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About X-Mirage

It is possible for Macintosh owners to wirelessly mirror iOS gadgets using the combo of AirPlay and X-Mirage. You can replicate several apple devices on a single Macintosh and capture the screens of the reflected gadgets.

With the help of X-AirPlay Mirage's service, you can easily cast the screen of your iOS device to a device operating either Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

It's the best AirPlay server for Macintosh and Windows computers now on the market. A Macintosh or Windows Computer may remotely replicate the display of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, provided you have had this program running.

In addition, you'll be capable of watching multimedia files from your iOS smartphone to your desktop, capturing your screens and sound from your iOS phone, and recording narration utilizing your mike.

Screen Mirroring Transmitter X-Mirage converts your Macintosh or Windows PC into an AirPlay and Google Cast-enabled screen mirroring receiver.

AirPlay and Google Cast-enabled devices such as an iPhone or iPad may be used to replicate the desktop of a windows pc or Macintosh OS X running the same version of the operating system.

Display, sound, and narrative may all be recorded with just a single click. A screenshot of your computer is also possible. The ability to mirror in 4K Quad Hd Quality ought to be available.


Mirroring the display on another device

Every of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod's content may be streamed from your Macintosh or Windows PC using X-Mirage. Applications, games, photos, videos, lectures, and blogs all fall under one umbrella.

Afterward, teachers may replicate the course material on the iPad to the laptop, then to the desktop to the projectors, smartboard, or HDTV. At the same time, they maintain their fingertips working on the iPad. 4K Quad HD replication must be available.

Show on every iPhone or iPad and afterward project them to a Macintosh or Computer as appropriate. This is everything that is expected of both workers and company owners.

For iOS app programmers and marketers, the more prominent displays of PCs or Macs are the best way to expose their applications to a broader market. You'll be able to draw in more viewers with this strategy.

Microphone recording

On the Computer or Macintosh, you can easily mimic an iPhone or capture the iPhone's display with the help of X-Airplay Mirage's Pc software.

Sync your iPhone to your desktop and then press the Record key on the keypad when you're ready to start capturing video and audio. To cancel the recordings, all you have to do is click it again.

Explore some images, movies, and more

Using X-Mirage, anyone can broadcast their holiday images, beloved films, gorgeous audio, and applications that enable AirPlay to have a more prominent display on your Macintosh or Windows PC.

There is no need to do anything except sit back and experience the finest of what iOS phones ought to provide on a Macintosh or Computer.

The media deception panel on the Macintosh avoids the necessity of switching gadgets by allowing you to play, pause, adjust the volume, go forward, rewind, play the future or last track, and so on.

Games on a big screen

If you're a gamer, show your accomplishments in front of your loved ones. If so, do you continue to take snapshots? It is now possible to capture your gaming on an iOS device, then upload it to YouTube using X-Mirage, an AirPlay receiver for Macintosh and Windows that lets you capture and upload your playtime.

X-Mirage lets you create and submit gaming clips. The X-Mirage app captures your mobile device's screen while you enjoy video games on your Macintosh or Computer.

Mimicking multiple apple devices to a solitary Macbook or Computer allows you to play with friends and household members in whatsoever iOS gaming.

It's also possible to replicate dual-screen gaming to your PC and utilize your iOS device as the supreme gamepad.


Windows and Mac versions of X-Mirage both cost $19.99 each.


X-Mirage seems to be fantastic! With this technology, we could create some stunning presentations in the workplace.

While we're at residence, we'd want to project iOS content onto my Macintosh desktop, and much better would be the ability to record what's occurring on our smartphone and utilize it as instances in lectures.

FAQs for X-Mirage

⭐️ Do you know how much money you could save using X-Mirage?

A saving of 52% is included in each bundle.

⭐️ The best way to make use of an X-Mirage promo code?

Enter your discount code when purchasing a plan. Your browser is instantly given a link to the official website.

⭐️ What is the price of X-Mirage?

X-Mirage is available for Windows and Mac users for $19.99.

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