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About Orange Defender

Orange Defender is an Anti Virus application built for Windows. Innovative Solutions conceived of it, made it, and is now responsible for its sale, maintenance, and upkeep.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is home to the headquarters of Innovative Solutions, a software design business. Since 1997, this firm has been generating software, and now it offers a variety of software products under its brand.

Dan Armano and Daniel Statescu were the company's founders in the software engineering field.

Security against spyware as well as other forms of computer infections is provided around the clock by Orange Defender Antivirus.

In addition to acting as an antivirus solution, Orange Defender offers real-time guidance and information on the risk level of any active process on a Windows computer.

The application has a user interface that is simple to use and supports antivirus software that is quite efficient.

In addition to its primary role as antivirus software, Orange Defender also determines a risk level for any program currently active program on your computer.

You can see granular information such as calls made to potentially harmful services, encryption keys, Internet access, etc.


Monitoring of the system tray

Despite being very colorful, the user interface lacks eloquence and is relatively uninteresting. It features large tiles and needlessly enhanced text size, and it is all contained within a window, which does not allow for the window to be resized.

After closing the antivirus software, settings take over. It may be completed, unlike comparable goods. n the positive side, all possibilities are in front of you and are easy to reach.

Various scanning methods

Like other security systems, Orange Defender has several different scanning methods. It can do comprehensive, far more in-depth scans of the system and perform rapid scans of the platform by evaluating key regions that attack by viruses. It allows us to discover deeper infections.

You can run special scans, but only one file or folder at a time. In addition, Orange Defender can examine the contents of any detachable devices attached to your system.

Live scan for programs and processes that are now active

Orange Defender examines running apps and activities promptly thanks to a feature known as the "Live Scanner," which displays a safety record for each and notifies you if a program does not have a valid electronic signature or has potentially harmful functionalities.

Online, you may get a comprehensive security analysis for each process, including the hash code, the section proposes, the vendor, and other information.

If you add particular files or directories to Orange Defender's allowlist, the program will not scan those items but will still let you add them individually; however, you cannot add several things at once.

Security System

Unfortunately, Orange Defender lacks a few more complex capabilities to establish it as a go-to protection program.

However, it does have the standard security toolkit that includes an antivirus. At this point, it may call its dependability into serious question.

In addition, the user interface might need a facelift, and several of its functionalities require more development work.


It costs $15 per month, which is its standard pricing.

FAQs for Orange Defender

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