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About IDrive

If you're searching for a particular backup solution, you've undoubtedly heard of IDrive. It's one of the most famous cloud backup services available and one of the most useful. 

It's also very affordable when considering the plethora of backup alternatives it provides. Have I gotten your attention?

Buckle up and keep reading for all the information in our IDrive review.

IDrive provides a one-of-a-kind mix of cloud storage & cloud restoration, with just as much cloud data storage as backup space. 

It also has a slew of backup functions, such as file system backup, NAS backup, and server backup; however, its performance may be improved. IDrive's safety and confidentiality are top-notch, making it a well-rounded offering.

IDrive Backup is a flexible solution that enables users to back up many devices into a single account, including Macs, mobile devices, PCs, and servers. 

IDrive provides backup services for individuals, small companies, and organizations of all sizes, offering assurance and confidence that their information is always safe and recoverable.

IDrive's user-friendly design

When you sign up with iDrive, you must install Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, but the desktop users are the most polished and feature-rich. 

You may have iDrive restore your whole hard drive or just certain documents, and backups can be performed manually or automatically.

The idea here is to "set and forget" — getting things set up the way you want them and then leaving it to function silently in the background.

The iDrive applications also feature a plethora of options.

The Android app can back up anything from SMS messages to contacts, while the PC client provides for granular bandwidth restriction, file, and folders exclusion, data verification, and more.

You may even interrupt a backup if somehow the energy on your phone or laptop falls below a specified threshold.

How to Begin Using IDrive

To utilize the service, you must first establish a login and choose whether to use a unique encryption method or an IDrive-managed password. 

The private-encryption-key option guarantees that only you can access your backed-up files, and IDrive cannot decode your data even if ordered to do so by law enforcement.

If you have a habit of forgetting passwords, the default choice is probably better since IDrive cannot assist you in retrieving a secret key if you forget it. 

Using a master password may be beneficial in this situation.

You can open the complete program, access settings, and change the backup schedule from the IDrive notification area icon. 

IDrive also interfaces with Windows File Explorer and macOS Finder, adding alternative plans to context menus.

There's a part with a login panel in the top-right of an application window, and most of its URLs lead you to the web interface. 

Below it, on the right, there's a global search bar and a component that displays your account's remaining storage space.

The search function works well for discovering specific files and file formats, such as Word docs or PDFs. 

Sync, Server Backup, Backup, Restore, Scheduler, & Settings tabs are located on the right side, with a Disk Image Backup button at the bottom.

Audits of IDrive's security and another third-party testing

Information couldn't locate on third-party security assessments of IDrive security while testing. 

The corporation did note that it conducts "frequent third-party evaluations of our internet infrastructure to check for recognized application and service vulnerabilities."

IDrive's qualities are listed below:

Protection and confidentiality

IDrive claims to secure data locally using 256-bit AES, either using the key it generates or the secret key you provide. Your data is encrypted during transmission, at rest mostly on servers, and until it is restored.

We like that IDrive enables email-based authentication methods for its online and mobile applications. 

We'd want to see it enable app-based 2FA as well.

Qualities of Cloud Backup

In terms of online backup options, IDrive enables photo, NAS, mobile, removable media, and hybrid backups, all of which would have been done continuously or on a schedule. 

We'll go over these capabilities in further detail later in the document backup and recovery section, but for now, let's have a peek at what other IDrive do have to offer.

Using IDrive to Restore Data

The Restore tab, just like everything in IDrive, is brimming with possibilities. Using checkboxes, you may pick the source backup media from a drop-down option, transfer files straight to a new destination, or recover them into your folder structure. 

Right-click on a file's previous versions to examine and retrieve any of a file's earlier versions. We confirmed that IDrive saved many revisions of a text document without error.

Features of IDrive for Business

If you need corporate Backup, IDrive goes above and beyond the capability of its subscriptions. The option to establish many users accounts for a single plan is the most crucial. 

You may provide various users exposure to multiple files and permissions and group them and duplicate the configurations and access privileges from there.

File Sharing with Web Client

Since our previous review, IDrive's web interface has been marginally simplified, and the distinction between the Panel and everything else is hardly startling. 

Backups from particular devices, syncing settings, and sharing preferences are accessible through a left-hand menu. The UI is typically easy to use and appears similar to the desktop app.

IDrive Sync & File Sharing Functionality

Adding what is generally called cloud storage functions distinguishes IDrive from most of its competitors. 

You may create sync directories that immediately sync their contents across devices, virtually doubling your storage capacity since you receive an identical quantity of cloud services as your online storage plan space.

You may rename your sync folder and activate synchronization selectively to prevent particular files and documents from synchronizing to specified devices. 

Furthermore, the folders do not have to be included in your usual Backup.

A Strong Desire to Succeed

IDrive provides almost everything an internet backup service should do—and then some. CD/DVD image backups, folder synchronization, and file sharing are valuable capabilities. 

IDrive is likewise reasonably priced and scored well in our speed testing.

IDrive receives Editors' Prize in the online backup field for its functionality and value. 

Acronis True Image has received recognition for its mix of power backup and security capabilities.

IDrive's cost

iDrive does provide a free tier that does not need you to give any credit card information. However, you only receive 5Gb of storage, and the functions you may use are severely constrained.

The personal plan provides 5TB for $79.50 per year or 10TB for $99.50 per year, while the Enterprise plan offers 5TB to 50TB for $99.50 to $999.50 per year, with two-year programs available.

The Business plan includes unlimited multiple users, with prices ranging from $99.50 a year to $799.50 for 2.5TB of storage.

Those rates fluctuate depending on how quickly you join up, and they don't account for the many special discounts and specials that iDrive loves to run — if you visit the site today, you could discover that prices are lower as we did.

Choosing a corporate account over a private one also gives you access to additional services such as server backup, multiple user administration, and priority support.

You can use the latest IDrive discount code for the best price deal.

IDrive has several benefits, mentioned below.

  • Simple to assemble
  • Each account is allowed an unlimited number of devices.
  • Backup of disk images
  • Bulk uploads and restorations through email Extensive testing of upload speeds
  • Excellent mobile application
  • Sync and share capabilities
  • The base plan is free.

It also has several downsides, stated below. 

  • Storage is not limitless. Only limited sharing options are available.
  • In testing, files in the synchronized folder take a long time to upload. 
  • There is no monthly subscription.
  • There is no unlimited backup.

Final Thoughts

IDrive delivers a plethora of options and advantages for anyone looking for a supplementary data backup of their data. On the other hand, backing up data using the service seems quite sluggish, as does reply to help requests. 

The firm also collects a significant amount of your personally identifiable information. 

Its Terms and Conditions make me doubt their capacity to retain user information once they get it correctly. 

It would help if you considered such tradeoffs for yourself.

FAQs for IDrive

⭐️ How much discount do I get on IDrive plans?

You can get up to 90% discount on Personal, Team, and Business plans.

⭐️ How to apply the IDrive promo code?

Click on the discount button, copy the promotional code and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ How many active IDrive promotions are available?

There are 4+ active deals on this page offering you the best price.

⭐️ What are the payment options?

You can pay using Credit Card.

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