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A VPN service based in the United States, VirtualShield provides acceptable speeds and enables you to try out one of its plans for up to 30 days without paying a cent. 

You should consider using this multi-platform solution to keep your personal information secure across all of your devices. To accommodate both personal and professional needs, the service offers a diverse selection of subscription plans and add-ons. 

Look throughout our VirtualShield VPN review to see whether or not the membership alternatives offered by this VPN service are worth your time and effort.

We guarantee that VirtualShield will be installed and operational promptly, regardless of your platform. 

The addition of browser support for the most common browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, will make your encryption experience even more convenient and straightforward.

If you're new to the world of virtual private networks (VPNs) and looking for a low-cost, feature-rich service, VirtualShield is an excellent option to consider. This VirtualShield VPN review will cover all you need to know about the service.


It is said that VirtualShield VPN is the world's most straightforward VPN service since it requires no technical skills on the side of its consumers. 

Although you may have never used a VPN before, you will be able to figure out how VirtualShield works in a short period. Following a fast and straightforward installation, you will need to enter into your VirtualShield account before you can use the Windows software you have just installed.

Following are some of the most notable aspects of Virtual Shield:

VPN service that is compatible with all central OS systems

This VPN service is available on all major operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X. Other browsers and operating systems, including those that are less well-known, such as Edge, Tor, and Chromium, have extensions available for them. Setting up any of them is a piece of cake.

In addition, there are apps for Virtual Shield VPN that may be downloaded. When using the Virtual Shield Android and iOS programs, you don't need any special knowledge or skills to get the most out of them. 

A Linux software package is available for all Linux users, which shows that the Virtual Shield VPN's creators haven't forgotten about their customers.

Logging Procedures and Policies

Fortunately, the privacy policy of Virtual Shield VPN covers this problem. A portion of the user's personal information is made available to the company due to the provision of this service. 

The information includes an email address, a name, a phone number, and a postal address.

There is no monitoring, recording, or sharing of data for real-world use statistics by the firm. Your downloads, websites you visit, time spent surfing the web, and other activities are all fully anonymous to Virtual Shield and do not identify you personally.

Reliability and performance are important considerations.

VirtualShield VPN operates servers in several countries, including the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Singapore, to name a few examples. 

Some countries have a plethora of server alternatives available to them.

However, while just a few servers are accessible, the good news is that connection speeds are often relatively fast. 

Using the VirtualShield VPN software did not result in any service outages throughout the testing period.


During our testing for our Virtual Shield VPN review, we discovered an extra benefit: the VPN was always active and accessible. 

Depending on how quickly you connect your computer to the internet, your VPN service may begin running.


Killswitch Security is improved as a result of the killswitch function.

A killswitch is integrated into the service, which stops any network traffic from flowing if the VPN connection is lost.

The internet killswitch feature may be enabled by heading to the General Settings and choosing the appropriate option from the list.


With the help of its torrenting capability, you may download any kind of file. According to the website, anybody may safely use BitTorrent or another platform by connecting to Virtual Shield VPN.

Only the Virtual Shield VPN program for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS is capable of ensuring a risk-free downloading experience. 

If you pirate while using the extensions that have been installed on your browser, you are not protected.

Pricing of VirtualShield

The Protect Myself package is offered for $4.99 per month for a two-year subscription, the best value currently available. You'll spend $14.99 each month for the cheapest family plan for the next two years.

You can use VirtualShield promo code for the best price deal.

Pros of VirtualShield

  • Peer-to-peer friendly
  • The money-back promise serves as a trial period.
  • Paying customers get "Unrestricted Streaming" as a perk.

Cons of VirtualShield

  • A network of a few servers has been established.
  • During my testing, I came across several problems. The response time of remote servers is sluggish.


Because of its affordable pricing and excellent security features, Virtual Shield should be at the top of your VPN services list.

Virtual Shield protects you against online dangers and ensures that the internet remains open and available to everyone who makes use of the service.

Even though the speed of this VPN might be slow at times, it is a good alternative for people who want to test out VPN services for the first time but do not want to pay a lot of money.

Other VPN services: IvacyNordVPNIPVanishPureVPN, ExpressVPN.

FAQs for VirtualShield

⭐️ How much discount do I get on VirtualShield plans?

The maximum discount you get is up to 60% on the annual edition for the Individual version.

⭐️ How to activate the VirtualShield coupon code?

Click on the plan you require to buy, and the discounted page automatically pop-up.

⭐️ Is there any free trial version available?

Yes, you can start with a free trial version.

⭐️ What are the payment options available?

You can pay using a Credit card & PayPal account.

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