Setapp Coupon Code & 10% Discount 2023

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About Setapp

MacPaw offers a subscription model called Setapp. This firm developed the widely used Mac cleaning app CleanMyMac X. For a single monthly fee, subscribers may use dozens of high-quality programs.

MacPaw can accomplish this thanks to its licensing agreement with these software creators, who get royalties depending on the number of times their apps are downloaded and used.

Setapp is legit, and it gives you, the customer, complete control over how much value you get from your monthly membership.

The first stable version of Setapp was released in January 2017. Consumers have responded well to the monthly subscription, making it one of the most successful business trends of recent years.

Setapp's 7-day free sample with no credit card necessary has attracted as many as 200,000 customers.

Functioning of Setapp

Put simply, it is done gracefully. Setapp users get unlimited access to a handpicked collection of Mac and iOS applications for a monthly fee.

For seven days, you may enjoy it without paying anything or dealing with annoying commercials or other hassles.


  • Setapp users get unlimited access to all apps, upgrades, and improvements for Mac and iOS.
  • You can select to pay monthly or yearly to save 10%. If you are a student, you will save more.
  • Handpicked each app and secured the addition through a commercial agreement with the developers.


Multiple tasks such as writing and repairing

Setapp is ready and waiting for you when you decide what task you want to do. This set of resources may help you do things you never thought were possible.

Uninterrupted Productivity

You don't have to maintain two sets of habits—one for your Mac and one for your iPhone. Setapp ensures complete app synchronization across all of your devices.

Install Setapp on your iOS devices.

If you want Setapp on all of your Macintosh and iOS devices, you need to choose our dedicated price package.

Distribute Setapp to your staff.

Setapp for Teams has everything your team needs to be productive.

Pricing and License Structure Variations

A yearly membership to Setapp used to cost as little as $69 as part of an initial sale when the service came out. The current price for Setapp is as follows:

  • The risk-free, no-cost first week
  • It costs $9.99 each month to subscribe
  • Annual membership is $107.88.

FAQs for Setapp

How big of a price cut do customers of Setapp get on their purchases?

There is the possibility of receiving a discount of up to 10%.

Where exactly can I insert the Setapp discount vouchers that I have?

Put the promo code in while you're checking out.

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