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About UFS Explorer

User-friendly and safe DIY data recovery & connectivity to a wide range of storage devices are provided by UFS Explorer. Robust data recovery and accessibility application options for a wide range of disk drives.

UFS Explorer is capable of handling simple and complex tasks. The technology's data retrieval process is simple enough for even non-technical people to understand.

The technology tools provided by UFS Explorer assist technical specialists in almost every scenario of document theft by recovering the necessary material.

Reliable data recovery and retrieval application options for a wide range of storage systems. UFS Explorer is capable of handling simple and complex jobs alike.

In addition to expert functionality, the program provides a data recovery technique that is understandable to the average user.


UFS Explorer Professional Recovery

In order to deal with the most complex file recovery issues, UFS Explorer Professional Recovery was developed.

Together with storage devices, flash sticks, and USB drives, the application supports RAID-based stockpiles with a variety of layouts—standard, nested, bespoke, and customized configurations—such as Btrfs-RAID, Drobo BeyondRAID, and Synology Hybrid RAID.

The built-in decoding methods enable the opening of BitLocker and APFS-protected files without the requirement of first unlocking them in the computer system.

The program also handles a wide range of file types and storage devices, including Microsoft Dynamic Disk drives, Datastores and decompression, Apple Software RAID, and BSD LVM with Slim Procurement.

In addition, the software supports a wide range of emulation technologies, including VMware and various disc image types.

UFS Explorer RAID Recovery

In particular, UFS Explorer RAID Recovery focuses on RAID and different RAID-based storage areas, such as NAS and DAS, to retrieve information.

As with single discs as well as other digital devices such as USB sticks and sd cards, the application can handle conventional, stacked, and bespoke RAID configurations just as effectively.

RAID setups such as Drobo BeyondRAID are supported as well as other common memory systems such as Linux LVM, mdadm, Disk Arrays, and Apple Composite Disk.

Using on-disk information, the program may either rebuild specified complicated storage instantly, or the client can put the pieces together and create it in digital form.

UFS Explorer Network RAID

UFS Explorer Network RAID can recover files from RAID-based disc devices across a LAN in the event of a data breach. Hard discs, Flash drives, and other digital media may retrieve data from remote systems to local PCs.

Disc arrays may link to multiple-OS PCs. The program supports a broad variety of topologies, covering conventional, nested, and bespoke designs and specialized techniques, such as Drobo Beyond RAID and ZFS RAID-Z.

It also includes both automatic and manual RAID building capabilities.

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is the best option for most accidental deletion scenarios. Internal and external storage devices, Memory sticks, virtualization programs, and disc images store information.

It can even rebuild broken shared folders. Windows Dynamic Disks, Apple Software RAID, etc., are all enabled by the application. The software's advanced algorithms can rapidly and thoroughly retrieve lost or destroyed data.

The application, however, remains in a secure read-only state and does not make any changes to the electronic media. It also allows users to set settings for memory scanning and produce a disc image, which includes the ability to read delay, block size, etc., and criteria for excluding defective regions.

UFS Explorer Video Recovery

It's a multipurpose file recovery tool for closed-circuit video gadgets and event data recorders (EDR) used in automobiles, such as UFS Explorer Video Recovery.

The program supports numerous memory discs, file structures, and video/audio formats used in surveillance and driving recordings. Additionally, the application provides support for a wide variety of file structures and formats.

Each photo is checked for authenticity before being combined with supporting frames and kept in a global wrapper format. The application can handle stream data.

This software can also work with a wide range of data storage devices, from internal and outside electronic content to RAID networks and disc pictures created by traditional digital forensics tools and specialist devices, including EnCase and FTK Imager.

Investigators may utilize the program to retrieve unedited video evidence from the computer's security and output options.

UFS Explorer Technician

In order to meet the needs of a wide range of experts, including digital forensics researchers and data retrieval specialists, UFS Explorer Technician provides a complete program package.

UFS Explorer Technician can fix broken storage systems. To access a disc, the program uses an innovative method that allows you to manage faults in scanning and quickly save the contents of the disc to a "sparse" digital image.

It is possible to create a map that contains faulty units throughout the scanning process or by masking occupied, or empty system files areas.

In addition, the program may control and improve the scanning procedure conducted by suitable external entities, such as DeepSpar DDI and MRT Express/Ultra, by using a memory management mapping or a chart simulating faulty regions.

Many useful tools are available to analyze and modify the binary material of documents and stockpiles straight in the program.

UFS Explorer Backup and Recovery CD

Using the UFS Explorer Backup and Emergency Recovery CD, consumers could securely obtain the root filesystem and reestablish gone or deleted messages without removing the HDD and connect it to a different virtual machine as just an additional disc.

This CD is ideal for situations where the desktop fails to begin, or its boot process is unpleasant because of the danger of data resetting.

In addition to the most recent versions of UFS Explorer and Recovery Explorer, the Live CD also includes several other valuable programs. UFS Explorer program may be installed from a memory stick or even other memory media device holding the ISO file type, making it simple to preserve the file secure for future use.

The full-featured Linux operating system is also included in this item to enable secure machine launching in case of host OS failure and connectivity to nearby drives without difficulty.

UFS Explorer Backup and Emergency Recovery CD contain Linux for data recovery. Installing pre-installed programs isn't necessary since it runs in a read-only manner on the computer's hard disk.

An inner HDD's file recovery function recovers content. Data may be copied to a network or flash disc. Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD need programming.

UFS Explorer Standard Access

The program allows for rapid and simple data access to information that has been banned. UFS Explorer Standard Access can access an inaccessible file from Apple macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD OS running on a PC simultaneously as Windows.

The program provides access to information stored on an outside memory device structured using any of the recognized datastores, including those used by Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and Unix.

Allows users to view documents on complicated machines of virtual servers without having to launch and configure an emulator, eliminating the need for this software.

Accessibility to the material on every RAID system, no matter how sophisticated, is available with RAID Access Plugin - RAID Builder. The application manages files on disc images, synthetic drives, and RAID without examination.


The manufacturer's website has pricing information. https://www.ufsexplorer.com/order.php

FAQs for UFS Explorer

In what ways may you save money while purchasing UFS Explorer?

Potential cost savings as high as 15% off.

Where can I enter my UFS Explorer discount code?

You may save money using the code when you sign up for a service. Your web browser will immediately take you to the organization's leading site.

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