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About ZoneAlarm

ZoneAlarm is the trademark name of Check Point Software Technologies Inc. Our enterprise-grade solution range shields personal computers and portable devices against hackers of all stripes, making them ideal for use in homes and small businesses. It is the first priority to ensure your safety at all times.

Exceptional defense against viruses, hacking, ransomware, and impersonation are just some of the cybersecurity threats ZoneAlarm can thwart for customers across many platforms and operating systems.

ZoneAlarm has already obtained a Best AV Laboratory designation, achieved 100% in AV testing, and completed all evaluations by VB Bulletin.

ZoneAlarm will protect your computer, internet browser, and private information. It blocks viruses, Trojans, hackers, and ransomware.


Real-time Antivirus

The robust Antivirus software can detect and block even previously unseen infections and malicious software. Before such a malicious document can reach your system, it is analyzed in the most recent cloud environment for signs of unusual activity.


Safely explore the internet without worrying about falling victim to phishing scams. You can be confident that your private data is safe with ZoneAlarm Extreme Protection and its superior real-time anti-phishing features.

Your personal information is safe from spam scams and malicious websites because every page you fill out is checked for vulnerabilities prior to you completing it. What's with all the reports of hijacked credentials and personal information? Nothing to lose now.


Ransomware assaults that encrypt your data and keep your machine captive are prevented. Enterprise-level ZoneAlarm security can identify and stop any ransomware attempt.

Locking your device maliciously is impossible, online or offline. A backup of any encrypted file is always available—the possibility of losing the rights to your data and having to pay a ransom.

Famously effective firewall

Keeps an eye out for suspicious activity inside your applications to catch and block some of the most cutting-edge, novel threats that breach your barrier.

It prevents assaults from both within and outside your network and makes your network invisible to potential attackers.

A scanner that Detects and Removes Viruses and Spyware

Finds and gets rid of many sorts of malware, including infections, ransomware, Trojan horses, hackers, and automation tools. Excellent protection as verified by third-party testing.

Modern Continuous Antivirus Protection

Protects against developing dangers by giving you entry to the most recent collection of Antivirus profiles. Conventional Antivirus and Firewall security is supplemented with an Actual Cloud Dataset that holds up-to-date notoriety of files, internet materials, and applications.

Superior Firewall

No anti-malware software can fully protect your system from malware. The state-of-the-art firewall in ZoneAlarm can detect and halt even the latest cutting-edge threats that circumvent the most common antivirus and protection programs.

The firewall on both ends

It prevents intrusions into your network and even captures criminals as they try to escape. Attackers won't be able to find you or access your network, thanks to our two-way firewall.

Removing Danger

The Severe Product's Zero-Day Security, which includes the Internet Safe Browser Extension's primary function, Risk Retrieval, is top-notch.

The Risk Retrieval safeguards against risks by stripping active information and linked items from papers sent or received from the internet.

It rebuilds documents to eliminate any dangers and gives you sanitized material so you can keep working without any clutter.


ZoneAlarm's Single Device Costs $29.95. Pricing ranges from $39.95 for 5 Devices to $49.95 for 10 Devices.


  • Profoundly effective defense against zero-day exploits
  • Defense against Firewalls
  • Guarding Confidentiality


  • Without a password manager
  • Antiquated user-friendly interface

Final Verdict

ZoneAlarm is a high-quality, dependable antivirus program that offers customers excellent and multifaceted security in a variety of ways.

And if you're still not convinced ZoneAlarm is the best fit, they even let you try it out for gratis for a week so you can see for yourself.

ZoneAlarm also provides mobile protection for both Android and iOS devices. Full security against viruses and other malware is delivered.

FAQs for ZoneAlarm

How much of a price cut may I get on ZoneAlarm services?

Up to 75% off is possible.

Where do I go to use my ZoneAlarm promo code?

Take advantage of a promo code to save money on your subscription. This will take you to the firm's official website.

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