5 Best Free Slideshow Maker for Windows 10

It is possible to create presentations or films using slide show maker software, which has several options for customizing the look and feel of the final product. 

AVI, MOV, WEBM, and MP4 are only a few of the formats that work with these apps. Sharing your slideshow on YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, and other sites is easy with many of these programs.

You may also use a slideshow to make an engaging presentation at work. Something that can thrill your co-workers at your next meeting or convince prospective customers that you are the correct pick at your forthcoming convention.

Unfortunately, making a slideshow might take a long time if your program doesn’t have intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities, complex formatting choices, and quick transitions.

We’ve produced a list of our picks for the finest professional slideshow software to help you focus your search. Each piece of software will be examined in this course, and you’ll be able to utilize this knowledge to choose the best one for your needs.

Magix PhotoStory:

Sharing a beautiful moment with others makes it even more special. With Photostory Deluxe, you can turn your most prized photos from family gatherings, vacations, and ordinary events into moving slideshows. 

With friends and family, relive your most memorable experiences over and over again.

For a good reason, Magix PhotoStory is regarded as one of the most outstanding professional slideshow software. Most of this software’s effects and music tracks are geared at more advanced users, and it includes more than 300 of them. 

The music tracks themselves aren’t songs but rather a variety of different tempos and styles of songs.

A bespoke animation component and an embedded picture editing tool are also included in Magix PhotoStory.


  • Video editing is made simple with more than a hundred pre-made templates.
  • Music and sound effects on more than 800 songs.
  • Presets for picture-in-a-picture mode
  • Integrated picture-enhancing filters

Many people prefer Magix PhotoStory because of the drag-and-drop interface and the large number of layouts and effects it offers. 

It’ll be great for generating visually stunning presentations if you can figure out how to get around the software’s relatively perplexing interface.

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Creating picture slideshows is just as much thought and creativity as photographing or editing the images that sparked your desire for a presentation in the first place, according to Movavi Slideshow Maker. 

Downloadable extras and a marketplace where you may buy more changes, background music pieces, and filters are included.

If you are seeking a good slideshow creator program for Windows 10 or Mac, Movavi Slideshow Maker is a good option. 

A free trial is available to see whether this slideshow maker is right for you before you purchase. It has a Slideshow Wizard to aid novices, various pre-made themes, 165+ graphic effects and filtration, music capabilities, and more.

With far more than 150 filters and more than 100 events, Movavi is one of the greatest slideshow creators available. Sideshow videos may be uploaded to various services, including Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, and more.

This is the best option for those who like producing and sharing picture slideshows. When creating unique slideshows with transitions, music, and all the other widgets, there isn’t anything more pleasing on the market right now. The price is slightly higher than other tools, and slideshow production is commonly included with video or picture editing software.


  • Add films and photographs to your slideshows with a few mouse clicks.
  • With this slideshow builder, you can add music and apply effects to your presentation.
  • And over 40 title styles are available.
  • Before you save the slideshow, you may preview it.
  • Over a thousand options for adjusting the look of your video.
  • Using Slideshow Wizard, you can quickly and easily build slideshows that look great.
  • Suitable for people of all abilities

Slideshows in three simple stages

  • Slideshow Wizard may be found in the Start menu by clicking on it.
  • You may upload any media file here.
  • Choose from one of the pre-made layouts
  • Music and video slideshows are included in this picture slideshow creator

CyberLink MediaShow is a seasoned veteran with over a decade of experience in the video business. You may create anything from slideshows to movies to screensavers using this application. \

It just includes a few effects and transitions, but it comes with some handy features for organizing all of your photographs so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly. Unfortunately, there is no option for modifying several layers.


  • Minimalist grouping of transitional effects
  • A photo-editing features
  • Facebook album integration.
  • Tagging and face recognition
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.

CyberLink MediaShow will do the trick if you don’t want to create elaborate graphic displays. You’ll need this to make films that don’t detract from the photographs. 

However, there are a few drawbacks to the application. However, this software’s file management mechanism is top-notch.


  • With so many options, CyberLink Media Show is an excellent choice for anybody looking to make films or edit photos. We had no issues with the DVD or slideshow producers, and the face tagging and picture touch-up tools worked well.
  • Sharing: MediaShow provides connections to social networks like YouTube and Facebook and the ability to transmit files straight through email within the program. We had no problems with uploading the data to the Internet since our system was lightning fast.
  • Laid out: This software will be an invaluable aid in your quest to order assets quickly. Pictures and menu choices are easy to find because of the layout’s colossal size, and With the calendar view, we were able to identify media assets quickly helpful design.

Minitool Moviemaker

CyberLink MediaShow is capable of satisfying all of your needs for image and video administration as well as creative tasks. You may use it to create videos and slideshows and then upload them to various social media platforms to share them with others. 

You will like the versatility and the stunning design, but you must prepare for some instability at specific points during the experience.

MiniTool MovieMaker is a free movie editor for Windows that is easy to use and powerful enough to handle basic video editing jobs for beginners and semi-pros alike. 

MiniTool MovieMaker is available to download here. The application has no limitations when it comes to editing 4K movies.

It is all required to start importing your photographs and videos and then dragging them onto the timeline. After that, you’ll be able to combine or split several clips, apply various video effects, make use of several transitions, filter them, and even add text and music to the videos you’ve imported.

This comprehensive video editing tool allows you to create musical slideshows and video/photo mashups, delete the soundtrack, speed up and slow down videos, make slow-motion videos, and reverse them. In addition, you can speed up and slow down videos, make slow-motion videos, and rewind them. 

You have the option of selecting a video or audio template for your project from the selection of free templates that are provided. These free templates are an absolute blessing if you’re looking for outcomes that are quick and easy to get.


Feature-rich and easy-to-use video editor

In terms of video editors, MiniTool MovieMaker is head and shoulders above the competition. Your movie can transform into a work of beauty thanks to the program’s easy-to-use interface and extensive feature set. It brings out the best in your writing.

Effortless Video Editing

Multiple images and films can export using the integrated video templates, allowing for creative video creation. Making a movie using this Windows movie maker couldn’t be easier, particularly for newcomers.

Motivate Your Endless Imagination

Resources are always being added to keep up with the most recent fads. Become the Muse of your video editing by locating the most closely related pieces to your work, then selecting and placing them on the soundtrack to give the film a final polish.

Prepared for any scenarios.

MiniTool MovieMaker is the most acceptable option for everyone who wants to make movies. This Windows movie editor makes it simple to create stunning vlog videos, electronic albums, gaming commentary videos, online classes, and more.


Wondershare’s Filmora There are several valuable features in Filmora, including a user-friendly interface, a variety of practical effects, a variety of text tools, and a variety of filters.

In terms of functionality and simplicity of use, Filmora is an excellent option for experienced video editors and newbies. Compared to other video editing tools, the learning curve for Filmora is substantially lower.

Filmora’s motion and color settings are also available. With their help, you can get the perfect vibe. Basic but effective color correction is there, as is anticipated for the price. In any case, it helps you to maintain a uniform appearance from one frame to the next.

Creating titles using Filmora is a breeze. Preprogrammed layouts include opening and ending credits, titles, lower thirds, and subtitling options. They’re fantastic for giving your video a cinematic, journalistic, and entertaining feel.

Video projects may also be sped up or slowed down. Your video and audio may move in your direction, even backward. In addition, you may use the motion-based tab to pan and zoom through your clip.

Moreover, thanks to its easy-to-understand interface and extensive library of video effects, it is one of the most excellent tools for creating video slideshows. With this tool, you can do many complex edits, such as keyframing, tracking motion, adjusting the color, and ducking audio.

An unlimited number of video and audio tracks are available in Filmora’s timeline. 

With this, you can handle more challenging undertakings. With a motion picture, music video, and other more complex projects in mind, it’s nice to have the option of having more than two or three cameras on hand.

If you desire to give your films a feeling of a clock ticking or merely announce the conclusion of a scene, you’ll receive roughly 200 transitions. 

Here, you may find anything from basic fades to more complex warps, rolls, and wipes. Interstitial scenes are simple to get the desired effect.


  • Many more features, such as transitions and titles, are available to make your films more enjoyable.
  • Simple solutions for common camera issues include camera shaking and fisheye distortion.
  • You may customize your video’s overlays and effects with a single click.
  • It allows you to set up automatic video highlights.

Which slideshow-creation program would you recommend for me to use?

The following are some of the most important considerations that you should keep in mind while searching for software to create slideshows:

  • You must check if the program is compatible with your operating system. If a program is incompatible with your operating system, you will not be able to use it.
  • It is essential to remember that particular software only has a fixed number of features available. Consequently, before making a purchase, you should ensure that you have investigated all of the accessible tools and features.
  • The user interface of the slideshow program might be challenging for a user who is just starting. You need to make use of an interface that is simple to use to reduce the time it takes to build a slideshow.
  • If you need to create a single presentation and don’t want any additional features, consider using a slideshow tool that is available online or a free application. If you are working professionally, you will want to invest in effective software.

So this is the complete list of the 5 best Slideshow Maker for Windows 10 (free & paid). I hope this helps you to get the best out of all. Also, don’t forget to check the best offers on all paid plans.

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