Screenpresso Coupon Code & 30% Discount (Sep 2023)

By using the Screenpresso Coupon Code that we provide while checking out, you may get up to a 30% discount.

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Discount on Screenpresso Enterprise version
Price reduction for the enterprise edition of Screenpresso
10 Users of Screenpresso can save 30% with discount coupon code.
Screenpresso 2 users are eligible for a discount of 10% with this coupon code.
Screenpresso 1 User Discount Coupon Code
Screenpresso Promotional Code for a Reduction in the Price of One User.
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About Screenpresso

Screenpresso's window record capability can be utilized to collect all of your instruction modules and cooperative project design.

Screenpresso is a unique and compact display capturing application with a built-in image editor & documentation generation.

You may use Screenpresso to capture accurate and detailed pictures while looking for a freeware utility. With the sewing function, you could even take pictures of moving panels.

Use this Windows application to capture pictures of your desktop quickly, and you can choose to capture the whole display or only a piece that catches your eye.

You may also use Screenpresso's built-in photo designer, which provides a wide range of options for adding visual flair to your screensaver creations.

To post your wallpaper on social networking sites, you can upload that to Screenpress Cloud & keep it there.


You ought to include the moving components in your pictures.

Taking screenshots is made simple with Screenpresso's Print Screen feature.

A red targeting reticle will show an over the area that can be shot just when the pc pointer is shifted. As long as you have a computer, you can carry this application anywhere.

  • You may take a photo of almost the full display or just a section of it using the same combination of the shortcut key and the hotkey.
  • Consider what you'll need. Click and drag wherever on your display to pick a pixel-perfect region that uses the magnification glass at the bottom right of your display.
  • It is necessary to take pictures of the mouse and the area around it.

Film your computer monitor in HD quality

Observing a little video could help clear up any inconsistencies in the data sheet.

Your screen is recorded and saved as a small MP4 clip that can be distributed to others using Screenpresso.

  • The MP4 file is best for tiny applications.
  • Camera and audio capturing
  • Cropping is possible.
  • Disable the audio, reduce the speed of the video, or choose a different file type.

Includes picture editing tools

The vector graphic designer with Screenpresso allows for adding labels to images.

  • Double-clicking a photo on the desktop or selecting Edit will bring up Screenpresso's designer.
  • Whenever it concerns spicing up your style, the options are almost limitless.
  • In addition to the simple drop-shadow and reflecting techniques, you can use a range of extra advanced boundary consequences to square the angles and slash the borders.
  • The Phase Analyzer receives the next digit in a sequence with each hit.

Specifications-Driven Implementation

Screenpresso is now available for use in a professional setting. To meet specific corporate requirements and make it easier to deploy throughout the entire firm's Computer estate, IT can modify Screenpresso.

Document-creation tool

Screenpresso could also create PDF or HTML publications if you have a lot of photos and remarks. It is possible to create instruction booklets, training materials, or simply an evaluation fast with this feature.

Terminals and library resources

The "Workspace" window, a widget-like panel that stores all of the display grabs, has the following characteristics:

  • The capability to examine previous snapshots fast.
  • Drag & drop documents between the desktop and your authoring software, email client, etc.
  • To arrange, publish, and transfer recently captured photographs to the clipboard fast and simply utilizing shortcut keys
  • You can take, modify, and publish photos using a simple interface.


The Pro Version costs $29.99 per person, and the Enterprise version costs $2190 and has no such restrictions on the number of users.


Screenpresso is an amazing replacement for a freeware program that allows you to take screenshots of the display. Utilizing this Microsoft program, you can capture a snapshot of the whole display or only a piece that intrigues you further.

FAQs for Screenpresso

What promotions and discounts are provided on Screenpresso products?

Up to 30% discount is available for users.

How can you use the promotional coupon you got from Screenpresso?

Utilize the supplied promo code when buying a plan. Once you launch your browser, you will be sent to the organization's main website.

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