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About ProtonMail

ProtonMail is the most extensive secure email service in the world. End-to-end encryption and additional security safeguards ensure that your conversations remain private.

Even the firm that hosts your emails cannot access them, so you can be confident that other parties will not view them.

ProtonMail is a sophisticated email service developed by the same company that created ProtonVPN.

Because of its exceptional simplicity of use and security is our top option amid a crowded field of alternative secure email services.

ProtonMail might be the secure email service for you if you want to shield your email from prying eyes but don't want the kind of security that preserves spies and whistleblowers. 

PGP encryption standards are used, as well as end-to-end and zero-knowledge encryption. In an era of weakening security and frequent privacy violations in the news, a high degree of encryption is critical.

Isn't Gmail already encrypted?

You may recall that Gmail always connects through a private HTTPS connection. It protects your data in transit by using the standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) while sending your communications.

However, it's simple to grant third-party applications access to view your mail by mistake. And, despite accusations that Gmail no longer reads your emails, it does read them well enough to add airline flight reminders to your calendar automatically.

Google has a policy in place for when and how it exposes your email to government bodies, and it explicitly states that it may do so if required.

ProtonMail employs HTTPS and SSL by default, but it doesn't end there. It encrypts your communications using public key encryption before sending them securely.

It keeps your communications in zero-access encrypted form, which means the corporation can't provide them to a government body even if they're subpoenaed.

The connection between you and another ProtonMail user is encrypted from beginning to finish. A snoopy employee can't get into your private messaging cache.

Labels made to order

If you prioritize efficiency, sorting your email might be time-consuming if the service's creators fail to consider the user experience.

Many email service providers provide folders for grouping emails; this may not be sufficient. Protonmail has unique labels that may be added independently from folders to boost the service's versatility.

The most remarkable thing is that you can add emails to labels without interfering with the classification of your folders. If you delete a label from an email, it will not be moved to a new folder.

Also, if you don't need a title any longer, you may erase it without hesitation — it won't destroy any emails.

Various layouts and themes are available.

Previously, ProtonMail was the only layout choice available. It didn't have a lot of charisma when it came to appearances. They have, however, just updated their whole user interface.

It was a comprehensive overhaul that hadn't been done since they began seven years ago.

Shortcuts on the keyboard

It will be good to tame ProtonMail's keyboard shortcuts if you want to use them quicker. You may use them to rapidly save drafts, view earlier messages, see the original letter, etc.

Domain names with just a few letters

Why not shorten the domain if you find it intimidating? By preserving your mailbox name and changing the domain name, you may receive emails to your linked inbox.

For example, if your email account is, you may replace with the pm. me domain, All users may receive emails, but only premium users can respond from pm. I address. Furthermore, this address is not included in the total number of addresses that you may register with a specific account.

Quick filters

ProtonMail's search capabilities have been greatly enhanced. You may look for specific keywords and emails, inboxes, dates, and whether or not the messages were viewed.

Because many email encryption providers do not have this functionality, it is a handy tool.

Authentication using two factors

ProtonMail also includes two-factor authentication as an extra degree of security. This means that even if someone gets their hands on your password, they won't be able to access your account until they also have accessibility to your phone.


ProtonMail is a reasonably priced service, yet, like with other email services, it's all about the free version. ProtonMail Free provides 500MB of storage for one user with a particular email address.

The free edition of ProtonMail, on the other hand, restricts customers to 150 messages per day, offers limited assistance, and only allows for three folders. Other functions, such as the autoresponder, are also not available with a free account.

The paid Plus plan, which costs $48/year and includes higher message-per-day limits and folders and speedier customer service and support for a custom domain, is a better deal than the free plan.

The Professional plan costs $75 per year and includes many of the same features as the Basic plan, except support for up to 5,000 members.


Sending emails with this product is similar to email with any other webmail provider you've used: message composition, response viewing, and mail forwarding function as expected.

When you click a link, a warning appears, and you must confirm your action before the connection can be opened.

The process of signing up for a ProtonMail service is simple. Visit, click the "sign up" button in the top-right corner of the page, choose a plan, and you'll be in the ProtonMail web-based application in moments.

ProtonMail isn't fussy about manual configurations or anything like that. Choose an email address and a password, and you're ready to begin.

If you've used another webmail service previously, you should be comfortable using ProtonMail's web interface. You may opt to have your message content and inbox shown on the same screen or panels.

Drafts, highlighted messages, junk folder, trash, sent messages, and archive is all accessible from the left-hand menu. Depending on your ProtonMail plan, you may add custom folders and labels to this menu.

An Overview of ProtonMail's features

ProtonMail protects all email, contacts, and calendar data using end-to-end solid (E2E) and zero-access encryption standards. Except for email subject lines, everything of your data is encrypted while kept on ProtonMail servers.

Apart from the multi-tiered encryption mechanism, ProtonMail contains several intriguing features, such as:

  • There are mobile applications for Android and iOS and a web client.
  • ProtonMail Bridge enables ProtonMail to work with other email clients that support IMAP and SMTP. 
  • The capacity to send "self-destructing communications," which are removed automatically at the time specified by the sender,
  • Address Verification ensures that a public key acquired from another user hasn't been altered since you validated it.
  • Non-ProtonMail users will be able to send encrypted emails.
  • Premium accounts come with various extra features, including a branded business account.
  • Generally, this is a robust feature set.

Final Verdict

If you have an email address with a leading supplier, it's unlikely that it uses end-to-end security. As you can see from our ProtonMail review, the most significant distinction between a secure email system like ProtonMail and a standard email service like Gmail or Outlook is that encrypted email service, as the former one, offers far greater protection and privacy to its customers.

ProtonMail makes it easy to send PGP-encrypted emails without fiddle with complicated settings. Plus, the email platform is open source, which we often like.

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