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About RemotePC Helpdesk

RemotePC The remote assistance solution provided by HelpDesk includes near-real-time display duplication and many layers of customization.

The web-based nature of HelpDesk means that no additional software is required. Remote experts may assess and address consumer issues without interruption.

RemotePC HelpDesk, businesses have constant access to remote help to answer client questions. HelpDesk allows professionals to connect to clients' computers remotely, allowing them to provide immediate assistance.

HelpDesk is easy to set up, has an intuitive UI, and works well with your current processes.


Online Help Desk

The ability to provide remote assistance to your clientele on demand with a human presence. Check out or link up with their computer remotely via the internet in a safe session.

Very Simple Installation

Customers may use the URL provided or input the nine-digit number to install the app and begin screen sharing.

Procedures Across Multiple Sessions

Each service agent may handle many requests for help at once.

Safe Online Helpdesk

TLS v 1.2 / AES - 256-bit encryption is used for all sessions started with support. At any point during a session, a customer may end it.

Exchange Information with Others through Video and Text

Use live chat (both video and text) to communicate with consumers.

Ability to Connect from a Distance

Make use of whiteboarding, remote audio, and multiple-screen capability while working remotely.

The Transfer of Files

Safely transfer files between your system and the customers. The consumer must provide permission before sharing any files.

Connecting several accounts with a single sign-in

Access HelpDesk with a single sign-on from all of your tech support staff by integrating with your existing authenticator.

FAQs for RemotePC Helpdesk

Does anyone know the current price of the RemotePC Helpdesk?

Potential buyers might save as much as 90% off the list price.

In what ways can we best take advantage of this chance?

You can save money on almost any purchase using coupons.

Can I move files and folders back and forth between my local and distant machines using a mouse?

You can transfer multiple files or folders during a session by simply dragging and dropping them.

How can I redeem my certificate for the RemotePC Helpdesk?

Selecting this alternative will open a new window into which you can enter the promo code you were given.

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