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About NordPass

NordPass entered a crowded industry in 2019 and only took a year to be one of the consumers' preferred password managers.

This isn't unexpected given that the technology was developed by NordSec, the same company that provided the famous (and rather excellent) NordVPN service.

This company's DNA includes security, privacy, and simplicity of use, and NordPass excels in all of these categories.

NordPass is offered to you by the same team that gave you NordVPN and Nord Security. This security firm was founded in 2012, and more than 15 million users trust its solutions.

NordPass is a flexible password manager with a plethora of feature choices. You may securely save credit card details, notes, and personal data in addition to passwords.

NordPass is a sophisticated, professional-looking security feature for consumers and enterprises. It has many functions and a user-friendly interface that almost anybody can utilize.

However, a decent password manager is more than simply security and a user-friendly interface.

NordPass offers several fascinating characteristics that make it a highly appealing password management solution.

Numerous Secure Information Forms Allowed

NordPass goes much further than passwords by enabling users to enter protected notes & credit card details into their private vault.

Credit card information such as title, card number, expiry date, CVC, and zip code may be entered. And there is a selection box to pick a folder to publish with others.

Auto-saving and auto-filling are both available.

NordPass, like other decent password managers, allows you to store all your credentials automatically. NordPass will urge you to keep your Password the first time you sign in to an internet portal.

NordPass will automatically fill in your stored details and log you in when you return to that individual account. So you don't have to run to the trouble of remembering or typing out passwords. And since you don't have to memorize them again, you can select far more secure passwords, making your accounts a lot safer.

Access in an Emergency

NordPass Premium members have access to Emergency Access. It's a function that provides your closest connections read-only accessibility to your credentials. If anything happens to you, your private details will still be available.

Emergency Access may also be a valuable feature if you lose or forget your Master Password — think of it as a final option access option. While not substantial, it is an essential complement to a tremendous NordPass package.

The Master passcode

NordPass, like other password managers, needs you to create a master password to access your account. As a result, you must create a strong password. That one is 15 letters long to make up a random assortment of symbols, numerals, upper and lowercase letters.

Scanning for OCR

You may scan information from written documents, photos, and payment cards. As a result, you may store critical information without entering it. This is not the kind of functionality you must base your choice on, although OCR scanning is just another of those nice extras that demonstrate NordPass has considered ways to make things more accessible for its consumers.

Policy of Zero-knowledge

NordPass employs a zero-knowledge policy. This indicates that no one can see your passwords except for you and the persons you have shared them with. NordPass protects your information on your devices before sending it to NordPass's cloud servers. This signifies that even if NordPass's systems are compromised, thieves will not be able to access your information.

As a result, you may securely sync your data across all of your machines & share it with individuals you trust. You may also save a large quantity of data with NordPass's secure cloud storage.

Nearby Authentication

NordPass employs the industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption. As seen by AES, an asymmetric encryption algorithm is usually recognized as the golden standard for information protection.

The encryption is done locally, and NordPass uses a "zero-knowledge architecture." This implies that all encryption occurs on your devices before sending the information to your NordPass vault. As a result, even NordPass does not have accessibility to any of your data, such as your master password or payment card information.

NordPass allows you to backup your encrypted information and stores it in a secondary place, such as a personal server, to prevent data loss from malfunctioning devices or being locked out.

NordPass suggests that you synchronize to the cloud storage so that you may regularly update your details as needed. This ensures that your complicated passwords are always up to date.

Accessibility while not connected to the Internet.

If you've ever gone to a sports event or a celebration, you know that just when you need to access anything at all in the cloud, the Internet falls.

This isn't an issue because NordPass has iOS and Android applications that can be used offline.

Your complete password repository will be accessible to you in the slick UI similar to how you set up your contacts on your phone.

In terms of the user interface and how it is used

Everything else about the NordPass experience is clean and beautiful, from the first sign-up page to the applications you'll be downloading as you get the program set up – it's one of the most refined experiences we've seen recently. Everything is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, and from an interface standpoint, it's a security feature that will suit users of all degrees of technological expertise.

Speaking of ease, joining the program and installing the numerous applications couldn't be simpler. The program performs an excellent job of blending into the backdrop and only appearing when necessary, and we had no issues about having our passwords synchronized across different devices.

Effortless is an excellent way to describe the whole NordPass experience, as it quickly begins to seem like a natural function on whichever device you choose to be using it on. The tiny helpful touches throughout, such as tweaking created passwords, were appreciated.

Cost of NordPass

Users may choose between two NordPlass plans: free and premium.

Free is accessible to everybody for an indefinite period, but the elite enables a new layer of features not accessible in the free version.

An entirely free plan

You'll have access to live if you sign up for the free plan.

However, certain functions are not accessible to you. You can only use one device at a time & can't create shared folders.

It is, however, convenient to be able to set up a free version with no credit or debit card necessary.

Premium Package

The premium package includes $2.95 per month & allows you to create and update shared entries and utilize up to 6 devices simultaneously.

This is somewhat less expensive when compared to other major brands, which cost about $36 each year.

NordPass Advantages: 

  • Supports granting permissions and folder sharing
  • Supports multi-factor authentication through app and security key
  • Security breach detector and proactive password medical report
  • Audited
  • Straightforward, simplified approach
  • It is compatible with up to six different devices.
  • Service with a focus on security and privacy
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • cutting-edge encryption
  • An independently audited security
  • Data breach detection software
  • There are a lot of helpful how-to instructions.
  • A fantastic free choice
  • Live chat

NordPass's disadvantages 

  • It includes being more expensive than the competitors.
  • The free trial version cannot be utilized simultaneously on more than one device.
  • There aren't as many sophisticated features as other rivals.
  • Limited Secure Sharing Options
  • Absence of a Family Plan
  • There is no Safari form auto-fill integration, and there are no routine password audits.
  • It does not provide team or corporate plans.

Customer service is essential.

The password manager's website has a "Help Center" that addresses frequently asked questions. You may also contact NordPass by email or live chat.

The Final decision

We've been pleased with NordPass throughout our testing, and we believe it's a terrific option for individuals and small-to-medium-sized businesses. It blends an aesthetically beautiful design with certain useful functions and robust security defense, and it stands up well compared to anything on the market.

Pricing is affordable as long as you subscribe up for two years at a time, and it's terrific to have a free tier accessible. 

On the negative, it lacks the amount of corporate & team management capabilities seen in rivals such as LastPass & RoboForm. 

Additional sophisticated tools such as Wi-Fi synchronization and Dark Web monitoring would be appreciated.

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FAQs for NordPass

⭐️ How much discount does NordPass offer?

You can get a 70% discount on a 2-Year plan, 60% off on a yearly plan.

⭐️ How to apply the NordPass discount code?

Click on the deal/ discount button next to the plan you are looking to purchase. Copy the code and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ How many active promotions are there online?

There are 7+ active deals on Personal & Business plans.

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