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About HitmanPro

SurfRight B.V. has created HitmanPro, an antivirus application. This antivirus uses a Kaspersky engine to scan your machine without causing considerable system strain. 

It's designed to help you discover and remove malware from your computer and keep your gadgets secure. 

It is only available as a licensed program, but the number of tools it includes proves to be worth the money.

Aside from the security services, HitmanPro performs well in usability assessments and has an easy-to-understand layout, regardless of whether you are a seasoned or inexperienced user.

HitmanPro dives deep to remove any viruses that may still be present on your machine. 

Thanks to quick, specialized scanning and simple uninstallation, your computer will be returned to its pre-infected form in no time.

If you need another layer of protection or a different opinion on how your present security functions, it can operate alongside your existing security software.

HitmanPro is used by who?

HitmanPro's strong security capabilities are used to identify and remove malware by around 40,000 enterprises and organizations of all sizes in over 150 countries. Let's have a look at a few of those characteristics now.

Highlights from HitmanPro

Viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits, and other malware are detected, identified, and removed using HitmanPro.

The tool employs its engine for behavioral analysis, file cluster evaluation, and cutting-edge cloud-based scanning technology that uses antivirus databases such as SophosLabs, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender.

The HitmanPro Scanner identifies and eliminates potentially hazardous malware while causing little system performance degradation.

Despite its high price, HitmanPro can eradicate malware that blocks the installation of comprehensive antivirus, and the designed Kickstart feature may be used to counteract the consequences of Winlocker threats.

UX/UI Interface

To begin scanning, the antiviral interface is set up in the form of a starting wizard. By first entering the settings area, you may bypass this step.

During a one-time scan of the system, there is no need to modify anything in the HitmanPro settings; everything is set up to be ideal.

Click the "Activation" button after entering the email address twice, once in the "Email" box and once in the "Confirmation" field. 

You may activate a free license using any email address since validation by clicking on the link in the email received by the developers is not necessary in the case of HitmanPro, as it is in most situations for test usage of commercial software.

Features in HitmanPro

  • Software package safety: The system strengthens the defenses of every application installed on your computer or network to safeguard against zero-day attacks, which emerge when attackers take advantage of software flaws to gain control of your system.
  • Vast knowledge database: Data from four different security labs is used in the system, including the SophosLabs database, which HitmanPro's parent company, Sophos, uses. That means the software constantly learns and reacts to various developing threats by combining data from multiple sources to make you safe and protected.
  • Automatic file backup: When the program detects an assault, it automatically produces backup copies of your data. Once the danger has been securely eliminated, the system restores your documents to their original condition, allowing you to resume your work.
  • HitmanPro Alert: The premium product tier HitmanPro Alert employs continuous background scanning to secure your machine while you operate with it. Any infected files found by the system are removed immediately and replaced with secure backup copies, minimizing the harm caused by disruptive assaults.
  • Deep cleaning: The product cleans your system thoroughly to detect, target, and eliminate various known and undiscovered dangers. The system recognizes many typical threats due to an extensive malware database. It even sees new risks by tracking down the attackers' malware signatures, which are slight traces of code left behind after an assault.

Ease of Use

By default, a small HitmanPro executable installs a local copy of the application and runs a scan every time the computer starts. 

However, the user may do a one-time scan without installing any application components. 

This is unexpected, given the installation of alternative solutions and hours of phone and chat help with technical support. 

During testing, installing the software on 12 infected PCs went without a hitch.

Price of HitmanPro

You may pick between two basic plans from HitmanPro, depending on your demands as a user. 

There are two versions: HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert.

The basic HitmanPro package, which costs $24.95, includes all required antivirus functions. HitmanPro.Alert is $34.95, whereas HitmanPro.Alert is $34.95.

Check out our special offers using the latest HitmanPro Alert coupon for the best price deal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HitmanPro


  • Its scanning speed is breakneck.
  • It is very good at removing malware and rootkits.
  • You can circumvent the system's ransomware programs using the Kickstart feature.
  • On infected devices, there are no issues with installation.
  • Right in the software window, it shows you exact information about the dangers discovered.
  • It doesn't need to be installed and maybe started from a USB drive.


  • This antivirus software is not available for free.
  • It is entirely reliant on a working Internet connection.
  • It simply examines the drive that contains the operating system.
  • Many false positives are present.

Final Words

Hitman Pro is a supplemental tool for detecting potentially dangerous files and programs to eradicate malware traces or items that were not destroyed during a traditional antivirus scan. 

This program's work is focused on cloud computing, which gives HitmanPro excellent malware detection rates in general and allows it to check specific hazardous files thoroughly. 

HitmanPro may be used for free to verify the state of your computer before buying a paid version. You will, however, be required to spend for the first month before returning your funds.

Rootkit detection is a strong suit for the application. 

HitmanPro does not cause the system to slow down and can be combined with other security measures. Install the newest version of Hitman Pro if you desire to debug your machine with it.

FAQs for HitmanPro

⭐️ Is there any active Hitman Pro sale available online?

Yes, we are running the latest deals for all plans and subscriptions. Save money now.

⭐️ How do I enter the HitmanPro discount code?

Click the discount button next to the plan you are looking to buy. Please copy the code and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ Is HitmanPro a worthwhile investment?

HitmanPro is just a basic anti-malware scanner—it's good, but it's also fundamental, and it doesn't even detect malware in real-time.

⭐️ How many active Hitmanpro coupon codes are available online?

There are 3+ active deals for this month.

⭐️ Is HitmanPro capable of scanning every drive?

HitmanPro scans only the boot drive; no other drives are scanned.

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