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About TSplus

To modernize the sharing of information, data management, and collaborative efforts across all application servers, TSplus has created a cloud-based remote desktop and application delivery software solution accessible from anywhere.

The TSplus mobile application represents a quantum leap forward in real-time corporate data management, regardless of whether you wish to connect to your system or function totally in the cloud.

Users must be able to connect to a large number of servers and websites at the same time to make use of the app.

Organizations may link to the New York server using a single click and begin using your CRM in Los Angeles in less than a second.

Teams may utilize TSplus to complete the same activity on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may benefit from remote access solutions.

Consequently, the vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are unable to acquire or use these technologies because they are both complex and expensive.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are at risk of being attacked by outsiders or internal dangers and having their productivity and competitiveness reduced.


Remote access to a computer with the use of a Remote Desktop Connection

The Citrix or Terminal Server software may be installed and used on almost every Windows operating system, from XP to Windows 10 Pro, and on any version of Windows server, from 2003 to 2012 R2. Multiple connections to Remote Desktop Services (RDS) may be established simultaneously using the TSplus tool.

Among the other features are printer and disc mapping, port com mapping, bi-directional sound, remoteFX support, and the ability to use two monitors. Access to a TSplus System may be accomplished via any RDP-compliant client.

Effortless and RemoteApp are two examples.

With Seamless and RemoteApp TSplus, it is possible to publish a single app for a particular user. This software will not be shown over a remote desktop session in the traditional sense.

It will seem like the software was running in the background on his computer when it is not (like Citrix or MS RDS applications).

Connect from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Connect using a computer, tablet, or smartphone to the network.

Users may have web access to Windows applications and desktops with TSplus' built-in HTML5 client, which does not need the user to install any other software on the device (no plugin or app required).

Fast file transfer and sound and clipboard features are all included in TSplus' HTML5 connections, which look, act, and perform in the same way as traditional RDP connections.

A client generator that can run on the go

A client generator that is portable and may be used anywhere

This feature of the TSplus Client Generator is accessible once you have downloaded and installed the TSplus software. It enables you to create a portable remote connection client with all of the basic settings for your remote connection. The end-user will be able to connect to their distant server using the client application produced without having to remember any of their customized settings.

Computer Programs Are Made Available for Publication

For users and groups to access their published programs, the TSplus Remote Taskbar and the TSplus Floating Panel will serve as the only methods of communication (there will be no Windows "Start" menu and no Windows desktop).

The Distribution of Loads

When using the load balancing feature of TSplus, you may disperse the workload over several servers in your cluster to maximize efficiency. Fault-tolerant servers may be utilized as a backup in the case of a production-related outage. A single farm may accommodate an almost limitless number of servers.

Advantages of using Tsplus

  • Setup is a breeze
  • The level of customer service is exceptional.

Drawbacks of using Tsplus

  • Enhancements may be made to the UI.
  • The licensing gateway is a bit of a challenge.

Tsplus's pricing structure

The TSplus System Edition is available for purchase for $90. It's a simple-to-use, moderately priced solution for remote desktop access that anybody may utilize.

Create remote desktops and applications hosted on a centralized server and enable users with secure remote access to these resources.

The TSplus Printer Edition is available for $120. Any document (file or image) may be printed from a remote session to a local printer in any paper format, size, or color, regardless of where the document is located.

The TSplus Mobile Web Edition is available for purchase for $200.00. It enables you to surf the web from any Windows program that supports it.

To log in to your desktop and data from anywhere and anytime, all you need to do is open a web browser on your computer and type in your credentials.

TSplus's full-featured version has been upgraded to give you the best degree of network security and speed possible, thanks to its powerful add-ons! The TSplus Enterprise Plus Edition is available for purchase for $720. There is a COMPLETE BONUS PACKAGE included.

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