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About Devart

Devart was formed in 1997 and has since been a frontrunner among companies offering ALM services and database administration tools for some of the widely used DBMSs.

Approximately 500K programmers in 120 countries may now access their maximum ability thanks to our participation in connection programs and cooperation with a wide range of database sector vendors and distributors.

The goal of Devart is to supply its clientele with the finest goods and professional assistance available. They work closely with the most influential individuals in the industry.

Devart actively promotes and attends a wide range of industry events and conventions, as well as expos and customer discussion groups, to stay abreast of industry developments and trends and connect with its technical organization.

Devart actively promotes and attends a wide range of industry events and conventions, as well as expos and customer discussion groups, to stay abreast of industry developments and trends and connect with its technical organization.

Products by Devart

SQL Server tools

Put your knowledge to use by using the full potential of dbForge tools for SQL Servers to construct a solid, service-specific architecture.

Improve system efficiency, drive growth with IntelliSense-like coding aid, and manage database creation and delivery using the DevOps method using a feature-rich toolset with improved Microsoft SSMS features and abilities.

Pack SQL database utilities to improve programmer efficiency and save money on mundane chores by enhancing Microsoft's SSMS.

For effective SQL Server database maintenance, administration, programming, data production, analytics, and much more, go no farther than dbForge Studio, a robust unified advancement platform.

dbForge for MySQL

When managing, developing, and administering MySQL and MariaDB databases, dbForge Studio for MySQL is your one-stop shop. It's a set of tools for building and running searches, coding and testing processes, and automating relational item upkeep.

dbForge for Oracle

Enhance your everyday output by a factor of two with our Oracle application technology, an innovative integrated development environment (IDE) designed to speed up PL/SQL writing and give a plethora of tools that facilitate quick and easy Oracle development and upkeep.

Avail yourself of the top software for Oracle database structure comparisons and synchronization, and rest easy. Examine the modifications to the database schema and roll them out on the Oracle database.

The goal of developing this program was to make it simple and fast to compare and synchronize Oracle information. ComdbForge products hide complex functionality behind an accessible front interface.

This utility synchronizes and compares Oracle data. Like previous dbForge products, this one has robust capabilities in a streamlined, intuitive user interface.

Using this Oracle DB tool, information for a whole Oracle database may be generated mechanically with a single tap. As a courtesy, it can read documents in HTML, PDF, and MARKDOWN.

dbForge for PostgreSQL

The dbForge utilities offer a wealth of useful features while still being very user-friendly. Everything you require to speed up PostgreSQL programming and information administration is here.

Use dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL database administration and programming and get it done quickly and with ease. This integrated development environment (IDE) helps you create, execute, and edit scripts.

It has a slick, user-friendly graphical interface masks its extensive features and functionality.

Productivity tools

Efficiency solutions help programmers fulfill their creative potential. This category includes sophisticated, reasonably priced, time-saving independent and Visual Studio add-ins to automate monotonous tasks and create high-quality applications.

The combination of Code Comparison and Review Helper is quite helpful. Because of this, they are offered as part of a code review package.

Review Assistant is a Visual Studio add-on that helps teams collaborate on code reviews by providing features like issue and conversation monitoring and light assistance for the rigorous review process.

Review Assistant is compatible with various code comparing and revision control technologies to make managing code revisions easier.

Code Compare is a two- and three-way comparing and merging tool that considers programming language peculiarities. Code Compare may be used independently or as an extension of Visual Studio.

ADO.NET Data Providers

dotConnect is a programming model and ADO.NET-based data connecting solution incorporating various cutting-edge features.

It provides a comprehensive platform for building data-related apps and webpages by including high information sources for the most common cloud programs and datasets.

It is a versatile framework that may be used to create applications, mobile, and business software. DotConnect network operators for the most popular databases have a rich and fruitful growth history.

Modern Object Relational Mapping (ORM) solutions like Entity Framework and LinqConnect, as well as support for many database-specific types, features, and efficiency improvements, found in the dotConnect product category, introduce innovative methods to executable file layout and increase DBMS app development efficiency.

A lengthy and fruitful tradition of innovation for dotConnect suppliers for the central databases exists.

DotConnect is a product family that brings novel strategies to software layout and increases the efficiency of application programming development by offering assistance for modern object relationship management (ORM) solutions like Entity Framework and LinqConnect, as well as many of the database-specific types, characteristics, and efficiency improvements.

ORM Solutions

Devart provides several tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your ORM development. The.NET ORM ecosystem includes the LINQ debugger and ORM profiler Visual Studio add-in and Devart's ORM solution.

High-performance ADO.NET suppliers for use in the public cloud, including object-relational mapping (ORM) functionality, features unique to various data sources, and SQL compatibility.

With this full Visual Studio extension, you can profile ORM calls & data access activities and run LINQ queries at development time.

An ORM that's quick and simple to use has complex capabilities and is compatible with LINQ to SQL and other systems and technologies.

ODBC Drivers

The Devart ODBC Drivers are high-performance, enterprise-grade connection solutions that allow you to link to the most prominent administration platforms and cloud computing using ODBC-compliant reporting, analysis, BI, and ETL applications for Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of macOS, Windows, and Linux.

In order to provide convenient access to real-time data from any location, our ODBC drivers wholeheartedly endorse standard ODBC API functions and data formats.

ODBC connections are suitable for connecting to cloud datasets through HTTP and native databases.

Devart drivers provide high-performance, cost-effective access to ODBC-compliant SQL and NoSQL databases. They handle the same volume of information at a particular time while using fewer resources than competing drivers.

Drivers use an in-memory cache and an internal SQL engine to perform queries on online information in real-time.

SSIS Data Flow Components

Using our SSIS Integration International Bundle, you can synchronize data across 40 cloud services. Our SSIS Various Data Elements package saves 75% off different rates.

The SSIS Integration Cloud Package is unnecessary if you need cloud-based software's SSIS Information Flow Items.

And if you merely want to connect database information, the SSIS Integration Database Package is all you require. The most efficient SSIS parts for the most used cloud services and datasets.

Its Data Flow Parts and SQL Server Integration Services may mix database and cloud data (SSIS).

Devart Excel Add-ins

Devart Excel Add-ins allow you to do even more with Excel. Using the Devart Excel Add-in Universal Pack, you can capture the information from over 20 cloud apps and datasets as you would handle it on a regular Excel sheet.

Enjoy savings of over 80% when you purchase all of the Excel Add-ins at once instead of buying them one by one.

Devart Excel Add-in Cloud Pack is what you require if all you want are Excel add-ins for web-based software. The Devart Excel Add-in Database Pack is ideal if you need access to database information in Excel.

Delphi Data Access Components

Delphi Data Access Parts provide 32-bit and 64-bit cross-platform software development in RAD Studio, Delphi, and Free Pascal.

These platforms include Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and many cloud services are easily accessible using these technologies. As a bonus, we provide a fully-fledged ORM system for Delphi.

dbExpress Drivers

 dbExpress provides a database-independent interface that specifies a standard interface. It handles searches and data structures on each enabled server.

dbExpress' thin data-access layer speeds database connections. These solutions are fully compatible with Embarcadero's official versions.


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Devart's savings, how much, exactly?

25% Discount if you act now.

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Choose the button to get the discount and paste the code into the appropriate field.

What types of discounts may be found on the web?

Sales are available for everything and anything.

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