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About Luminar Neo

The fight for dominance in artificial intelligence picture editing is still going strong. Photoshop, the leading player, is still putting all it has into allowing machine learning to add the final touches to professional photographs.

Still, lots are going on at the lower end as well.

Skylum says the latest AI-driven photo editor, Luminar Neo, is launched with the Luminar Share app for seamless picture transmissions between the program and customers' mobile devices.

Although Luminar Neo has some similarities to Skylum's previous products, which has caused some user frustration, the company claims that the new editor's engine was built from the ground up to allow for robust features and better performance.

Luminar Neo is said to be much quicker than its predecessor, Luminar AI, according to the firm.

Luminar Neo is now available in its entirety, and it builds on Luminar AI's early promise with new tools and features coming soon.

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Skylum promises two new features that will be available in a free update shortly: Removing the background from a portrait using a mask.

Customers will be able to manage the disclosure of each layer to produce composites with the Mask feature, which will use AI to locate the correct elements in the picture, such as skies and bridges.

The process of analyzing and selecting the subject and removing the background is similar to portrait background removal.

Luminar Neo also has the following new features:

RelightAI lets you control light in 3D space.

With the RelightAI feature, you can instantly relight backlit or darkened images. Luminar Neo calculates a photo's depth and creates a 3D map, allowing you to spread light in 3D space across a 2D image naturally.

Dust Removal

AI detects and removes blemishes automatically. There's no need for time-consuming masking, erasing, or cloning. With a few clicks, you can get rid of them.

One-Click Removal of the Background

Portrait Background RemovalAI is a powerful feature built on top of MaskAI, an intelligent AI technology that quickly detects and selects objects in photos.

Change the sky in a single click.

Water perspectives, sky placing, and human-aware igniting to match the new sky are features of this cutting-edge sky substitute technology.

With any lens and any light, you can achieve perfect bokeh.

Yes! Thanks to the Luminar Neo, it's now possible to create the perfect bokeh effect in any lighting condition.

The interface of Luminar Neo

Because of the program's small and dark interface, you can focus on your image. It's less cluttered than Capture One's interface, but it's also less customizable.

There is no keyword tagging or color coding, but you can favorite it with a heart icon or reject it with an X for quick culling.

All photos, organized by date and with handy filters to show recently added or edited images, are available on the left sidebar.

Computer folders and custom albums are located beneath that.

Tools, edits, and presets are all available in Edit mode.

The original view of your photo can be viewed by clicking on an eyeball icon, but I wish there were a split-screen before-and-after view available.

Is Luminar Neo something I should purchase?

You should buy it if:

  • If you want to save time with photo editing,
  • Photoshop is too bloated and complex for you.
  • Adobe's subscription services are too costly for you.

You should not, if:

  • You're a professional photographer in need of a comprehensive photo library.
  • You'll require a fully functional editor.
  • You value having a good mobile experience.

Plan and Pricing

If you want to subscribe to Luminar Neo, you can receive free Soulful Panoramas for $59 per year. The following are included in this package:

  • Updates in the future
  • Every new function add-on costs
  • A workflow was created for creative photo editing.
  • Repetitive tasks can be accessible with AI tools not found anywhere else.
  • Texture and overlay libraries are pre-installed.
  • Money-back guarantee for the first thirty days

AI Masking and Background Removal for Portraits have been added. However, there is a separate package that is only available once. You'll have to pay $79 for it. It comprises of the following:

  • Updates to the performance and reliability
  • A workflow was created for creative photo editing.
  • Texture and overlay libraries are pre-installed.
  • Repetitive tasks can be accessible with AI tools not found anywhere else.
  • The license is valid for life.
  • Money-back guarantee for the first thirty days
  • 24 hours a day, 7-days a week
  • With a subscription, you will receive all future product upgrades.

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A few of the AI tools led the graphics card fan to spin faster while testing on Windows 10, and it took a long time for a picture to update after an alteration. I like to have some sign of processing, as Lightroom provides.

Because Luminar started as a macOS picture editor, this is advantageous since the AI is conducted locally rather than in the cloud.

Performance is not a problem since there is no importing from memory cards, as previously indicated.

The software was incredibly steady, which cannot be said of other applications that do high-level AI calculations on big media files.

Luminar Neo: Pros and Cons


  • The AI Portrait Tools are fantastic.
  • The AI power line, as well as dust removal, are included in the package.


  • RAM consumption is high.
  • Presets that don't work
  • Operational issues
  • Some new features will be added in the future.

The Bottom Line

Unique AI photo tools such as power line and dust removal, as well as a wide range of effects and adjustments, are all available in Luminar Neo's straightforward, appealing interface.

However, there are flaws in the workflow and organization.

While Luminar Neo will include the standard set of image editing tools, such as exposure, color, cropping, and cloning, it will also have a slew of Skylum's patented AI enhancements. AI Power Lines Removal is a program that detects and removes any offensive power lines.

FAQs for Skylum Luminar Neo

⭐️ What is the best saving offer available today?

You can save up to 55% + gifts along with every plan you purchase.

⭐️ Which plan is the top-selling plan for this month?

Expert bundle pack is our top-selling pack for this month, including Twilight skies & Aurora HDR.

⭐️ How to use the Luminar neo promo code for instant savings?

Choose your plan from the list. Click on the coupon button, copy it and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ Is there a free version of Luminar Neo? What is Luminar Neo's refund policy?

There is no separate free trial for Luminar Neo. Instead, you can try Skylum for free for 30 days with a money-back guarantee. All you need to do now is send an email with your request.

⭐️ When will the full version of Neo be going to launch?

Neo edition is currently available with limited features; the full version will be available from February.

⭐️ Is there a template library in Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is simple to use, but it is devoid of templates.

This deal is also available on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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