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LastPass is a cybersecurity champion and among the most feature-rich password managers available, launched in 2008. It has multi-factor authentication, is compatible with various systems and browsers, and is simple. 

Even better, there is a great free version of LastPass to check out. So, here you'll get a comprehensive LastPass review so you can evaluate how wonderful it is.

LastPass is amongst the most feature-rich and user-friendly password managers available.

LastPass offers a variety of specific security features, ranging from simple password management tools such as auto-save and auto-fill to advanced features like password auditing, automated password changing, and emergency access.

How Do I Create a LastPass account?

  • Enter your email id and a master key to create an account. LastPass's website and Android and iOS apps may be used to do this.
  • As needed, install the addons and mobile applications. Choose between a Premium or Groups membership or a free 30-day trial.

Security features of LastPass

LastPass comes with all of the necessary security protections to ensure user data is safe, including:

  • AES encryption uses a key size of 256 bits.
  • Zero-knowledge architecture is a kind of architecture where no one knows anything.
  • There are many 2FA (two-factor authentication) alternatives available.
  • It also has various extra security features, including:
  • Auditing password security
  • Sharing passwords in a secure way
  • There are many possibilities for recovering your account.
  • Emergency access is available.

Overview of LastPass features

LastPass includes capabilities that meet all of a password manager's basic requirements. It protects ids, credentials, and other sensitive information. Take a look at the confidentiality features.

2FA, MFA, and LastPass Authenticator: 2FA is a security feature that requires you to perform extra steps before reaching the LastPass vault, which stores your passwords and usernames.

One-Time Passwords: LastPass's one-time passcodes (OTPs) option may be a solution. You may log in without exposing your master password this way.

Password generator: LastPass' password generator is one of its most valuable features. This can aid you in creating secure credentials for your most frequently used websites and applications.

Country restriction: LastPass limits your account to the nation you're in when you create it. You may, however, add more countries if you travel often.

Password vault: LastPass protects your passwords by storing them in a virtual vault. You may use it on a PC, a web browser, or a mobile device.

Security challenge: Its protection challenge is an easy analytical technique that scans your saved passwords and assesses their difficulty.

LastPass is ideal for:

  • Those are searching for family-friendly pricing.
  • Buyers who aren't seeking a comprehensive security package
  • technically savvy people
  • LastPass is not advised for the following situations:
  • Those in need of a free password management service
  • Those in search of a high degree of password coaching

What we adore:

  • There's a free version available.
  • Model for strong encryption
  • Authentication using more than one factor
  • It is compatible with the majority of browsers and devices.
  • An easy-to-use and straightforward user interface

What we don't like about it

  • On the free Plan, only one device type is permitted.
  • Customer service has a bad reputation.
  • Data security breaches in the past

Is LastPass a secure enough password manager?

You may be curious about whether LastPass is indeed secure. LastPass is a restricted-source password manager. They never contacted third-party auditing firms to confirm that they were functioning safely. You'll have to take their advice at face value for the most part. This isn't helpful because the corporation targeted a successful hacking effort.

Is There a Free Trial for LastPass?

Even if you're confident that LastPass Free will meet your requirements, the service offers a free 30-day Premium trial. Families also provide a free 30-day trial. Because neither needs a credit card, your account will automatically drop to the free tier after 30 days if you do nothing.

Pricing and Plans

LastPass is known as a "freemium" password manager. It shows that the sample is free to use, but people who want to learn more about it must pay.

Let's look at each of the three options - Basic, Premium, and Families – to see what you receive.

Basic PlanPlan (free)

The free PlanPlan is restricted to a single specific device, either mobile or PC. LastPass Premium adds a protection dashboard and dark web tracking to the free PlanPlan.

  • One-to-many password sharing is a method of exchanging passwords with a large number of people.
  • 1 GB of encrypted cloud storage.
  • Options for advanced two-factor authentication
  • Access in case of an emergency.

Premium Subscription

The other options, which cost $36 per user per year or $48 per person per year for a team of up to six people, are not restricted by device type. To illustrate the difference between LastPass Free & LastPass Premium, consider the extra features that the Premium plan (along with the free plan features) provides for $3.00/month, payable yearly.

  • Sharing files with a large number of individuals
  • Capabilities across several devices
  • Priority tech assistance
  • Advanced multi-factor authentication possibilities with LastPass for apps

Families Plan

The Families plan includes all of the services available to Free and Premium customers, as well as the following:

  • Dashboard for the Family Manager
  • Shared folders are limitless.
  • For $4.00 per month, invoiced yearly, the Families plan may be utilized by up to six people, which should be enough for most houses.

Convenience of Use

Let's look at the software itself to see how simple it is to use LastPass and the user experience on both the web and mobile apps. This is an essential factor frequently forgotten, particularly for individuals who find password managers challenging to use.

Workspace for LastPass

Web Browser

LastPass registration is simple and can be performed directly on their website. Your email id and a master passcode are required to sign up.

Your master password must be remembered at all times.

A numeral, lowercase letter, and capital letter must be included in the master password, which must have at least 12 bits in length. LastPass has a section where you may provide a password hint.

Without your master password, regaining access to your password vault might be difficult. Nevertheless, if you run the mobile app, you may use biometric or Face ID verification to recover your account.

Mobile App

LastPass has mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Go to your device's app store and download the LastPass app.

The smartphone app is just as straightforward as the desktop software, and it's simple to use and navigate. You may view your password vault as well as other features after you check in with your primary password.

The mobile app has a handy password generator like desktop software and an online client.

Customer service

When contemplating a product purchase, customer service is sometimes disregarded, and the excellence of a company's customer service is typically only observed when assistance is required.

LastPass' customer service is, however, not very good. On the free PlanPlan, there is no "real person" customer service. Instead, users will have to depend on help manuals and public discussion forums to address their concerns.

Only premium or corporate subscriptions have access to phone and email assistance.

Final Remarks

LastPass is amongst the most renowned password managers on the market. One of its key draws is its security. The product employs the industry's gold standard, AES-256 encryption. It also supports two-factor and multi-factor authentication, ensuring that the app is as safe as you want it to be.

One-Time Permissions and limiting the app's use in various countries are standard features.

Likewise, Credit monitoring will alert you if your credit record changes unexpectedly. These and more characteristics will provide you with total peace of mind.

Even if you go with the free version, you'll have plenty of tools to keep your login details safe. As outlined in this LastPass review, your possibilities extend much further if you upgrade.

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FAQs for LastPass

⭐️ How much discount do I get on LastPass plans?

We are running exclusive promotions on all plans. Up to 40% off today.

⭐️ How to apply the LastPass discount code? 

LastPass has multiple plans; click on the deal/ coupon code button. Please copy the code and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ Is there any active promotions online?

Yes, you can find discounts on all plans - Personal & Business. Also, check LastPass Edu promo here.

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