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Save 50% on X-VPN Yearly Package

$71.88 $143.88
Get X-VPN for one year and save 50% off the regular price.
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About X-VPN

X-VPN offers a freeware VPN solution for mobile devices and free data storage of up to 500 megabytes for users on Macintosh and Windows.

Additionally, it is compatible with Linux, Routers, Android TVs, and several other platforms. Safely navigate the web without compromising your privacy. Your internet anonymity will be protected if you have a link that is both blazing quick and reliable.

Your digital security will be protected to the maximum extent if you browse the web in an incognito manner. Investigate the websites and applications that appeal to you. ISPs and intermediaries do not have access to your personal information. Encrypt all your web access.

A link that is both quick and dependable, with specialized streaming hosts. Stream at a lightning-fast rate while maintaining HD quality. You won't ever again skip any significant sporting events or seasons.

When is the right time to utilize X-VPN?

X-VPN helps you remain private on the internet by concealing your unique IP location. Feel free to look at anything that interests you without thinking about other people seeing it.

There is a possibility that the region that you will be visiting bans content on the web. And remember to exercise caution with any personally identifiable data you provide while connecting to the accommodation or cafeteria wifi.

Get unrestricted access to the web while being secure with X-VPN.


Servers located worldwide

Simple connectivity to just about any location of your choice. X-VPN has established over 200 places and over 8000 servers in over 50 countries all over the globe to provide you with a Virtual private network that is both very quick and dependable.

VPN Protocols

A device that can wrap and encode data securely!

You will have a wide variety of VPN protocols from which to choose, allowing you to select the method that will provide the best encryption for the information as it travels over the internet.

Test of VPN Bandwidth

Choose the Virtual private network location that offers the quickest connection for you. The most important aspect of a Virtual network is its performance.

With the help of our real-time latency Virtual private network connection speed, you will be able to identify the Virtual private network site that provides the quickest connection, even down to the fastest Internet protocol!

Personal Web Surfing

Whenever you utilize Secret Client within X-VPN, none of your internet history, passwords, related sites, or anything submitted into fields will be saved. This includes any data that you input on a website.

Kill Switch

Halt immediately on the link that is not safeguarded!

Use a Kill Switch to keep private information from being leaked into the internet since this feature blocks the internet from being accessed. At the same time, the VPN tunnel is not active, protecting the user's right to private solitude.

Management of Applications

Manage specific applications to avoid going via the VPN tunnel!

Allow a few applications to connect to the web openly, whereas others utilize the VPN tunnel to protect messages. This will allow you to view both foreign and domestic information that is available on the web simultaneously.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is accessible on iPhone and Android devices running the X-VPN app. It will improve your visual environment in situations with low ambient illumination levels.

Strong and Reliable Link

If you use the Stable Connectivity setting, the communication to the server may take somewhat lengthier to establish, but it'll be much more reliable.

Reliable Interaction

Customers of Android have access to a function that makes it easy to join and disengage from Bluetooth devices by using the navigation menu.

Connection Log

You simply keep the Connectivity Record within your computer, which enables you to see the health of past IP addresses and link to a specific one. We've also included the quickest VPN IP address.


  • Freeware service with restrictions
  • Both desktop and mobile applications
  • Split tunneling


  • No information includes a comprehensive
  • Event tracking
  • Prices that are higher than the norm
  • Fewer functions than usual


The monthly plan costs $11.99 per month, although the yearlong package costs $5.99 per month and is billed an annual total of $71.88.


Unblocking Netflix with X-VPN is a breeze thanks to the Virtual private network service's intuitive interface and commendable performance.

In addition, the virtual private network (VPN) has a vast host infrastructure that connects over 8,000 servers and offers lightning-fast connectivity across small distances.

FAQs for X-VPN

How big of a discount can you provide on X-VPN products?

There is potential for savings of up to half of the total cost.

Using my X-VPN coupon code, what is the best method of doing so?

Use a coupon code to get a discount on your plan purchase. Clicking on this link will take you to the company's website.

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