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About DBConvert

The developers at DBConvert have been working on technology for database migration for over two decades. More than 50,000 satisfied clients from all walks of life, including Fortune 100 businesses, public and commercial agencies, and people, utilize DBConvert services every month. Their Clientele page features a selection of these patrons.

Since the year 2000, this organization has developed over fifty data integration solutions for database conversion and synchronization, among the most widely used RDBMS.

Each of these solutions adheres to the most current industry standards for software design, and the total number of these solutions now stands at over fifty.

In other words, we won't rest until every one of our customers is completely satisfied. Our program is straightforward to use for non-techies.

Regarding database transformation and synchronization, DBConvert products are unrivaled in effectiveness and flexibility.


DBConvert Studio

DBConvert Studio converts database architecture and information from one structured Database to another. It incorporates the DBConvert and DBSync Components, both robust and reliable, with just an enhanced, up-to-date user interface.

We've covered you, from legacy file-based forms to cutting-edge on-premise and cloud implementations.

Each of Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and BSD network hosts could be used as an origin or a destination for a back-end.

The parallel conversion mechanism in DBConvert Studio makes excellent use of several cores. It can process big tables in the Database quickly and efficiently.

DBConvert Studio has been fine-tuned for your environment, so its performance should meet or exceed your expectations. The dataset you're trying to access may be the slowest part of the process, or perhaps the connection or the storage device itself.

While specific databases may be faster than others, this is not always the case. Targeting Microsoft Access would never perform on par with more modern databases like PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

To maximize the efficiency of your Database, DBConvert Studio's methods can adjust on the fly.

Database Management System (SQL Server)

Microsoft's SQL Server is a DBMS designed specifically for managing relational databases. It has a basic setup that won't break the bank and an intuitive UI that newcomers will find helpful.

Many companies switch to take advantage of newer versions of SQL Server.

You may wish to synchronize your datasets after you've moved data from the origin to the destination system. One method for doing so is to periodically sync two databases so that any changes made in one are reflected in the other.

Just after the first migration, the code continues to change. Regarding the data and architecture, it deviates from the intended system.

Using SQL Server DBSync, you may execute UPDATE, INSERT, and DROP synchronization between your destination and origin databases.

Database synchronization application DBSync benefits from the two-way communication among SQL Server and other Database thanks to its bilateral replicating capabilities.


MySQL is a popular open-source RDBMS for website creation. It provides and manages web services in LAMP, WAMP, and MAMP. MySQL is the best system for managing databases for the internet, games, and medium- to small-sized data sets because of its superior read performance.

When you need to move or replicate data from MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, and other databases, DBConvert can help you do so quickly and flexibly.

You can transport or synchronize data across MySQL databases on different systems by configuring two MySQL, MariaDB, or Percona machines as input and output. DBConvert technology supports Google Cloud SQL for MySQL.


Oracle is a relational DBMS that works across multiple platforms and may be used to create extensive, flexible commercial uses. Its Database can be used on Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS.

Its functional and physical parts are examined. Modularity permits a database's physical structure to be expanded or altered without affecting the system, its data, or its users.

Clients of a large-scale scattered system typically have no idea of the location of data storage nodes. By combining forces, we can build a network whose capacity may be expanded or contracted as needed.

Our DBConvert Oracle-related technology products can move datasets and synchronize in a diverse cross-platform context across Oracle/Oracle Cloud and other DBMS like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and much more. Synchronization and conversion utilities are provided for free installation.


PostgreSQL is a transparent, object-relational management system for databases that is extensible and interoperable with the SQL query language.

It's a popular choice for web service development's back-end information management aspect. Individuals who use it to create database-driven web applications have a great option because of its extensive capabilities and essential benefits, including open-source public engagement, minimal deployment cost, and simple administration.

Postgres's significant rivals are Oracle DB, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL databases. Clients may easily migrate and duplicate information from Postgres/Amazon RDS and other Database systems using the DBConvert product offering.


Microsoft Access is a popular choice among computer database management systems. MS Access employs the same user interface seen in other Microsoft Office products, making it accessible to users with varying levels of database development expertise.

When it is necessary to upgrade MS Access applications to business-grade services or post access information to the internet, our DBConvert solutions allow you to do so quickly. DBSync may copy data between Microsoft Access and other DBMS.

MS Access datasets in both x86 and x64 flavors are enabled. Any converter or synchronize application that works with Access can transport data between two origin and destination Access databases.


The data-handling features of Microsoft Visual FoxPro are among the best in the industry.

V.9.0 would have been the final version of VFP, issued in 2007. Microsoft has confirmed that they have no plans to produce any updated models of Visual FoxPro.

Also, we couldn't offer you any maintenance or upgrades past January 2015 because we ran out of resources.

It's time to migrate your FoxPro data to a more modern system. The ability to synchronize data across FoxPro and other databases suppliers' products is a real plus.

The switch from DBC to DBF is feasible. It is possible to convert many DBF files at once. You are free to test out our MS Visual FoxPro-related DBConvert exporting and synchronization tool.


SQLite is an embedded, relational database processor implemented as a toolkit that does not require a server. It works without setup.

Many programs use SQLite. It's the most popular DBMS because it's in IOS and Android. Any individual or company is free to use SQLite for any reason, business or otherwise, as it is an open-source project.

When the complexity of business database engines' functionality isn't as important as the ease of installation, upkeep, and management, SQLite is a great option.

Quickly move and synchronize data across SQLite and other datasets with the help of our DBConvert SQLite-related conversion tool. SQLite conversions and synchronization utilities are available for free downloading and evaluation.


Firebird/Interbase is a cross-platform, open-source relational DBMS for Linux, Windows, and Unix. There are several reasons to prefer Firebird over other popular business systems, including its high quality, flexibility, and reliability.

Functionality for configuration files and events is provided in a very efficient and robust language.

Firebird is open and freeware, yet it provides the same capabilities as paid proprietary systems, such as databases, triggering, and data structures.

Firebird/Interbase is an excellent option for building corporate or microprograms because of its tiny energy consumption and simplicity of administration.


Excel from Microsoft is a popular spreadsheet tool for Windows and Mac OS X. Customers can apply formulae to arrange information for analysis efficiently. Spreadsheets organize large amounts of data into rows.

With the widespread usage of MS Excel spreadsheets as a repository for data, the resulting explosion in big data could pose severe challenges for data management and maintenance.

Long, complicated texts are easiest to retrieve and analyze in rows and columns. We have technology that automatically converts your Excel documents into MySQL or SQL Server database systems.


Designed for the creation of enterprise-wide applications, IBM DB2 is a database schema engine capable of processing large objects and servicing multiple clients in parallel. DB2, originally for IBM mainframes, runs on UNIX, Windows, and Linux.

DBConvert DB2-related technology can move libraries across IBM DB2 and some other DBMS, including MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, and can transfer files in diverse cross-platform setups.

You can try out any conversions and synchronization programs on the following list without spending a dime.


Apart from its competitors, DBConvert JSON to SQL can transform a simple JSON file into fully relational databases managed by a relational database management system, complete with normalization and proper table relationships.

In straightforward scenarios, you need only the input JSON file alone. Instead, our program examines the file's contents as a whole to determine which output column/field kinds are most appropriate.

JSON loads rows, columns, and connections. You can adjust the required fields and types before the fundamental transformation. A great deal of control over the transfer process lies in the hands of the user, though.

Data integration software can quickly transfer JSON to MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle.


Visit this link for Pricing https://dbconvert.com/order/.

FAQs for DBConvert

How can I employ DBConvert coupons?

After clicking the button for the discount, you will need to copy and paste the promo code.

How much less does it cost to use DBConvert using a Coupon?

It is feasible to get a 20% cost reduction.

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