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Check out the most recent REFOG coupon code for discounts of up to 15% off on Personal, Employee, and Terminal Monitors, and use it now.

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If you apply the latest coupon code, you may save 15% off on your purchase of the REFOG Terminal Monitor.
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You can be eligible for a discount of up to 15% off the price of the REFOG Employee Monitor if you use the most current coupon code.
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By utilising this most recent promo code, you may get a 15% discount on the REFOG Personal Monitor.
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REFOG manufactures its wares. It was established in 2002 and since then has helped people all across the globe keep tabs on their employees and children.

Over the past six years, our services have been used by over five million pcs in 201 nations. Our commercial clientele includes both start-ups and well-established businesses from the banking and manufacturing industries.

REFOG Employee Monitoring, the group's strategic pc software, is the de facto standard for mortgage industry companies because of its superior logging features and stability.

Maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary information and copyrights is a top priority for our clients, and we strive to assist them in achieving this goal by developing surveillance systems that are both effective and humane.


Keylogger for Mac

Unlike other freeware keylogger apps, Refog Macintosh Keylogger allows for covert monitoring. The software has a silent mode that will enable kids to go about their day without realizing they're being watched.

This implies they cannot hide from the software by disabling its capturing capabilities, removing it, or altering their routines. Refog Keylogger Mac logs computer activities.

The application keeps track of every key the user presses. Your home computer captures and stores photos sometimes. The program may also log your outbound chats, websites you browse, and applications you utilize.

Keystroke Logger

You won't have to physically visit your children's computer or Macintosh to examine the records anymore. You may access the data captured by Refog Keystroke Logger from any computer with Internet access, thanks to the cloud services included with the program.

To access the logs, you may sign in with any Macintosh, Computer, mobile device, or tablet. Seeing in the dark is the norm for us Having access to the cloud is the keylogger's 2nd most significant function.

The program runs in the background without panels or symbols when started using a shortcut key. No pop-ups.

Parental Control Software

Numerous new social networking sites have recently emerged. Your pc, cellphone, and device all have them; eventually, your fridge and espresso machine will, too.

Due to the low bar for entry into social media platforms, users may maintain a false sense of privacy by only having their email addresses verified.

Criminals of all stripes, from pedophiles to narcotics traffickers, are familiar with the accessibility of social media. They're too common to screen or block.

The parental software configuration provided by REFOG makes it simple to shield your children from predators on the internet.

After installing REFOG Personal Monitor, you'll be able to listen in on your children's online conversations across various common platforms, including Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and more.

Spy Software for Parents

Refog reduces household fluff. The program does more than track what you type on the keyboard. It will keep track of every webpage you access and decipher the links you touch. It tracks which programs are open and how long.

The world that we live in is more online, and luckily, Refog Spy can record conversations from the most widely used social platforms and fast chat services.

Finally, Refog will periodically take a snapshot of your computer to demonstrate the current state of affairs further.

PC Monitoring Software

REFOG Personal Monitor keeps youngsters safe online. Keystrokes, conversations, and internet use are monitored. The program logs opened and used programs.

You can monitor for child molestation by recording Skype calls and voicemails. The REFOG Personal Monitor won't interfere with your kids' internet activities but will alert you to risks. If a harmful phrase is found, your customized blacklist triggers an alert.

Mac Monitoring Software

REFOG Personal Monitor is a simple, highly adjustable software program that runs in the meantime on your Macintosh and takes the place of expensive physical spy cameras.

REFOG Personal Monitor is inaccessible without the master key. If it's already too late to do something about a problem, no amount of monitoring will help.

By sending you email notifications if something suspicious occurs, REFOG Personal Monitor ensures your family's safety around the clock. REFOG Personal Monitor will provide you with an alert when it's essential to conduct activities to keep your children safe.


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What kind of discount on REFOG services can I expect to receive?

Offer discounts of up to 15% off.

How can I use my REFOG discount voucher?

Use a discount code to get a discount on your membership. You are about to be brought to the primary website for the firm.

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