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By entering the SoftMaker Office Coupon Code, you may get a discount of up to 50% on the Standard Version. Latest promotions.

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About SoftMaker 

Since its inception in 1987, SoftMaker has been working on several types of office software, including word processors, statistics, presentation graphics, and database management systems. SoftMaker's "flagship" Office suite is compatible with all the major operating systems and mobile platforms.

The software from SoftMaker is unparalleled in its affordable costs and exceptional performance, usability, and interoperability with Microsoft Office.

FlexiPDF, the PDF editor included with SoftMaker's second open office, enables dealing with Pdf documents as simple as dealing with a text editor. FlexiPDF is a PDF editor with all the features of more expensive programs but at a far more reasonable price.

High computer typefaces are SoftMaker's third staple. Professional and amateur artists, manufacturers, and marketers alike may access premium font collections with MegaFont NOW and infiniType.



  • The DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX file formats are all supported out of the box with SoftMaker Office. It frees you from the burden of converting papers for use by coworkers and partners in business.
  • All of the applications can create PDFs with one click.
  • Now export documents in PDF/A version for long-term storage.
  • Included are both 32-bit and 64-bit builds.

Graphical user interface

  • Both the traditional menu and panel setup and the more state-of-the-art ribbon interface are available in SoftMaker Office.
  • Make ribbons to fit your needs.
  • Quickly access the most utilized functions with the help of a shortcut bar.
  • Make the switch to a black theme to ease eye strain.
  • Displays icons on touch controls as they usually appear, but with more space between them.
  • Allows for 4K resolution displays

Documents and Output

  • All TextMaker releases on all platforms are fully backward-compatible, so you may safely share files.
  • Login security, compatibility with Microsoft Word 6.0 to 2021, and DOCX and DOC file formats.
  • Play with and store OpenDocument documents.
  • View and save files in various forms, including RTF, HTML, Mobile Word, text, and Unicode.

Reformatting and editing

  • Make professional-looking papers with the help of these newly-added document themes.
  • Fields, such as date/time, number of pages, writer, serial amount, etc., may be included.
  • All numbers and percentages are calculated in the narrative and graphs.
  • Design elements such as drop caps, coloring, and paragraph fill patterns.

Images and Sketches

  • Powerful capabilities for creating images and diagrams: Use AutoShapes, compatible with Microsoft Word, to accomplish some in-document drawing and layout.
  • The process of transforming automatic forms into curves
  • Combine many AutoShapes to make complex patterns.
  • Combining Graphics from a Selection of Formats

FAQs for SoftMaker Office

When do discounts apply to the price of SoftMaker Office?

Buyers may get a 50% discount, or more!

Where can I insert my coupon code for SoftMaker Office?

Please use the promo code provided at checkout to get your discount.

What cheaper options are there?

When you employ a service, you may usually anticipate financial savings.

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