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If you use the Passcovery Coupon Code, you can enjoy a discount of up to 15% on Accent OFFICE, PDF, RAR, ZIP, EXCEL, and WORD Password Recovery. This deal is available for a limited time only.

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All of the various licenses for Passcovery Suite including the Standard, Professional, and Ultimate editions, are eligible for savings of up to fifteen percent off of their original purchase prices. ...
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There are discounts of up to 15% available for all the different versions of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, including the Basic, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate licenses. Hurry! Take ...
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Accent PDF Password Recovery and Home & Business Licenses may be purchased at a 15% discount with the coupon code. Hurry! Take advantage of this opportunity before it's gone!
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Discounts of up to 15% are available for all of Accent RAR Password Recovery's various licenses, which include Basic, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. Hurry! Don't miss out on this chance! ...
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Accent ZIP Password Recovery, as well as Basic, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate Licenses, may all be purchased at a discount of 15% with the coupon that is provided. Hurry! Don't pass up the ...
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About Passcovery

Passcovery Suite is a program for keeping track of user passwords. Paying on a monthly or annual basis is possible. It has features including an API, smartphone compatibility, and a smartphone application, amongst others.

You may access Passcovery Suite from a PC or a smartphone.

A Russian startup, Passcovery, has developed a Windows-based credential repair tool. Documents such as Microsoft, PDF, RAR, and zip archives, as well as backups for iPhone mobile devices and TrueCrypt disks may all be recovered with this tool.

Passcovery Solutions' major characteristics and advantages.

Retrieval of complex credentials at lightning speed

It is possible to retrieve a secure password by performing a relentless forcing assault on a predetermined word list.

On any current Intel or AMD CPU, Passcovery's optimized programming language ensures the fastest possible brute strength recovery of a master password.

On NVIDIA/AMD, GPU acceleration

NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards provide acceleration for password recovery solutions, which make use of GPUs. Brute force attacks may now be completed in a fraction of the time with the help of these applications.

The ability to customize a wide variety of elements

A brute strength strike's fast mobility is essential, but not enough, for the efficient extraction of complex encryption. Limiting the number of possible credentials to test will help you save even more time during the search process.

The following settings are available for searching for improvement in Passcovery programs:

  • Using brute force and expanded masking to create a password, you may provide distinct value systems for every place in the created passcode.
  • In this case, you may join up to four different word attacks and modify the credentials in accordance with the established modification criteria.
  • Enables users to pre-configure and consecutively conduct passcode attempt techniques, no issue how complicated they may be.

Passcovery Solutions

Passcovery Suite

Office records and Apple iOS data backup are all supported by Passcovery Suite, which is an all-in-one solution.

Relative efficiency can not be so great whenever it refers to powerful security, but Passcovery Suite progressively obtains the first place.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery

Credentials for Word can be recovered with Accent OFFICE Password Reset, which works with all Microsoft Office Applications and LibreOffice.

It's necessary to look for and retrieve secret keys in.doc/.xls files from Office 97-2003 that includes a short key for Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. This eliminates the need to look for passwords in order to access these types of documents.

In order to decode the file, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery looks for the security code.

Password Recovery for PDF Documents with Accent

Eliminates the Capabilities Passcode for all kinds of Pdf documents, allowing you to modify, duplicate, and publish the document.

A brute force approach is used to retrieve a passcode for a publication that has a specified spectrum of probable characters. If you have a recent Intel or AMD processor, Accent PDF Password Recovery offers the fastest brute strength performance possible.

Accent RAR Password Recovery

The most common method of recovering unique passcodes is to use brute force attacks on a predetermined list of possible credentials.

A highly optimized open source powers Accent RAR Password Recovery, allowing it to run at the fastest possible speeds on any current CPU, whether it is just an Intel or AMD model.

Passcovery may attach many GPUs to the scan to speed up recovery. Accent RAR Password Recovery uses all NVIDIA or AMD GPUs to speed up calculations.

Accent ZIP Password Recovery

In order to retrieve a Zip password, you must use brute force to try every possible mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. Accent ZIP Password Retrieval performs better on Intel and AMD processors when brute-forcing passwords.

The brute force assault time is drastically reduced because of the project's utilization of all Microsoft Graphics.

Accent EXCEL Password Recovery

The passcode is found by trying every letter, number, and symbol combination. Accent EXCEL Password Recovery quickly recovers lost Office passwords on Intel or AMD CPUs.

By using a video card, you may speed up password recovery for Microsoft Excel 2007 through 2021. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery, another Passcovery tool, can operate GPU.

Accent WORD Password Recovery

The extreme pressure method tries every possible passcode combination to discover the right one. When used with an Intel or AMD contemporary CPU, Accent WORD Password Recovery ensures lightning-fast retrieval of Word credentials.


Visit for pricing information.


  • Utilization is a breeze.
  • Features a broad range of application compatibility


  • Compatible for Windows
  • For optimal efficiency, you'll need the newest video cards.

Fina Words

Only short and simple credentials will work with Passcovery, which is capable of recovering credentials from more applications than the competitors.

FAQs for Passcovery

How much of a discount on Passcovery goods can you provide me?

Savings of 15% or more are conceivable.

How can I make advantage of my Passcovery discount?

Use the coupon code you got in your email when purchasing a plan. You will be sent to the company's official website right away.

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