Webroot Coupon Code & 60% Discount (Apr 2023)

Use the Webroot coupon code and you might be eligible for a 60% discount on AntiVirus, Internet Security Plus and Complete, and all other Products. Latest promotions.

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By utilizing the discount code that is offered on this website, you may save 60% off on Webroot AntiVirus.
Get 60% off Webroot Internet Security Plus using the coupon code provided on this page.
Discount Code for Webroot Internet Security Complete, Savings of 60% Available Here.
Webroot Security Coupon Code for Chromebooks, Offering a 40% Discount.
You may get a discount of up to 40% off on the Webroot Antivirus for Gamers by using Coupon Code.
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About Webroot

Webroot, which is now part of OpenText, became the first startup to use cloud computing and machine learning to thwart zero-day attacks promptly.

Security awareness and security for terminals and networking are two of the many services that Webroot offers to organizations and people all around the globe.

OpenText, a world-renowned industry pioneer in Integrated Data Administration, completed the acquisition of Webroot in 2019, along with its predecessor business, Carbonite.

Collectively, they are indeed the industry's preeminent pioneer in cyber resiliency, and we provide complete endpoint security as well as catastrophe restoration for businesses of any scale.

As a company, Webroot is deeply committed to defending companies and individuals from online dangers.

We take on some of the most challenging cybersecurity issues of the modern era, and we are always thinking forward about how we might increase the utility of the detection systems, forecast, and mitigation services we provide to the globalized world.


Webroot AntiVirus

You are protected regardless of how and wherever you link, thanks to the world's most effective cloud monitoring system, which is provided by Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, which shields you from dangers posed by the internet.

It scans faster, uses less disc space, and protects you in real-time by identifying and removing developing hazards. Additionally, it examines more thoroughly than its competitors.

Webroot operates on a cloud-based infrastructure, which makes installation and scanning much more expedient. When compared to other antivirus solutions, it is 23 times more compact.

Webroot gives you the comfort of conscience without affecting the performance of your gadgets.

Antivirus software will often make use of your private details and could cause more damage than it prevents. You can secure your devices with reliable antivirus software.

When it comes to safeguarding your life and the lives of your loved ones, you have what you spend for.

Webroot Internet Security Plus

Webroot's Internet Security Plus subscription provides the same advantages as the SecureAnywhere package. However, the main advantage is that it can cover more than one machine at a time.

The Internet Security Plus package may be the best option if you want to use minimalist technology on all your devices—including your computer, notebook, and smartphone.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus comes with a free account for password-safe storage provided by LastPass. When it comes to a safe password vault, nobody is more reliable than LastPass.

It protects you against potential threats on the internet by encrypting your account, passcode, and payment card details.

Webroot Internet Security Complete

Internet security provided by Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete cloud security offers potent protection against online dangers for all of your connected devices, keeping you secure regardless of how or where you connect to the internet.

It scans more quickly, consumes fewer server resources, and safeguards users on time by immediately recognizing and eliminating emerging risks as soon as they occur. Additionally, it analyzes more thoroughly than its competitors.

Webroot Security for Chromebook 

If you have Webroot Security for Chromebook on your side, you won't ever need to be concerned for your children when using the internet.

You could relax knowing that our Chromebook safety protects them secure no matter what they are doing with it—whether they are learning, interacting with pals on social networking, installing new releases, or surfing the internet.

Antivirus Protection for Gaming PCs

It is possible that players will be more sensitive to dangers found online than the regular consumer would be. To be sure, there is the undeniable reality that they engage in a lot more web behavior than the typical user.

However, the increase in the number of internet gaming stores and in-game microtransactions exposes players to an even more significant number of cyber risks.

Webroot is in a situation unlike any other to safeguard PC gamers who refuse to give up pace or efficiency in exchange for protection from the dangers they confront online.

Its industry-leading terminal client does not utilize excessive computer resources, and scanning only takes approximately 20 seconds to complete.

Since it is designed to run on the side and protect your computer without causing disruptions, Webroot does not have a "gamer" or "quiet" mode that users may choose to activate.

This characteristic of the framework optimization method tends to help safeguard your confidentiality by clearing your online activity, cookies, and cache memory.

It also frees up functional space on your hard drive by removing files that aren't needed, ensuring that your system will continue to operate at its highest possible efficiency level.


Pricing information is available at https://www.webroot.com/us/en.


Webroot performs checks at an incredible pace while using just a tiny portion of your computer's resources. It performed pretty well in our hands-on testing, and it even has the ability to reverse some of the ransomware activities.

FAQs for Webroot

Webroot offers what discounts?

60% Discount is available.

How can I redeem my Webroot coupon?

Enter the coupon code when purchasing a plan. After clicking the link, your browser will take you to the organization's main website.

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