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About Paragon Software

The computer programs, services, and innovations provided by Paragon Software Group have been extensive.

Our services cover everything from low-level tiered storage and disk space drivers to cross-platform backup and recovery of critical user, corporate, and data records.

ASUS, Avast, Belkin, D-Link, HP, Wyplay many more are just some of the numerous global companies that work with ASUS.

Specifically, it allows for the following to occur:

  • Straightforward interfaces
  • Comprehensive answers to technical and commercial problems
  • Proven methods and knowledge that have stood the test of time
  • Quick response time and knowledgeable help for rapid response.
  • The technical, economically viable answers


Hard Disk Manager Professional

You are straightforwardly safeguarding sensitive data that both beginners and experts can use. Take charge of your discs and operating system, secure your data, and keep your machine running smoothly.

Paragon Software's APFS for Windows

You can mount and interact with APFS disks on your Windows Computer.

Archiving and Restoring

Use a robust backup and restore strategy to safeguard your Windows installation and data.

Disc Copier Software (Professional)

Transfer information or your desktop operating system from one location to another.

Hard Disk Manager Professional

Take charge of your discs and operating system to safeguard your information and computer's health.

Paragon Software's HFS+ for Windows

The Paragon Memory Management Link will speed up your Windows. Open HFS+ volumes created on macOS on a Windows computer.

Paragon Software's Linux File Systems for Windows

The Paragon File System Link is a great way to speed up your Windows operating system. Open Btrfs and XFS disk storage and read/write to Linux ext2/3/4 file systems.

Switch Operating Systems

You may easily copy Windows to a new hard drive and switch over to continue working without interruption.

The Free Version of Partition Magic

You may quickly and easily optimize the divisions on your hard drives and other media without spending a dime.

Paragon's Restore & Protect

Computer programs can back up both physical and virtual servers in the same place. Compatible with virtualization technologies like VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V and traditional hardware like dedicated servers.

Facilitating fast and versatile restores, simple replicating virtual computers, and effective archiving. Paragon Virtual Machine Backup

Paragon VM Backup

It is a disaster recovery and business continuity solution for less complicated VMware settings.

This system needs little to no initial expenditure while providing continuous security for mission-critical information and applications. Enterprise Data Backup & Restoration by Paragon

Paragon Backup & Recovery Business

This Windows Server application helps you save time by setting and automating routine backup operations. Ideal for system administrators, IT service providers, and small and medium-sized businesses needing a dependable backup solution. Microsoft SQL Server Database Protection by Paragon

Paragon Backup for Microsoft SQL

Protect your Microsoft SQL Servers with this failsafe method. Get back up and running without delay after a disruption, restore critical business data, and monitor the health of your data protection infrastructure—all without waiting on assistance from the system administrator. SDK for Paragon's Slim Backup

Paragon Slim Backup SDK

The software development kit gives IT staff a feature-rich backup and restoration engine. Add Microsoft or Linux recovery discs and the slim SDK to your development platform, and your product will have a high-performance recovery mechanism. Paragon Software's VMFS Deployment Solution

VMFS Deploy Solution by Paragon Software

Fast backup and restoration, as well as the rollout of new ESXi infrastructures, are now within reach for ESXi managers, thanks to this solution. The approach eliminates vendor lock-in and other overhead expenses by restoring alternate hard drives smoothly, regardless of the initial arrangement. Hyper-V backup and restoration using Paragon

Paragon Hyper-V Backup & Restore

Paragon Software's Hyper-V backup, restore, and replication service. Includes state-of-the-art RCT technology for rolling back quickly to a previous state. The product works in tandem with Windows API and is compatible with Windows Server 2019.


Check out https://www.paragon-software.com/ if you have any questions about pricing.

FAQs for Paragon Software 

What does Paragon Software cost at this time, considering the ongoing price cut?

Every effort should be made to cut expenditures by 20%.

Where can I enter my discount code for Paragon Software?

Choose this and type your promo code into the relevant Box to get your discount.

Where can I get information about current sale items?

Currently, you can find deals for almost any service out there.

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