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VEGAS Movie Studio

VEGAS Movie Studio is VEGAS Pro's kid. Although closely resembling VEGAS Pro in UI and functionality, VEGAS Movie Studio lacks much of VEGAS Pro's capabilities. Movie Studio lacks many advanced features that make VEGAS Pro a professional video editor.

VEGAS Movie Studio is a powerful piece of software, but it doesn't work alone. We've tested numerous other excellent video editors for the same price, and Movie Studio cannot compete. Movie Studio's most basic edition has fewer capabilities than comparable video editors, while its most expensive version is less functional.

Vegas Movie Studio has unlimited editing capabilities. Its usability has always been a problem since it seems more like a professional video editing tool than a consumer one. The latest version includes color grading power, slow motion, and a screen capture tool. The program now gets additional points for 360-degree, HEVC H.265, and 4K video. 

Keyframe editing, hardware acceleration for AMD and Nvidia GPUs, and a vertical black bar fill round out this powerful video editor. Las Vegas Movie Studio still falls short of Adobe, Corel, and CyberLink.


Importing and Organizing in Las Vegas

You may also watch or record video in DV (XDCAM), HDV (AVCHD), MPEG-1, 2, 3, 4, or WMV formats on your computer's hard drive. Apple's iPhone X won't import HEVC video even with needed Windows codecs installed. When importing or exporting a 4K video, the program automatically creates a proxy file for editing. I love how when you add a clip to the timeline, it covers the screen.

You can browse your disc folder and choose anything to import without manually entering anything. Vegas' new storyboard view lets you move clips around and preview them but not create transitions like PowerDirector.

The Capture utility may capture a FireWire or DVD camcorder disc. Keywords were available as search criteria in Search Media Bins, but they cannot be added to clips; only projects can.

Simple editing

Drag and drop clips from the source onto the timeline, where you may edit their length using tools like shuffle, slip, slide, time-stretch, and split. Pro-level software allows you to choose a segment of the source clip to use in the project. No two video preview windows for the source material and the project view as specialists propose. Only 20 songs may be added to the timeline, but most other systems allow unlimited tracks. Corel VideoStudio, for example, supports up to 20 overlay tracks.

The timeline is easy to navigate. The mouse wheel may zoom in and out of the timeline. The Shuttle control sits in the bottom left of the screen and can speed up. With Ctrl held down and the play head dragged, you may scrub (or "shuttle") back and forth across the video, with the sound following suit.

Digital Film Effects Experimentation

The program's transitions have been improved. Vegas Movie Studio now offers 257 transitions and over 70 configurable effects. The transition previews only show conventional A>B examples rather than your own, which would be much more beneficial. And the effects all employ the same eye image, making it impossible to distinguish between them. CyberLink and Pinnacle Studio have included smooth transitions to their offerings, something this application lacks.

The new software has updated Warp Flow transition settings, similar to Final Cut's Flow transition. These may smooth down jump cuts and many takes. Our test talking head video had a clean transition. However, the audio was somewhat off. The technology proved effective in smoothing the image but not the audio.

Text editing in Vegas

The program's text tool has no tab or toolbar button: Text is another option under the Media Generators menu. The Insert menu has this plug-in. You may alter the text size and color to suit your needs. You can't type straight in preview, not in the WYSIWYG editor, but a separate FX window. Location, size, and other properties may be animated using the clock icons. The Media Generators menu has presets for various text animations.

How Much Is It and How Do you Begin?

Vegas Movie Studio comes in three flavors. However, it does not offer Blu-ray burning, picture-in-picture, 3D editing, or 360-degree compatibility. This review is based on the Platinum Edition, which retails for $79.99. Platinum restores missing tools and doubles the track limit. The finest Vegas Movie Studio 16 Suite is $139.99. The six new NewBlue plug-in effects are Titler Pro Express, Chroma Key Pro, and Stylizers 5 Cartoon Plus.


  • A customizable graphical user interface
  • Editing Multicam
  • Hundreds of transitions and effects.
  • Techniques for creating slow motion and distorted flow


  • The UI is less friendly than competitors.
  • Multicamera and motion-tracking implementations
  • No LUT support.
  • It renders slower than other games.

Why Go to Vegas?

Finding and using editing tools in this software is more complicated than other programs. Magix's Vegas Movie Studio Platinum has improved the ease and rendering speed, but it still has a long way to go. Our interest in the program has me feeling like we are losing out on a lot.

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