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AVG Mar 2023 Offers- 75% Off
On Mar 2023, AVG will offer price discounts.
Back-to-School Sale on AVG Products! – 50% Off
Back-to-School Sale - Save up to 50% on AVG Ultimate, AVG Internet Security, and AVG Secure VPN!
Using the coupon code, you can save up to 20% off on the purchase of AVG Internet Security Business Edition.
When you use the discount code, you may get a discount of up to 20% off on the AVG File Server Business Edition.
Get up to 20% Discount on AVG Antivirus Business Edition using the Discount code.
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AVG BreachGuard Coupon Code, Discount & Offers
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AVG AntiTrack Coupon Code, Discount & Offers
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About AVG

AVG Antivirus is a reliable anti-malware program. It has a phone tracker, performs well in malware detection evaluations, and even protects you from ransomware. AVG Antivirus has a free version, but it only protects against malware, so you'll have to pay for the complete package.

AVG is without a doubt one of the great free antivirus programs available. While you may want to upgrade to a higher tier to ensure the safety of your device, even the basic package is capable of protecting the main gate.

Most experts say it is user-friendly, intuitive, and simple to download. Plus, unlike some of its more well-known competitors, it doesn't require as many resources to run.

AVG AntiVirus software recognizes malware operating patterns and warning signs on your computer and online using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

AVG for Android  

AVG Antivirus for Android has a free version that protects you from malware and spyware while also assisting you in locating your phone in the event it is stolen. A vandal or anyone else who struggles to unblock your phone three times in succession can be photographed using the Pro version. Users can also use a PIN to lock down any app.

AVG for iOS 

Despite the lack of a dedicated iOS antivirus, AVG does not overlook the platform. AVG gives you secure Wi-Fi access no matter where you are, hides your IP address, and lets you choose from a large number of international locations. Although this program is not free, we believe it is worth mentioning.

AVG for Mac 

AVG has a free Mac version that protects against viruses on Macs, PCs, and mobile devices. This technology ensures that no viruses are passed on to friends or family members who use different devices. It also has a low-noise mode so that you won't notice it. If you own a Mac, you should check the protection for your Mac.

AVG for Window

For different versions of Windows, AVG Antivirus is a solid pick. It protects you in real-time by recognizing dangerous links documents and downloading files that might damage your machine.

Products Manufactured by AVG

AVG Internet Security protects your files, passwords, and webcam from hackers and allows you to shop and bank online without fear.

AVG Ultimate: A top-tier computer security program that includes AVG's best security software. This contains its Internet Security program, VPN, Driver Updates, TuneUP, and a secure internet browser that comes preloaded with AVG browser security.

Secure VPN: Secure VPN is an app that allows you to access the internet through secure AVG VPN servers via an encrypted tunnel to keep your online activity safe from prying eyes. AVG Secure VPN can be used whenever you need additional security and privacy when connecting to the internet.

AntiTrack: scrambles your online fingerprint, cleans tracking cookies, and eliminates traces of your online browsing patterns. The best way to protect your online privacy is to use AVG AntiTrack in conjunction with a trusted VPN.

BreachGuard: BreachGuard is a cutting-edge privacy solution that protects your personal information from being used for commercial gain online.

TuneUp: It is a PC optimization tool that accelerates and cleans up your computer while also repairing issues that can cause system crashes and other strange behavior. AVG TuneUp antivirus is not available.

Usability and Features of AVG

Phone tracker for anti-theft

You can safeguard your device if it is lost or stolen with AVG Antivirus for Android. Enable the feature and create a PIN code to get started. Choose which account you want to be able to change things from afar. You'll be able to log in to my.avg.com and control the phone from afar once you've granted the required permissions.

Instantaneous Defense

Even better, AVG's real-time protection is based on an AI-based operation that quickly learns about new threats. With AVG's real-time protection, you can avoid scanning each file before using it.

File shredder

AVG AntiVirus Free includes a file shredder that uses the same technology as the United States Department of Defense to wipe files permanently.

Phishing threats are detected using AI.

The heavy lifting can be done by AVG antivirus. AVG will scan the domain for metadata, suspicious tokens, and even visual elements in the blink of an eye.

Reliability and security 

While AVG isn't the best antivirus in the sector, it does grasp its own against most competitors in terms of security and dependability. Important note: AVG has been using the same engine as Avast for a while now, and the two antiviruses effectively combine the best features of both.

Data Shielding for Sensitive Information

The AVG Internet Security kit includes Sensitive Data Shield, available to paid-only users. This feature safeguards your most important files by restricting access to them. Even if a hacker figured out how to get around AVG's other barriers, he'd still be unable to access them.

UX/UI Interface

The user interface is elegant. There is a green circle on the main window, which indicates that your device is safe. However, when it turns red, you should check whether the system is under attack or if a virus has already infected your device.

You can perform quick scans using the large "Scan Computer" button at the bottom.

You can change your current password, control pop-up windows, create an allowlist, and more in the Settings menu. AVG is currently one of the best choices for configuration options.

In the end, AVG is a user-friendly antivirus with an intelligent interface, a fast engine, and impressive configuration functionality.

Costs and Options

The company's most basic plan is AVG AntiVirus Free. The following links will take you to a free download with a limited set of security features:

  • Viruses and other malware are all prevented by this software.
  • Security updates will be provided in real-time. Checks for issues with your computer's performance.
  • Safe links, downloads, and email attachments will be blocked.

To get more functionalities than the free version, you'll need to enhance the AVG bundle. The following are their product prices:

AVG Internet Security costs $46.68 a year for a single Windows or macOS license, which works out to $3.89 per month.

Secure VPN costs $4.55 per month for ten devices, with a one-time payment of $54.60 for the first year.

For a year, Ultimate will set you back $59.88 ($4.99 per month). This may be used on up to ten different devices.

AVG Antitrack is more costly than others, costing $49 for one PC for a year.

For $39.99 a year, AVG Breach Guard safeguards critical online information (for one PC or Mac).

Furthermore, if you sign up for an annual payment of 10 devices, TuneUp is offered a yearly membership at $34.68 for access to the Pro features.

AVG: Both Advantages and Disadvantages

Something we like:

  • This antivirus received high marks from third-party testing companies for its outstanding performance in its tests.
  • Even your child will understand the interface because it is so simple.
  • You have the option of selecting from a variety of package features without having to pay for them all.
  • The Android app, as well as the Windows and Mac clients, are fantastic.
  • AVG Antivirus can be tailored to the user's preferences.
  • Fast, dependable, and beats 95% of malware without melting your computer.

Something we don't like:

  • This antivirus is similar to Avast in many ways, and it isn't the winner of the Avast vs. AVG competition. It isn't available for iOS, unfortunately. However, the Android mobile app is excellent.
  • The highest tiers are pretty costly.
  • Only basic security is general in the free version.
  • Performance scans are a waste of time.

Final Verdict

Finally, independent testing has shown that AVG AntiVirus Free performs admirably, and PC users have praised it. The AVG AntiVirus Free is an excellent choice if you're looking for a simple way to beef up your PC's security with an antivirus program.

However, if you upgrade to the paid version, you'll gain access to several helpful security features. Your online life will be much more secure with Sensitive Data Shield, phishing prevention, webcam protection, and an enhanced firewall (that can protect you from ransomware).

Other related software: Avast, Avira, BullGuard, Bitdefender, Emsisoft Anti-malware, Heimdal Security, McAfee, Vipre Antivirus

FAQs for AVG

⭐️ What is the best deal available for AVG products?

Usually, the discount is 20%-40% on most of the products. This month we are running a special promotion which offers you a 75% discount.

⭐️ How to apply AVG discount code?

Choose your plan from the list, click on it and copy the coupon.

⭐️ Which is the top-selling plan for this month?

AVG Ultimate is the top-selling plan of all time. It is available for Mac & Windows.

⭐️ Is there any free plan available?

Yes, you can enjoy a free plan with limited features access.

⭐️ Is AVG available for iPhone and iPad?

Yes, but alas, it is not without cost. For iPhones and iPads, AVG provides a VPN service.

⭐️ What is the best way to make the most of my antivirus software?

Before installing an antivirus program, software security experts advise cleaning and defragmenting your hard drive and uninstalling unnecessary software.

⭐️ Is AVG a good investment?

AVG's free app provides excellent basic malware and virus protection. Extra tools and an enlarged firewall cost a little more, but AVG is well worth the money if you care about your computer's health.

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