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About USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate allows you to treat numerous networked USB devices as if they were locally linked to your system.

You may make your USB systems available from any part of the globe by sharing them over networking, whether a local area network, the Web, or a vast area network.

By collecting USB port data and rerouting it back to your server Computer through TCP/IP, USB Network Gate ensures USB interoperability on a network.

Portable discs, scanners, projectors, modems, and even specialist equipment like test equipment may all function on any Computer connected to the Web.


Disseminate a USB Drive Across a Network

Make the most of your USB devices, sharing them over networks, such as printers, scans, and USB adapters. With USB Network Gate, customers have access to a fully-featured software platform that allows them to connect any USB stick to any machine on a local area or the Internet.

It lets workers in any size workplace use the technology without CAT6 cables, gear, USB extenders, or adapters.

Learn how to use a distant USB storage device

Wireless networking and professional software allow remote access to USB devices like printers. Make use of a distant USB port just as it was on your computer.

Share a USB device over RDP

USB Network Gate is an excellent choice if you require USB support for a Remote Desktop. Using the USB port redirecting feature, you may access USB devices on a network from every Remote Desktop connection.

Use the innovative USB-over-RDP technique to forward your USB ports to your remote computer.

Safely swap USB devices with others

Protecting sensitive data would help. It's the crown jewel of your business. With USB Network Gate, you may safely connect your computer to any USB device, such as a camera, USB hub, or dongle, from anywhere in the world.

You may securely share a USB over Ethernet using the built-in traffic encryption feature.

FAQs for USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate: How Does It Function?

USB Network Gate is a streamlined solution that performs the functions of both a the server and the client. Both the server and client modules allow for remote access to shared Usb drives across a computer.

Just how much does it now cost to use the USB Network Gate service?

10% off the MSRP is a possible discount for consumers.

Where can I enter my USB Network Gate coupon code to get my discount?

To redeem the offer, just click the link to open a fresh session in which the code can be entered.

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