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With features including code completion, configurable syntax highlighting, an analog plotter, a hardware observer, HEX-file extracting, and an HTML5 editor, PROGRAMINO is a low-cost IDE for Arduino, Genuino, and related boards.

The Arduino IDE is intuitive, provides a high level of comfort, and is backward-compatible with the old Arduino IDE.

The Arduino command-line interface utility uses the official Arduino toolchains to generate and submit your program.

Your Project may be compiled using a wide variety of Arduino versions. It's simple to upload your Arduino's measuring information to the cloud with the help of the IoT HTML5 editors.


Preferable Languages for Coding

  • The languages listed above also provide the added convenience of syntax and code auto-completion.

Individually Tailorable Syntax Coloring

  • Change the look of your IDE and tell other people about it.
  • Schemes may be imported and exported in Programino.
  • When working with user variables, Programino offers syntax underlining on the fly.

Titbits, Hints, and Finish for Code

  • With this enhancement, do programming quickly and effortlessly.
  • Dynamic, suggestive code completion.
  • Snippets provide quick access to commonly used commands.
  • You may speed up your coding with basic information (hints) about the instructions.

Simple Reporting of Bugs

  • If there's a problem with the Code, Progamino will show you a list of those problems.
  • You may quickly go to the mistake of double-clicking on it inside Programino.

Continual Error Tracer

  • This serial debugger is simple to use.
  • Establish Checkpoints.
  • Keep an eye on the sizing factors.
  • There is no need for additional hardware.


  • To facilitate the speedy identification of frequently referenced areas of the Code (also between different files).
  • There will be a record of your bookmarks.

Windows Explorer

  • Quickly access and include previously saved files.
  • Programino will scan your computer for library files and provide a list.
  • Manually incorporating unique trajectories and sketchpads is an option.

Terminals: 3x UART

  • Communicate with the boards through the terminal.
  • Put in a good 300 kilobaud and a good 250 kilobaud.
  • Values are shown in ASCII, HEX, BYTE, and BIN notation.
  • You need to access a log file for your serial terminal to do this.
  • Create a log file from your serial terminal.
  • Create a file or screenshot from the input.


What sorts of savings can you anticipate while shopping online?

Every package includes discounts.

Will I be required to pay for upgrades to Programino?

No, Basic Programino upgrades are free.

Where can I get a PROGRAMINO voucher?

At least a 20% decrease in costs is conceivable.

How can I redeem my voucher for PROGRAMINO?

To use your coupon, just click the button and enter the code in the respective area.

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