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About Total AV

It's safe to say that Total AV Antivirus is a reliable and effective program. It's effective at keeping you safe while also delivering impressive outcomes. Protected by renowned defense players, TotalAV provides new users with capabilities they may enjoy.

Although not every one of Total AV's functions is modern enough, its rates and features are excellent. The competition's more robust performance might be a roadblock to Total AV's rise to antiviral supremacy.

In terms of quality and pricing, there is a notable change, but it's not enough to justify paying more.

Expert- and novice-friendly antivirus software has a simple, easy-to-use interface, excellent anti-malware rates, and compatibility with many operating systems.

Even the free edition is comparable to other widely used antivirus programs in terms of price.

Additional protection capabilities include adequate defense, malware identification, cloud monitoring, and anti-phishing safeguards in the TotalAV antivirus suite.

Your membership package may include a Virtual private network and a password vault, making it easy to have all your necessary resources in one location.


TotalAV Antivirus Pro

TotalAV Antivirus Pro will be able to compete with the best antivirus software on the market. Antivirus security is provided in a variety of ways by protection businesses. Many security measures focus only on the essentials, such as eradicating existing viruses and guarding against reintroducing. Numerous people include valuable extras. It belongs to the second category. Real-time security and a handy set of additional features in the paid version have been restored.

Security on the web(Internet Security)

The Award-Winning real-time antivirus software and better surfing privacy are now available to you.

Protecting your private and economic data online should be a primary responsibility.

With Internet Security, users can protect their internet activity from public scrutiny such as peeping toms, thieves, and others.

By altering your phone's actual geolocation, you may circumvent geo-restricted pages and content.

All-Out Protection(Total Security)

Let go of the reins of your online existence. Using the Adblock program, you can prevent annoying, screen-clogging advertisements from ruining your fun. Profit from an Award-Winning Antivirus, additional characteristics of privacy, and the easy removal of screen-cluttering advertisements.

With Total Security, all it requires is a single touch to eliminate all the alerts pestering you permanently.

Your address bar load speeds may increase as a result of the removal of those annoying pop-up adverts.

Browse Discreetly (Safe Browsing VPN)

To protect your privacy, you must use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In other words, it's secure, so your internet activities stay secret. TotalAV's most expensive offerings include Safe Browsing VPN., which is a virus protection Security solution.


WebShield, a component of TotalAV, guards against attacks that damage computers and expose users' personal information to safety and confidentiality issues. As well as fraud and fraud webpages, they also involve ransomware.

Add-on that monitors sites for possible threats to your computer and automatically reroutes queries far from them is available for free on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Both iOS and Android smartphones may access the app.

Data breach

Keep a close check on your email account, and ensure that you have alerts set up so that you can be notified immediately if any of your private information has been hacked.


Advertising can be unpleasant and hazardous, depending on the context. TotalAV can block ads on most browsers. It removes all forms of advertising to enhance your surfing pleasure and maintain your privacy.

Password Vault

Passwords for websites may be safely stored in Vault.

If you lose or steal your machine, nobody will be able to use your online usernames and passwords if they also have the complex password, which is saved permanently on the device.

If you use the locker, help ensure you pick a passcode that you can memorize.

The secret passcode is the sole method to get into your Vault after it's been set up. If you lose your Vault's passphrase, you will be unable to access the stored web login information.

Identity Protection

In addition to your Social Security Number (SSN), we keep tabs on your credit and debit cards, healthcare coverage information, and banking account information. It is the policy to tell customers promptly whenever any of the data they have given us for surveillance is breached. We'll be there for you at each stage of the process if folks discover a danger, conserving your effort, money, and concern.

The $1,000,000 protection coverage will cover you if you become the target of information fraud.

Features offered by TotalAV

Protection in Real Time

When your machine encounters a transfer, installation, or application, it should be checked for malware and other risks.

Scan Smartly with a Plan

To keep your computer safe, you should set up a routine for regular checkups.

Disable Spyware That Track Your Online Activity

Delete your surfing history by deleting all monitoring data from your internet browser.


Take advantage of cutting-edge safety features accessible on Windows, Macintosh, Android, and apple platforms.

Defense against ransomware

Ubiquitous ransomware assaults necessitate a current antivirus project's defense against these.

Ransomware encryption may prevent users from accessing or recovering personal data. This may be the case even if they pay the ransom. Most attacks use embedded shared folders.

Through the WebShield function of TotalAV, users may be shielded from potentially harmful websites. If you use TotalAV's WebShield activated, low-trust domains and crypto mining Addresses will be blocked from accessing.


  • Good UI
  • Increased performance in practical tests
  • Special features that might be of use.


  • Insufficient safety against online fraud
  • In some instances, additional capabilities mimic Windows functions.


Visit https://www.totalav.com/product/antivirus-pro for more pricing information.


Antivirus software provides powerful protection. It also defends against viruses and helps you wipe up hard disc garbage. One of the finest antivirus software is TotalAV. One of the most comprehensive anti-malware programs on the market today.

FAQs for Total AV

What promotions and discounts are available on TotalAV's products?

People have the opportunity to save up to 76% of their money.

Does TotalAV have a free trial?

A free version of TotalAV is available, but it has a slew of restrictions. However, it provides a necessary amount of protection.

Is TotalAV worth the price?

However, TotalAV isn't necessarily the most costly antivirus software on the market. There are many good things to choose from, but some of its price plans aren't the most affordable we've come across so far.

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