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About WebSite-Watcher

WebSite-Watcher is a practical and easy-to-use website monitoring application that both novices and experts can use with equal success.

The program gives you complete command over what is inspected when it is checked, and how you are alerted.

There are various reasons you would want to maintain a close eye on a website, such as waiting for a sale or following the progress of a discussion thread.

Manual surveillance is possible, but it is time-consuming and not usually the most effective method.

Tools are available to "monitor" websites for you, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a solution to automate this task.

You can trust WebSite-Watcher to keep an eye on your blog without lifting a finger because of how easy it is to set up.


Online Documents

WebSite-Watcher tracks any site and alerts you to any changes.

Formats: PDF, DOC, XLS

Papers in PDF, Word, and Excel formats are instantly transformed into HTML so you can easily track them. For instance, you may restrict update notifications to PDF files where specific keywords appear.

Social networking sites; Twitter and Instagram

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram RSS feed make monitoring easy. New material will notify you.

The Snapshot Approach

Use the snapshot approach to keep tabs on any website accessed using a web browser. WebSite-Watcher will capture screen captures of the sites and analyze them to find changes.

Scrutinize and sort the material

An effective filter system allows you to skip through material that does not pique your attention. Using the built-in Filter Assistant, you may quickly create filters. WebSite-Watcher supports wildcards and regex.

Implement logic via plugins

For instance, check whether the price has changed within a given range and only send an update notice. Built-in plugins may improve bookmark checking.

FAQs for WebSite-Watcher

Can more than two iterations of a webpage be saved?

There is currently no method to preserve more than two versions of a website in WebSite-archive. Watcher's

To what extent can you anticipate savings when you purchase online?

All of the prices have been drastically reduced.

When can I use my discount code for WebSite-Watcher?

After clicking the button, a box will open where you can input the code to get your discount.

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