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About Password Boss

Steve Wise, a 20-year expert in the maintained service sector, created Password Boss in 2014 after having difficulty finding a password suite of products that fit the demands of his managed service provider (MSP).

Steve decided to create a password management system tailored to managed service providers' unique workflows and customer care practices (MSPs).

A password manager, Password Boss, allows users to create and store and has won multiple awards. Password Boss is an all-inclusive, multi-tenant credential software application for managed service providers (MSPs), allowing you to safely store the passwords used by your company and its customers.

Its features include multi-factor Authentication, role-based access, secure password sharing, remote control tool integration, access from different devices with mobile synchronization, a centralized managerial portal and center console, scanning and tracking of the Dark Web, and a lot more.

For other MSPs, Password Boss is the password management system you've been looking for.

Clients of a managed service provider (MSP) are most vulnerable to security breaches due to insufficient or nonexistent password protection.

As a trusted adviser, you can do more to assist your clients in bridging this gap by giving them the safety they need.

Password Boss, the industry-leading credential management platform, is now available to managed service providers.

It fits your MSP service profile well. With Password Boss, you can provide your customers with a comprehensive password management solution that boosts security and decreases the likelihood of security breaches.

Features of the Password Boss Software

An all-inclusive, multi-tenant robust password system built from the ground up by an MSP for the unique demands and methods of today's MSPs in customer service.

Easy Methods for Creating Passwords

Using complex, different passwords for each website is essential for internet safety. Password Boss streamlines the process by requiring a single master password to access all your other login credentials.

Safety Measures on Par with a Bank

Regarding security, Password Boss employs the same protocols as major financial institutions. Your master password is not ever kept or sent and is the sole method to access your information.

Tokenless Authentication using a Secondary Method

You May enable two-factor Authentication for all members to protect sensitive client information further.

Authorization Based on Role

Set up should delegate management and access to client passwords amongst team members with specific responsibilities.

Automated Integration of Controls

Immediately enter the program you use to operate remote devices.

Safely Exchange Passwords

Encrypting data using a 2048-bit RSA shared key allows you to safely exchange credentials and electronic notes with your staff while protecting your employees' and clients' privacy.

Security in Layers

Each user's master password is used to generate a one-of-a-kind key that is used to secure all information at rest using AES-256 and PBKDF2.

Management System for Managed Service Providers

It has integrated monitoring and reporting of customers and specific security ratings, use, and audit records.

Universal Connectivity

Mobile synchronization allows you to quickly retrieve your and your client's credentials and digital memos from everywhere, anytime.

Included Function for the Deep Web

Scan and monitor client email and credentials for any signs of suspicious activity.


Automatic sign-in to any of your favorite sites for lightning-fast convenience.


The basic membership is $2.50 per month, while the premium costs $4.

FAQs for Password Boss

How much does Password Boss cost once a discount has been applied?

Every effort brings a 93% reduction in costs.

Where can I use the Password Boss voucher that I purchased?

Enter the discount code provided to you here to get your refund.

What kinds of discounts are there?

Most services give discounts.

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