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About Tailwind

The social media marketing tool known as Tailwind was first launched in 2013. It is designed to make managing a user's social media accounts more straightforward, such as those found on Instagram and Pinterest, among other platforms.

Because it has more than 500,000 users all around the globe, the company has rapidly developed into an essential resource for social media marketers.

The fundamental objective of Tailwind is to minimize the amount of work required of users while maximizing their visibility on social media.

The platform gives users access to several valuable tools that make managing social media easier. These services range from the production and scheduling of content to the analysis of posts and overall strategies.

Tailwind users can establish a queue of content that will be automatically published at predefined intervals, allowing them to maintain a regular publication schedule without constantly monitoring their accounts.

Tailwind also includes analytics capabilities for monitoring the success of individual social media postings and the broader social media campaign.

The platform's ability to reach people across many channels is bolstered by its emphasis on user-generated content and community interaction.


Including Careful Organising of Plans

The Smart Schedule function included in Tailwind examines user data to determine when the best times are to publish content, taking into account the typical activities of the audience. Through this, users can broaden their audience and pique the interest of a more significant number of individuals in what they have to say.

Developing Strategies for Upcoming Content

With options for personalizing captions and hashtags, Tailwind makes preparing and sharing content on Instagram and Pinterest relatively straightforward. Users can set up a queue of content that will be automatically published at specific periods to keep up with a regular publication schedule while avoiding the need to check in on their accounts constantly.

Suggestions for Hashtags

Hashtag Finder, a feature offered by Tailwind, guides users in selecting trending and pertinent hashtags for inclusion in their social media posts, most notably on Instagram and Pinterest. As a consequence of this, the content's visibility and the number of its followers might increase.

Insights and work done via analysis

The metrics and insights provided by Tailwind take into account both individual posts and the larger context of your social media campaign. Monitoring users' engagement and counting the number of new followers are two ways to measure the efficacy of social media activities.


  • Using SmartSchedule, you can easily schedule your articles.
  • Resources that facilitate engagement with other users and the discovery of engaging content


  • Support for social media platforms other than Instagram and Pinterest is very lacking.
  • Larger agencies may find pricing costly.
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