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About SecureMac

It is the mission of SecureMac to assist you in protecting your Apple machine. They do this by focusing on two specific items.

There is the MacScan as well as the PrivacyScan. In addition to identifying and eliminating spyware, MacScan and PrivacyScan assist in keeping your personal information safe from prying eyes by preventing session cookies from entering your machine.

As an added benefit, it allows you to remove all traces of your online activity, including browsing activity and caches.


MacScan is great for anti-spyware. This tool identifies and eliminates adware that targets Apple products, notably the DNSChanger banking trojan. Intego's UI is sleeker, but we had no issues modifying parameters or scheduling tests.


MacScan for Malware Removal

In today's world, keeping your Mac free of malware is essential. The number of Mac malware attacks has increased significantly in recent years, yet many users remain vulnerable to these dangers.

MacScan is a data protection tool that scans and removes viruses from your computer.

Clean up the mess on the Internet

Blocklisted monitoring data may be found and deleted by MacScan, keeping the rest of the web history intact. You can also clear up hard disc space by finding and deleting files left by internet browsers.

In addition to eradicating spyware, this is what we do.

Easy to use, Simple to comprehend

An easy user interface enables extensive customization of malware scanners. This interface has drag-and-drop screening, a browser blocklist, an allowlist that can be customized, and detailed records of earlier scan results and actions.


PrivacyScan for Mac examines compatible programs for confidential data and safely deletes everything it finds. This high-end gadget comes with a file shredder that can handle up to 35 rounds of paper at once and has built-in compatibility with various Mac and third-party software applications.

This software won't protect you entirely since it doesn't clean non-approved programs.

When you first run PrivacyScan for Mac, a settings tutorial guides you through picking a protection level and which data to erase. To the core, the flagship product is straightforward.

A safe removal option, which overwrites erased data 35 times, is indeed an option, as well as the platform option. We were instructed to shut down the programs that would be cleansed during the assessment.


Apple is more private than ever.

Apple's security worries may be over. With PrivacyScan, you can securely wipe online tracking data, including browser history, cache files, analytics, and more.

Securely destroys sensitive data regularly

For your Apple device, PrivacyScan employs cutting-edge, safe deletion techniques surpassing US Ministry of Defence requirements. When you remove a private file, it is no longer accessible to the public.

Recovers storage space and performs system maintenance tasks

The hard drive in your device can become uncooperative due to the accumulation of too much data from web surfing. Order to free up crucial disc storage and boost system performance is the primary goal of PrivacyScan.


A single computer will cost $49.99 with MacScan 3, while a single PC will cost $14.99 with PrivacyScan.


There is no doubt in our minds that our Macintosh protection solution is the best available on the market today. Each day, new virus forms are created and disseminated throughout the web.

This business specializes in Macintosh machines and provides internet anonymity and protection. Find out how to keep viruses and marketers from spying on your everyday activities with the aid of these programs.

FAQs for SecureMac

What kind of savings can you receive on SecureMac products?

Savings of up to 50% is possible.

How can I redeem my SecureMac promotional code?

Use the discount code when purchasing a plan. Your browser will automatically redirect you to the official website of the organization.

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