicians may be added to any single workstation’s business package to expand the variety of functions available.


  • A free program for backing up and restoring your system, files, discs, and partitions’ data.
  • You can secure your data quickly and easily using automatic backup techniques. The ability to duplicate your whole system is already included.
  • One of the best and most comprehensive Mac backup software solutions on the market today.

Acronis Cyber Protect

In a continually changing threat scenario, managing cyber defense is a problem. Acronis Cyber Safeguard is the only cybersecurity solution that natively blends security protocols and information security to protect your data from all threats.

This backup program transmits data to a local disc as well as a cloud storage service at the same time. After two clicks, you’re done with the system drive cloning and mirror imaging.

To protect your data from this increasingly common kind of assault, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office includes an anti-ransomware tool that can identify and even reverse the encryption of a hard drive without your knowledge. 

It is also capable of backing up mobile devices. The drawback is that this archiving consumes system resources and may even cause boot times to increase.

A good reason Acronis is so well known in the backup software industry is that it works. Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image) is a robust, adaptable, and utterly dependable backup solution. It’s the world’s most complete data security solution.

In addition to providing strong and user-friendly backups, it also combines security programs that guard against malware, dangerous websites, and other dangers in real-time.

Having a one-year membership comes with built-in ransomware protection. If you want to back up your data to the cloud, you’ll need the Advanced plan. The 5TB storage and electronic signatures with the premium plan are a welcome addition.

With a single, integrated solution, you can streamline your defenses:

  • Control all elements of security from a single location.
  • Get rid of slowness and incompatibility.
  • Save time and effort by not having to deal with many applications.

Explore the benefits of integrated cyber defense, such as reduced complexity, enhanced protection from current cyber threats, and time and money savings.

Zoolz ( Genie9)

Software service provider Genie9 is a backup and storage service. It’s the ideal way for individuals and businesses to store their belongings. Individuals and businesses alike may benefit from the tool’s low-cost storage options.

It promises “effortless security for all your information” throughout the three-step installation process of Genie Backup Manager. For Windows XP and above, a trial is accessible; however, other systems are not.

Genie Backup Manager lacks completeness due to Android backup and cloud storage alternatives. This program converts traditional drives to media drives.

The Windows system tray displays a little symbol that indicates that the software is running in the background. Based on system resources, Turbo Mode and Smart Mode conduct backups at maximum and decreased speeds.

People who dislike interruptions will like this software’s Game/Movie mode, which disables all distracting pop-ups while you play or watch a movie. Android users are missing out on the mobile app since it doesn’t exist.

Scheduling options include basic and advanced.

  • During the backup process, you have the option to pause and resume.
  • Snooze backups until a later time.
  • While not logged in, do backups.
  • Restart your computer if necessary.


Backblaze is the company that is responsible for storing your data in the cloud. It is not only cheap but also fast, easy, and uncomplicated to put into use.

You can store an unlimited amount of data with this tool. You may use this program to build a computer backup, whether a Mac or PC.

There are three distinct iterations of this application that may be downloaded. B2 cloud storage will be our first topic of discussion, followed by personal and business backups.

When it comes to finding a recovery and online storage solution, Backblaze is a solid option to consider. This company’s computer backup service is for customers that need to keep critical data and documents off-site. The reasonable price is one of the most attractive aspects of Backblaze’s unlimited and continuous backup service.


  • Infinite storage in the cloud
  • In the absence of file size restrictions,
  • An easy-to-follow procedure
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Diverse approaches to restoration

Key Features: 

  • You may look for your backup using this feature.
  • Keep a copy of your previous version if anything happens to your current one.
  • You may take it with you everywhere you go and whenever you choose.
  • It is possible to schedule backups.
  • Allows for unlimited data backups.


IDrive has been around for the last quarter of a century and is a perfect backup application for Windows. One of its appealing features is that it enables unrestricted file sharing across different computers.

There is a reasonable probability that you are familiar with IDrive before beginning your search for an online backup service. It is not only very well-known but also serves an efficient purpose. At this price, it’s an incredible deal considering all of the backup options you have.

IDrive is one of the cloud backup services that offer the most comprehensive set of features, and it fulfills all of the requirements we had for a good service. 

It possesses sync and file sharing capabilities, which allow it to compete with other backup services (such as Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office) and some of the most prominent cloud storage providers, such as Sync.com and pCloud.

These capabilities allow it to compete with other backup services (such as Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office).

The desktop client for IDrive is currently only available for use on Windows and Mac computers; Linux users cannot access it. 

Instead of relying on IDrive’s backup script for Linux, you might find it more beneficial to look at our ranking of the best cloud backup services for Linux to see which services come with a desktop client built specifically for the Linux operating system.

This way, you can determine which services offer the most comprehensive protection for your data.


  • Multi-device Online File Sync and Backup.
  • Clone or back up your data on a computer.
  • Monitor and version control computer snapshots
  • Protection of the data indefinitely.
  • Works on a wide variety of platforms.
  • Encryption from end to end.
  • Alternatives to the primary plan

IDrive has a lot of different products, but only three of them are for people. The remaining tools are corporate-grade.

A limitless amount of storage space is available at absolutely no cost. In addition, all cloud backup plans include cloud storage options. 

As a result, IDrive may serve as both a cloud storage service and an online backup service (talk about a deal).

Which backup program is best?

Overspending is a common mistake. Additional features that you don’t need complicate your system and might cause it to run slower. Consider the software with your new external hard drive if you want to use it to back up your files.

Backup software from companies like Seagate, WD, and others is suitable for most users.

If you want to back up your data, rather than operating systems and applications, a tool that backs up only the files you pick is a time- and effort-saver. Using Windows library folders may trigger automatic file selection by specific apps.

It is possible to restore the operating system and your data from a picture of the whole hard disc or partition. It’s easiest to recover from a system crash via imaging and assures that you won’t lose any vital data.

If your computer crashes, you’ll need the means to get it back up and running; therefore, you’ll need a backup of your operating system. It should be possible to generate a bootable optical disc or USB thumb drive with any backup application.

A restore partition may alternatively be created on your hard disc, which may be utilized alternatively if the hard drive is still functional.

Setting a schedule for your backups is essential if you want them to work. You should be able to schedule backups in any decent backup application.

One-way syncing or duplicating is not backup if you are overwriting prior versions of data. Choose a backup program that enables you to store several previous backups or, if using file backups, older versions of the file. Software that does its job well will keep and delete earlier backups based on the parameters you provide.

Aside from hard discs, optical media such as DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are excellent archiving devices. The Department of Defense has tested M-discs to back up their 1,000-year dependability guarantee, so you don’t need to be concerned.

We hope you find the list of the 5 best cloud backup solutions for small business users. Most of them offer a free trial, so you can test it before purchasing it.

Don’t forget to check the latest promotions on all software.

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