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About NordLocker

NordLocker is an encryption application produced by the same business that gave us NordVPN, and we're generally pleased with it.

It is, however, a little overpriced, particularly when compared to the majority of the marketplace. Check out our complete NordLocker review for more information.

Despite some recent security issues, NordVPN is still recognized as one of the top VPN companies available. Tefincom, the firm behind the VPN behemoth, is beginning to diversify. 

The NordLocker data encryption program brings its first step into other cybersecurity areas.

NordLocker, like other encryption services, is more concerned with cloud storage than backup, enabling you or colleagues to work on a file in a shared cloud. NordLocker cannot encrypt whole drives for online backup due to the overlaying file system it employs.

It may encrypt a folder containing all of your data. NordLocker does not restrict the size or extension of your account. As long as you have a subscription plan, you may upload files of any size, with any attachment, and with limitless bandwidth.

NordLocker began as an encrypting tool and has evolved into a cloud server that encrypts data.

Interface Enhancement

The product's user interface has been enhanced with version 2.0. You now see a list of all your lockers on the left, with a simple click at the bottom to make a new locker. 

A column on the right displays information about the chosen locker, including its size and share status. When utilizing a free trial, having the size apparent is beneficial. 

The items of the chosen locker are listed in the center of the window. When you pick a document, the right-hand column changes to provide file metadata, as well as a short click to export an unencrypted copy. 

Another welcome addition is the ability to resize the primary window.

Nordlocker's Characteristic

Nordlocker provides file encryption.

Encrypting your documents via NordLocker couldn't be better. Drag files or directories from your file system into the NordLocker program; they are immediately encrypted and shown as file icons in the software's UI.

Within the Nordlocker UI, a "locker" is an encrypted folder. 

Any item that drags into a vault will be immediately encrypted. When you establish a new locker via the user experience, a matching folder with the ".locker" suffix appears in your computer's file system.

Files in that directory will appear as incomprehensible gibberish if you (or anybody unlawfully accessing your data) attempt to open them usually - you must sign in to NordLocker with your Master Password to see or change ".locker" files.

Cloud Service

There's also a NordLocker Cloud component there in NordLocker UI. Lockers that you construct or move here will be backed up automatically to one of Nord's servers. 

Changes made to a file in these repositories on your local machine or Android will be synchronized to the cloud.

There is presently no online interface accessible to see the files you've locked up in the cloud, which is understandable: an interface would give a possible method for a would-be hacker to access your data.

Sharing of files

Simply right-clicking on a vault and adding one or even more email addresses, Nord makes it simple to share lockers with others. 

It is also possible to exchange NordLocker-encrypted files through Dropbox or Google Drive.

NordLocker folders may be shared with other NordLocker members 

Files stored in the NordLocker Cloud cannot be shared. To access a NordLocker file, right-click it and choose "share locker." You only need to input your recipient's email address from here. 

If your receiver does not already have a NordLocker profile, they will get an email invitation to create one.

You'll need to transmit the folder to them through Dropbox or Google Drive after they've registered a NordLocker account. Another alternative is to utilize the "display in file explorer" option, which will generate a duplicate of your folder to distribute through your chosen means, such as mail or hard disk. 

After you've transferred your folder, your receiver only has to sign in to their NordLocker profile to access it.

It is important to note that anybody you desire to exchange files should have the NordLocker activities to support on their computer.

Security of NordLocker

NordLocker's principal technique for securing your data is a variation of AES. The US government employs AES, which is incredibly secure—it is almost impossible to crack with current technology.

NordLocker employs several cutting-edge techniques in combination with AES. However, you do not need to understand these techniques or how they function to use the application.

The lack of two-factor verification as a function in NordLocker is disheartening: 2FA will demand authentication through a phone/tablet in conjunction with the Password Manager, significantly enhancing the degree of protection.

The Competitiveness

NordLocker is up against a slew of high-quality cloud storage services, several of which have decades of expertise and a sizable market share. These systems, such as Microsoft's Dropbox and OneDrive and Apple's iCloud, will be difficult to replace. 

NordLocker's zero-knowledge encryption technology, on the other hand, outperforms Dropbox, iCloud, and perhaps OneDrive, where end-to-end protection is confined to the Vault sub-folder.

NordLocker, on the other hand, falls short in terms of storage capacity. Competitors like IDrive & pCloud both offer end-to-end protection as well as elevated plans that far outnumber NordLocker's premium plan's 500 GB limit.

NordLocker: Support

NordLocker features an internet support center where you can search for specific issues and get user instructions for the program's Windows and Mac versions and some publications that address frequently asked questions.

An online form may be used to submit an inquiry. We got a brief and helpful response within several hours of sending our test inquiry.

Further abilities - Comfort in Sharing

Share Documents with Ease File Synchronization is one of the additional features.

The NordLocker Cloud allows you to sync your NordLocker data across several devices. Your NordLocker documents are saved in a "locker," which is effectively a folder. You may build a locker on your computer or the NordLocker Cloud.

After you've established a locker inside this NordLocker Cloud, you may visit it from any device by downloading the NordLocker desktop program and signing in. It means you don't have to download the file onto your device to work on them. 

Another benefit of NordLocker Cloud would be that it frees up a lot of disk space on your machine.

When it comes to file synchronization, it's also functional with Google Drive & Dropbox. To transfer your NordLocker folder, you must first sync with either provider unless you wish to give a duplicate of your folder.

Compatibility of Equipment

NordLocker is only suitable with PCs running Windows or macOS. It is also inaccessible using a web browser. Unfortunately, it is inconsistent with smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS and other platforms such as Linux and Chrome OS.

Unlike NordVPN, there have been no restrictions on the number of concurrent connectivity options, and you do not need to connect to the server to utilize it.

With a single click, you may get the advantages of file encryption.

Anybody may use NordLocker. Just drag & drop a file or directory into the program, and it'll be immediately encrypted.

Work on your documents inside NordLocker without difficulty. No need to decode files before using them if you open them straight in the app. Alternatively, after.

You may access your files anywhere you go.

Sync your information and have private access to it with NordLocker applications or even your internet browser. Our end-to-end secured cloud assures that your data are only visible to you – on any machine.

Do you need a vital file? 

Log in to your NordLocker account from any computer, and it will be retrieved for you.

Nordlocker's Pricing

NordLocker's price is straightforward and straightforward. There's the Free package, which is free as the name suggests. The monthly fee for the 2 TB package is $9.99. The monthly payment for the 500 GB plan is $3.99.

Advantage of using Nordlocker

  • Very simple to use
  • Users may safely exchange encrypted data with one another.
  • Capacity-limited free edition is now available.
  • Dropbox integration for file sharing
  • Simple to use
  • There are no file limits.
  • A free plan is open.
  • It has the potential to be utilized on a wide range of devices.
  • Options for simple sharing
  • Zero-knowledge

The disadvantage of using Nordlocker

  • There is no safe way to delete original unencrypted data.
  • There is no option for two-factor authentication.
  • PayPal is not accepted.
  • Expensive
  • There isn't any direct connectivity with cloud storage.

The last word

Despite its recent inception (less than two years ago), NordLocker is quickly becoming like our preferred cloud storage service. It is exceptionally secure and reasonably priced, and it offers a customer experience that is near to best-in-class. 

We believe it would be more appealing to consumers if the designers included compatibility for ios & Android platforms.

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FAQs for NordLocker

⭐️ How much discount does NordLocker offer?

You can get a 60% discount on a 2 TB plan and 50% off on a 500GB plan.

⭐️ How to apply the NordLocker discount code?

Click on the deal/ discount button next to the plan you are looking to purchase. Copy the code and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ How many active promotions are there online?

There are 4+ active deals on Personal & Business plans.

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