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About AirMagic

Photo editing software might save you time if you're fed up with it yourself. AirMagic is the best tool when it comes to removing defects and enhancing details automatically. 

Using AirMagic to edit photographs seems like an excellent idea. Using AirMagic, you may repair any problem. Just drag and drop your original photos into AirMagic. You may use more presets to enhance your image in the following steps. 

AirMagic, on the other hand, may serve as your go-to picture editor for all your editing needs. Is this a fact? Is AirMagic required? You may find the solution in this section.

AirMagic is the world's first utterly automated picture editing program for aerial photography. The software uses Artificial Intelligence and powerful image-enhancing technology to improve photographs automatically.

AirMagic performs lens adjustments and other camera-specific improvements after recognizing the image's drone camera. All photos are examined by the app's algorithms and AI before tweaks like color reveal and haze removal are applied to make each one seem its best.

AirMagic is a photo-editing program for aerial photography that is completely automated. Thanks to powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence, the application can evaluate your photo in seconds. 

AirMagic will identify any areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments without the intervention of a human.

Features of AirMagic

Simple Layout

AirMagic's design may be summed up in one word: essential.

The adage "less is more" is often true. AirMagic is a perfect example of this. There's not a lot of mess here. The number of toolbars and buttons is kept to a minimum. But in a positive sense. The best method...

Images, how they're edited, and the outcomes are all readily visible. It's impossible to get lost in the weeds with AirMagic or the editing options available to you.

Once you've chosen your photographs, you'll need to pick an editing style. An easy procedure is involved. Open the images you want to work with first. The edits are then made to the photos once they are assessed.

Before you export your photographs, you may adjust the intensity of the style. It just takes a few minutes to do all of this!

Great performance

We spent a little additional time evaluating AirMagic's performance to ensure our evaluation was complete. We can all agree that editing software that is sluggish and difficult to use is something no one wants.

The good news is that AirMagic has passed our rigorous testing.

Using AirMagic, you'll see results quickly. Using a PC with 8GB of RAM, it performed flawlessly. The process of opening and saving photographs was error-free. The pictures were analyzed in a matter of minutes.

The analysis was completed in less than 5 seconds, including the time it took to choose a picture and begin editing.


The usability of an editing application is an important consideration. The goal of picture editing software is to make the process as simple as possible. The procedure should be simple, and the controls should be accessible to everyone.

AirMagic was easy to utilize for us. Opening a picture and performing an edit was a breeze when we initially started using the application.

Styles of editing

There are a variety of preset styles to choose from in AirMagic. The following are the five most common looks:

  • Cinematic
  • Zephyr
  • Emotional
  • Sandstorm
  • In addition, AirMagic has a wide range of products for sale.

We were impressed with the excellent quality of the basic designs. In terms of picture styles, they cover a wide range. It's simple to experiment with various looks to find which ones provide the most outstanding results.

User Interface

Depending on how you want to use the program, you may drag a folder of images to the welcome screen or use the open button to explore images.

JPEG, DNG, RAW, PNG, and TIFF file formats are supported by AirMagic and images that are at least 800 by 600 pixels.

It is possible to see thumbnails of all photographs that have been opened in AirMagic.

Default settings may be used to export images by clicking the export photos button in the lower right corner.

It'll take care of all of your available pictures in one go.

Statuses such as "Looking for haze," "Final tweaks to make it wonderful," and "Doing some magic" are provided as part of the artificial intelligence process. Once the image is done, a slider lets you compare before and after photos side-by-side.

AirMagic Cost

The complete edition of AirMagic is available for purchase for $39. Within 30 days, you may use the free trial version of AirMagic. AirMagic offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the service.

We are offering you the latest AirMagic coupon code for the best price deal.

Pros of AirMagic

  • Images may be retouched in bunches or one at a time with one click.
  • You may use CS5 or above or Lightroom Classic CC if you're using it as an add-on plugin.
  • The ability to alter the final image by comparing it to another.
  • Numerous possibilities for saving photos.
  • A drag-and-drop mechanism is used.
  • That's what AI is used for.
  • Exceptional work.

Cons of AirMagic

  • Several of the photographs had a distinct blue cast, especially in white buildings.
  • Tweaking the colors may need processing each photo manually. Preset descriptions would be helpful.

Last Words

AI-powered picture editing software from Skylum includes Luminar and Aurora HDR, and AirMagic is an exciting addition to this portfolio. Drone enthusiasts and professionals, such as real estate agents, will find AirMagic an appealing option since it allows them to quickly and easily enhance many photographs with only a few clicks.

In addition to the full-featured premium version, there will be a free version with no batch processing, output file size limits, no plugins, and no watermarks.

Alternative: Luminar, Aurora HDR, Affinity PhotoPhotomatix Pro, easyHDRCorel PaintShop

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