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About 360 Total Security

Qihoo's 360 Total Security is entirely free internet security and antivirus program. Two leading third-party suppliers provide antivirus protection.

We discovered that 360 Total Security also includes a computer maintenance package that does a fantastic job of helping your computer function more effectively throughout our tests.

On the other hand, the antivirus program does not perform as well as the free versions of such programs. However, it excels at collaborating with other antivirus programs.

Even with other paid antivirus subscriptions, the paid edition of 360 Total Security offers several premium features that you won't find with other paid antivirus subscriptions.

Please continue reading to learn more about what we thought of the antivirus software throughout our testing.


It's simple to keep track of your progress as you disable superfluous starting services.

A data shredder is one of the internet security solutions for safely eliminating unwanted files and directories.

Support resources for simple and two-step processes aren't as extensive.

Pricing for 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is an entirely free (but ad-supported) program, so there's no reason to complain about the price, even with a premium subscription.

If you want to pay for Total Security Premium, you may choose between one-year, two-year, or three-year plans that cover up to three devices.

For one year, it costs $35.98; for two years, it costs $64.99; and for three years, it costs $69.99 altogether.

360 Business Essential costs $15 per device per year, whereas 360 Business Advanced costs $20 per year.

Additional features such as a firewall editor, a privacy cleaner, an in-app ad remover, and priority help though email ticketing are available in the Premium edition.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with premium programs.

360 Total Security's Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The user interface is relatively straightforward.
  • Everything is directly in front of you, making it simple to operate.
  • The free version is refined.
  • Avira and Bitdefender antivirus engines are included.
  • When the system is idle, it has little effect.
  • Cloud-based security in real-time
  • The smartphone app enables you to assist people remotely. Full scans and Total Security Cleanup are beneficial.


  • Expect a steady stream of advertisements.
  • The majority of the tools are average at best.
  • Some of the most helpful features aren't accessible in the free version; security must be tweaked.
  • Lab test findings that are below average
  • During a scan, the system has an above-average effect.

The Final Word

It's helpful, but it shouldn't be utilized as a security solution on its own. When it comes to antivirus protection, 360 Total Security isn't exactly the crème of the crop.

Despite the small system footprint and ease of use, the false positives and lack of industry lab results are problematic.

As a stand-alone security solution, we wouldn't recommend 360 Total Security.

However, it works nicely with other antivirus programs, and the 360 Total Security free version is a helpful supplement that adds superior capabilities to your security suite without boosting prices.

FAQs for 360 Total Security

⭐️ What is the best deal price available for a premium license?

Use 360 total security premium coupon code for up to 55% discount.

⭐️ How can I set up 360 Total Security to use a proxy connection?

Right-click on the tray icon to bring up the context menu.

Select the Download Manager option.

Choose the options icon (configuration icon)

⭐️ What should I do if I forget my router's login account and password?

Solution 1: Look for the router's default username and password (usually on the back of the router) and log in using the password.

Solution 2: Reset the password on the router to factory defaults.

Note: If you reset the device, it will revert to factory defaults, and all of your settings will be lost.

Step 1: Turn the router off.

Step 2 Turn on the router by pressing and holding the reset button on the back panel with a pin. (When turning on the router, do not release the reset button; instead, hold the button for around 6-10 seconds after turning it on.)

Step 3: Press and hold the reset button until the device reboots.

If none of this works, please contact your router's manufacturer.

⭐️ How can I tell whether the premium is active?

Please verify whether your home page has a premium logo; if it does, it signifies that your premium is active, and all premium features and tools with a crown are accessible.

If the product does not have a premium logo, all premium functions will be unavailable. Please go into your 360 premium account and add the device.

Other related software: Avast, AVG security, Avira antivirus, F-secure.

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