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About TurboTax 

TurboTax simplifies the tax-filing procedure for everyone, whether you're a seasoned pro at doing your taxes or know little about the subject beyond the fact that you are required to document.

The program guides you thru the steps with questionnaire items and provides access to live, on-screen support whenever you need it.

Intuit's TurboTax is one of the most popular choices for preparing and submitting tax returns. Intuit specializes in financial, accountancy, and professional tax software.

Its success is due in part to brand familiarity but also the company's dedication to aesthetics and the provision of a rich set of features.


Current subscribers may switch to others.

Import PDFs of tax returns prepared using H&R Block, Credit Sense, Freedom Tax, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer into TurboTax.

The ability to automatically import specific tax forms:

If your firm is a TurboTax partner, you may integrate your W-2 information directly into your return. If your company is not a partner, you can snap a photo of your W-2 and submit it.

The Self-Employed edition enables you to submit client 1099-NECs, Square, Uber, and Lyft revenues and expenditures.

Assistance with Cryptography

The manual input process is a significant headache for bitcoin investors, but TurboTax's Premier package eliminates that problem. In one go, users may import as many as four thousand transactions.

Cost-benefit analysis

Users of the Premium, Superior and Self-Employed plans get access to the ItsDeductible feature and the dedicated mobile app, which helps them quickly calculate the value of tax deductions for items like clothes, furniture, and more that they have given.

Mobilization on a Platform

Like numerous other services, TurboTax allows you to view your return on several platforms, including your workstation, smartphone, or tablet.


TurboTax is widely regarded as the benchmark in the field of do-it-yourself tax preparation because of its user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of human help features.

Its items aren't cheap, and savvy filers may locate cheaper deals on similar things from other companies.

FAQs for TurboTax 

When and where am I able to utilize my purchased TurboTax code?

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Exactly what reductions and special offers can I expect to find?

It's common practice for businesses to provide discounts on their services.

Does anybody know how much the full edition of TurboTax costs, after discounts are applied?

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