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About Sophos Home

Sophos Home should suffice if you like your antivirus software to be lean and mean.

Sophos Home delivers the fundamentals with very few frills based on its enterprise security software, making it one of the lowest price, if not the finest, antivirus products available.

Sophos pushes the limit with an online administration package that offers remote settings and scanning and sufficient safeguards against malware, hackers, and identity thieves.

However, several features we expect from premium security software, such as VPN access, a password vault, and file shredding and encryption, are missing from Sophos Home Premium.

Sophos Home Premium considerably affects a system's expected performance when scanning for viruses despite its bare-bones nature.

Key Benefits of using Sophos Home

Management through the internet

On your PC, Sophos installs a tiny local client. The web dashboard is where all setup and logging takes place. Given the product's corporate beginnings, this makes excellent sense.

IT departments handle antivirus management through a central device; they do not even rely on inexperienced employees and keep things running.

Consider setting up Sophos for your family members or circle of friends and managing it remotely if you're the go-to programming support person for your relatives or circle of friends.

It's more convenient than driving across town to clean up the messes they've made or trying to diagnose and repair them over the phone.

You'll see a page with five tabs after selecting a device: Status, History, Protection, Web Filtering, and Privacy. Security Software, Web Protection, Ransom Protection, Personal Privacy, & Malicious Traffic Detection are the five protective components shown on the Status page.

On the History tab, you can view a record of everything Sophos has done to protect you and filter by event type.

Simple Client for Local Use

A primary left-rail interface with five components: Status, Dashboard, Add Device, Buy Premium, & Help is available in the local client. The remote management panel is accessed through Dashboard and Add Device, and the purchasing procedure is initiated via Buy Premium. 

You may use the Assistance page to seek online Help, check for updates, or start a troubleshooting system. The only page that directly pertains to antivirus protection is the Status page.

It should appear familiar since it has similar panels as the online dashboard's Status tab.

Those panels will take you to the dashboard, where you may see and adjust the product's setup.

Searches and Timetabling

Many antivirus programs include three scan options: a quick search of memory and potential malware hiding spots, a complete scan of the whole machine, or a customized scan in which you pick the scan's goal and parameters.

The Scan button in Sophos always does a thorough scan. To get rid of any existing malware infections, do this soon after installation.

After that first cleansing, the actual defense should handle any threats, although Sophos allows you to plan a full scan for all days of the week.

The scan immediately achieved 96 percent completion on our usual clean test system but slowed dramatically. It took an hour and 15 minutes to complete the scan, which is somewhat longer than the current estimate of an hour & four minutes.

A second scan took 22 minutes to complete. Sophos optimizes future scans based on the results of the initial scan.

Success with Hands-On Malware Protection

When lab data are scarce or non-existent, I rely more on my own hands-on virus prevention tests.

First, quickly open a folder containing malware samples that I have personally gathered and evaluated.

Sophos acted quickly, flashing quick popups when it discovered a danger and when it completed resolving an issue.

The online console was launched by clicking the Configure button in any popup. I anticipated it to pick the History tab automatically. The list was awkward and unwieldy, in my opinion.

Each item on the lengthy scrolling web page was large enough that no more than three could be seen at once. I noticed that specific threat were recorded as "not cleaned up" in the history, with no way to disregard the issue other than clicking a link.

Of all, the ordinary user is unlikely to witness more than one malware assault at a time, so this is not a significant issue.

Phishing Protection Isn't Very Good.

Sophos monitors network traffic to block malware-hosting websites, but they aren't the only ones you should avoid. Even though phishing sites don't usually include malware, they may create many problems.

A phishing site, which may be everything from finance to email to dating, poses a safe and confidential place. You'll see the deception and move on if your senses are acute enough.

If you submit your information on the bogus screen, you've granted the scammers access to your account. Fortunately, Sophos can help you avoid phishing websites.

Unfortunately, it does not perform admirably.

Ultimate Ransomware Security

Regular malware scans and real-time antiviral protection should, in theory, keep ransomware threats at bay, just as they do with other types of malware.

Missing a brand-new malware sample, on the other hand, has much more severe and long-term effects than missing other forms of malware.

Even if your antivirus software receives an update five minutes after the assault, your data will still be encrypted and worthless.

As a result, like a growing number of rivals, Sophos provides a distinct ransomware prevention component.

What is the expense & what gets wrapped?

Sophos focuses on only two antivirus programs, whereas its rivals provide around three and five with growing amounts of functions and price tags.

Sophos Home is a free product that provides the basic security for three Mac or PCs, while Sophos Home Premium is a subscription package that protects up to ten computers for $60 per year. There is no such thing as an unlimited-device license.

Sophos provides a 30-day trial of Home Premium, and the very first year's subscription is often reduced by 25%, but there is no single-computer option. This puts someone who merely wants to secure a few systems at a disadvantage in terms of cost.

On the other hand, Sophos Home Premium is an actual value at half the price of other antivirus firms' flagship solutions, even if its scant capabilities make it more like contest's mid-range programs.

Pros of Sophos Home


Encrypts data typed on the keyboard

In our testing, the URL blocking was excellent.

When it comes to securing several devices, this is a steal.

Keylogger prevention for the most popular browsers

You can keep track of all of your devices from a single online dashboard.

Sophos Home's Cons

In lab studies, malware prevention was just average.

During scans, there is a moderate performance penalty.

With minimal features, it's underpowered. VPN, password manager, and a file shredder are all missing.

Effect on systems speed that is above average

Most testing labs don't check it.

Filtering of content and URLs is only possible with compatible browsers.

For the right user, this is a good option.

Sophos Home Premium allows you to install and maintain Sophos security on up to 10 Computers or Macs remotely if you're technical enough to understand its variety of features.

It performs well in our malware prevention testing. Additional technologies such as keylogger defense, ransomware prevention, and exploit mitigation are included.

Sophos Home is an excellent antivirus for the proper user, but we've found a few Editors' Choice antivirus programs suitable for almost any user.

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FAQs for Sophos Home

⭐️ How much discount do I get on Sophos Home plans?

You can get a 35% discount on 1-Year, 2-Year, and 3-Year plans.

⭐️ How to activate Sophos coupon code?

Click on the deal/discount button; the discounted page automatically appears on the new tab.

⭐️ What are the payment options available?

You can pay using your credit card & PayPal.

⭐️ How many active promotions are available online?

There are 3+ working coupons for this month.

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