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About Work Examiner

Monitoring is essential for every business; on-site employees find Work Examiner helpful. This technology may aid company owners and executives ensure that staff spends sufficient time on assignments and projects by monitoring and time-tracking capabilities.

In addition to limiting time spent online, monitoring and reporting on all online activity, keeping tabs on visited websites and apps, taking regular screenshots, keeping tabs on emails, and providing a real-time dashboard, these solutions also offer a variety of other valuable functions.

Work Examiner is an app that companies of any size can use to keep tabs on their staff and how productive they are. It may function both in the cloud and on a local server.

Organizations may utilize Work Examiner to keep tabs on employees locally and abroad. This solution may aid company owners and managers in ensuring that staff spends sufficient time on assignments and projects via its monitoring and time-tracking capabilities.

Work Examiner may also monitor and report unusual employee activity, which can assist avoid hacking attacks or intrusions.

You may contact them for help in various ways, including via voice, email, or real-time chat. License fees are included in the price per monitored machine. If you would like further specifics, please contact Work Examiner.



Work Examiner's monitoring capabilities display your workers' online and offline actions in real time, including web browsing, keystrokes, texting, printing, and downloading.

Maintaining a vigilant vigil on things allows you to turn off any feature that isn't desired. Depending on your preference, you may run the program in stealth mode or have a little icon appear in the system tray.


Work Examiner is a robust employee surveillance system that goes beyond simple tracking to allow you to set your own rules, restrict, divert, schedule, and classify activities as necessary for your company.

Depending on company structure, you may give different users varying degrees of visibility to the dashboards and create individual user accounts.


This monitoring program records screen activity at one fps so that it may be replayed and analyzed afterward. Due to the incorporation of video recording links into several reports, this is now a simple task.


If a worker does anything that goes against the regulations, the program will notify you immediately so that it doesn't happen again. You'll have video evidence to support personnel choices by linking occurrences to alerts.


You can restrict your workers' use of the internet and mobile devices, or you may give them limited access to non-work similar websites and programs for a certain amount of time. Warnings may make the workplace more honest and trustworthy.


Check out the link for Rates.

FAQs for Work Examiner

For the present discount, how much does Work Examiner cost?

You may cut costs if you take immediate action.

Where can I get a coupon for the Work Examiner?

If you have a discount code, enter it at checkout to get a discount.

Can you tell me where I can find out what is accessible?

Inquire on the Work Examiner website to learn more about the deal.

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