PotatoVPN Discount Code & 50% Off Coupon (Mar 2023)

Utilizing the PotatoVPN coupon code will allow you to get a discount of up to 50% off of the provider’s annual plan.

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Buy PotatoVPN – Get 50% Off

$71.99 $143.88
PotatoVPN Take An Additional 50% Off on the yearly package.
PotatoVPN Monthly Subscriptions Begin at $11.99/.  Month
A Monthly Subscription to PotatoVPN is Available for Just $11.99 each Month
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About PotatoVPN

Using a virtual private network, or VPN is a terrific method to access the web anonymously.

You may hide your Internet location and prevent others from seeing any information you transmit or get with only a couple of taps.

Fast Potato PTE. LTD., situated in Singapore, has developed a freeware Virtual private network called Potato VPN. In other words, you may utilize it at no cost. 

This Virtual private network seems to be a decent deal based on the excellent ratings it receives from both reviewers and clients.

Potato Virtual private network is a well-known Virtual private network service that allows users to browse the web from any location or computer.

They make it clear that they will not keep your information longer than is absolutely required.

Is it safe to use the Potato VPN?

Most folks are concerned about the security of this VPN. That being said, you can feel confident using this software. Using this program, you may securely and anonymously view all of the web's limits.

Because of this, you shouldn't be afraid to install this VPN on your computer.

How Can Potato VPN Unblock Viewing Services?

This is not recommended to utilize the freeware edition for anything other than experimenting. Their subscription membership with the "Streaming" choice, on the other hand, demonstrates that they've considered these issues properly.

In our testing, it offered a variety of servers, ranging from Netflix US to Netflix UK. Despite the fact that not every Internet providers are compatible with this one, they have established sites to provide accessibility.


Unrestricted access to all material

Multi-protocol connectivity to the web is provided by PotatoVPN. Most social media sites, video services, audio and entertainment are now accessible using PotatoVPN.

Maintain your right to secrecy

With PotatoVPN's 256-bit encryption and multi-layered security, anyone can browse the web with confidence. Make your internet identity a secret by masking your internet Activity.

Logs have not been provided

Your initial Internet address will not be saved by us. We don't keep track of how you use our VPN service. No one will sell, use, or reveal your private information. With PotatoVPN, you can rest easy.

Privacy protection for use on the internet

You'll be ready to access the internet securely from any location at any moment with this Connection. With such a simple one-tap and lightning-fast speed, you will be capable to mask your digital presence and secure your information.

Easy-to-Use Design

Potato VPN has an intuitive and attractive user interface. Additionally, sifting through the available selections is a breeze.

There's no need to sign up

Unlike some other Virtual private network programs, you are not required to register a user profile in order to utilize Potato VPN's features. Without signing in, users may view the Potato VPN's main page.

Protected Information

Potato VPN safeguards customers from attackers, 3rd parties, and spies by employing several encryption techniques to safeguard the Vpn provider.

Real-Time Communication

If you have any questions or concerns with the Potato VPN service, you may reach them through web chat.


  • Customer Service through Chat
  • High-Tech Cryptography
  • There's no requirement to sign up for an email.


  • There are advertisements that appear throughout the freeware edition.
  • Absence of a kill switch
  • Limits hosts and regions.


The price of the One Month plan is $11.99 a month. There is a one-year plan available for $71.99 ($5.99/month).


If you really wish to bypass geo-restrictions without losing speed, Potato VPN is a great option. Additional negatives include hefty monthly fees and sluggish VIP services for those who want to use the most advanced features.

FAQs for PotatoVPN

How much of a discount can I get on PotatoVPN products?

By enrolling in a yearly plan, you might save up to 50%.

How can I redeem my PotatoVPN promotional code?

Utilize the discount code you received through email when buying a plan. You will be directly routed to the official website of the firm.

How much is PotatoVPN currently costing?

Its basic monthly price is $11.99

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