5 Best e-Signature Software for Small Business (Free & Paid)

Since most people now have their computers to sign documents, pens have been phased out. Because of the emergence of distributed and hybrid workforces, digitalization is the method in today’s society.

Companies worldwide use electronic signature software to sign contracts with people in various locations swiftly. In addition, these signatures have the same legal weight as handwritten ink signatures.

There is no need to bother with documentation. There’s no letter in the mail; therefore, there’s nothing to look forward to.

To be legally binding, paperwork must not be completed on paper. However, extra formalities are involved if you want your documents to be more enforceable. The best way to add an electronic signature is to use a specialized e-signature program.

You and other online collaborators may digitally sign a document together if you use an application that enables electronic signatures.

Even if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that allows for electronic signatures from your customers or clients, you’re likely to discover a solution that works for your needs and your budget.

What precisely is meant by the term “e-signature software”?

Any electronic verification that verifies the legitimacy of a contract or agreement may be considered an example of an e-signature. The system must authenticate the signer’s identification, which might take the form of anything from a business ID to a verified email account.

Multifactor authentication approaches may also be used for electronic signature systems to maintain a transaction record successfully.

A new layer of encryption has been added to the identity verification process. Using digital certificates and digital IDs based on certificates is a sort of electronic signature that may be used to validate an electronic document.

This kind of electronic signature is permitted under legal standards that govern authentication. 

The most frequent approach to validating digital signatures is via a certifying authority. It makes sense to employ digital signatures in high-stakes processes, including loan approvals, HR management procedures, and doctor signatures.

These are all strong candidates for using digital signatures in these situations.

What is the Best e-Signature Software

Nitro Pro: 

Nitro is recognized as among the most trustworthy manufacturers in the world of electronic signatures. A Trust Service Provider may reassure you that your signatures are legally binding and supported.

You may operate more efficiently by including electronic signatures in your company’s procedures. Nitro’s ability to expedite digital transactions over international borders will allow you to transform every customer’s experience into an unparalleled digital user experience. ​

Electronic signatures may be created and sent within minutes, and you will get an unparalleled degree of value owing to signing alternatives that are legally enforceable, secure, and customizable.


Make every one of your signatures matter.

You may rest easy knowing that only digital signatures that have been appropriately completed contribute toward your objective.

You have all of the cards in this game.

Each project you work on will unlock the powerful e-Signature function. Using Nitro, you can make use of all the enterprise-level features accessible at no additional expense. The purpose of these tools is to help you get your work done faster.

There are no additional charges or fees that you didn’t know about.

You may rest easy knowing that there will be no unpleasant surprises. Using Nitro, there is no limit to how much you may consume and how it can be tailored to your organization’s needs. ​

Sign here with no strings attached.

Get a leg up on the competition. Nitro only charges for fully completed electronic signatures, so you can scale your deployment to include as many individuals as you need while saving money. In addition, there are no feature tiers, overage fees, or other barriers to use.

“Real-time” monitoring and control

Every document you’re working on may be audited, and reminders can be sent, saved, and even printed. In the Nitro sign dashboard, you can keep track of your requests and follow their progress in real-time.


You’ll be tethered to your desk if you continue to sign and send paperwork the old-fashioned way. In today’s world, gathering electronic signatures from everywhere is the preferred method, whether in a workplace or a beach on another continent. 

It’s also possible to keep tabs on the most current developments on your mobile phone.

As the best overall solution, PandaDoc offers a wide range of personal and business signature needs with a flexible free plan and a complete set of capabilities with an easy-to-use user interface.

The free plan may be all you need if you need the most basic trademark features. The lowest plan costs $19 per month per user on an annual subscription and includes a powerful media editor with drag-and-drop functionality. 

Also included in this package is a set of templates. The business plan costs $49 per month per user, providing extra essential features such as custom branding, approval procedures, and CRM and Zapier interfaces. 

Various specialized instruments are available, some of which are charged separately. A customized package is also offered, including extra features like Salesforce integration and notary public involvement.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one electronic signatures that may be used on any device.
  • Find out what’s new right now.
  • In a flash, you can create impressive legal papers and corporate presentations.
  • To use electronic signatures in your apps, you may use the PandaDoc API.
  • Efficient creation of papers
  • Proper forms are simple to fill out and can be tailored to match any situation.
  • Automated electronic signature monitoring mobile app for signing while on the go


DropBox, a well-known platform for storing and exchanging data, created HelloSign, a prominent online signature software application. HelloSign’s Essentials package may be just the ticket for freelancers and solopreneurs looking for a full service at a reasonable price. 

This plan offers a slew of high-end capabilities for more prominent companies willing to spend extra.

You can save five distinct templates, send reminders and notifications, select signer fields, verify signature data, link cloud storage, and submit multiple signature requests with Essentials. Two-factor authentication and documents that cannot be changed are examples of additional security measures. 

Paying monthly for one person will cost $15 if you pay it all at once. For $25 per month per user, you get your custom branding, bulk emailing, and other features if paid annually.

Monthly payments are required. This plan may only be purchased online for up to a maximum of two to four individuals; if you need more than that, you must contact customer service. You can use it for free for 30 days before you have to start paying.

For example, if you wish to sign a Dropbox file, you may go to HelloSign, choose the Sign or Send option, and then click the Dropbox icon to open a file browser. It’s possible to import it into HelloSign by selecting the file and clicking the Choose button. 

The HelloSign Chrome extension allows you to upload files directly from the HelloSign website and sign them using the Google Drive app.

Dropbox also offers the option of just opening a file and then choosing “Send for Signatures” from the drop-down menu that appears. You may also use Google Drive to make similar decisions.

HelloSign offers a variety of services to help its customers.

  • Use e-signature technology in your app or website.
  • Streamline the signature of contracts and proposals for sales and services.
  • Recruitment and onboarding paperwork should be fully automated.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information by signing nondisclosure agreements and waiving disclosure rights.


  • There’s no free version.
  • The two-user limit on the basic plan is enforced.
  • Salesforce integration is not included in the most inexpensive plan.


This electronic signature technology from DocuSign is well-known and extensively utilized all around the globe. Over half a million individuals and businesses worldwide have trusted this platform.

DocuSign has made it simple to get started with their service. This simple-to-use program includes all the features that the great majority of people seek in an electronic signature application. ‘ As soon as you’ve signed up for a free trial, you’ll get an email asking you to submit a document so that others may sign it.

DocuSign is a service for individuals as well as small and big businesses. To suit your demands, DocuSign offers a solution that can grow with you, no matter how often you need to collect signatures or sign contracts.

Also included are tools for managing the whole contract lifecycle, as well as for negotiating contracts and for analyzing AI agreements.

Another feature is its extensive reporting and template options. If you often submit the same contracts, you may save time by creating a template under the dashboard section devoted to Templates. 

In the same way that submitting an individual document advances things forward faster, uploading a file, adding all the signature and information fields, and saving it follows the same basic steps.

Customers may use the accessible version of DocuSign if they need legally binding electronic signatures and nothing more. The company offers a 30-day free trial period, with costs ranging from ten dollars per month for an individual plan to forty dollars per user per month for the Business Pro package.

Enterprise plans may only be obtained via direct contact with a sales representative.

KeepSolid Sign:

One of our top picks, KeepSolid Sign, allows for offline signatures, a feature that sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

You may still examine papers and prepare things even if your device isn’t linked to the internet. Immediately when you connect to the Internet, all your messages will be transmitted.

The application will allow you to create an electronic signature that is uniquely yours and save it for future use. If you don’t want to draw it into the application, you may import an image of your signature or take a photo of it.

KeepSolid Sign is used by human resources departments, sales teams, and other service providers. Real estate companies also use the program.

Single-user subscriptions start at $9.99 per month. You will receive a 25% discount if you commit to an annual subscription. Third-party signers never pay a dime to use the service.

Key Highlights:

Create a digital signature using a signature generator.

With the help of KeepSolid Sign, you may create an electronic signature that can be saved and edited. Signatures may be created by hand, imported as an image, or taken as a photo using the app’s built-in signature creator.

The more signatures you have, the more powerful you will be.

Speed up the signing process. Just importing a document, designating signers, and then delivering the document are all needed to accomplish this procedure.

Templates may be created for many documents.

It’s far easier to save time by creating template versions of the forms you often use. Fields for signatures and annotations should be established to make filling out as straightforward as possible.

Learn about the status of your application.

Keep track of when your documents are signed and get notifications when documents require your signature but have not yet been signed to complete transactions as quickly as feasible.

Use offline mode to complete your work.

To make the most of your time and avoid wasting it, you may access your documents even when you are not connected to the internet. You will have quick access to them as soon as you establish an internet connection.

Oversee many teams and coordinate their activities.

You have the option of working alone or forming a team. Encryption and sharing features in our electronic signature software make the procedure simple and secure.

This app supports several platforms.

Thanks to its availability on several platforms and the synchronization of user accounts, you can efficiently work on the same documents using Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and web browsers.

So these are the top 5 best electronic signature software. You can try most of them with a free trial. Also, don’t miss to activate the latest deals on these plans.

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