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About Offcloud

Offcloud is a Platform as a Service that allows users to recover data and files from the cloud.

The file-hosting platform enables users to store and download data in the cloud.

The capability to upload external files available on the Internet straight to through their URL is a unique feature. As a result, instead of downloading such files to the PC and then sending it to the cloud service, you may transfer the file from the Internet into the cloud.

Offcloud is a multi-purpose download manager that can do a lot for its customers.

It can download from practically any resource. It can function as a Pocket alternative by downloading a whole site into a.pdf accessible file, which is a beautiful feature for readers who travel often.'s idea differs from its rivals in that they are not focused on torrent sites in the traditional sense.

Because the enrollment process is simple and inexpensive, you can immediately determine whether or not the service meets your requirements.

But first, let's take a look at what these downloading and streaming services are all about.

In essence, it is a downloading management platform that supports a variety of content sites from which you may download. Well-known streaming services such as YouTube and Vimeo and prominent porn portals are among the supported platforms.

Many individuals use torrent technology to distribute and download massive files over the Internet.

While copyright infringement may account for a significant portion of its traffic, torrents technology has numerous legitimate purposes and users.

What irritates them is that they are often restricted not by their native internet speed but by the speed of the network used by individuals who have the material they desire.

Offcloud has several Highlights that make it a user-friendly program.

Offcloud's Security

Because users of this service will mainly be downloading rather than uploading, the security concerns vary from an online storage solution.

Files seem unencrypted on their travel over the Internet, both good and terrible. It's nice since Offcloud doesn't need to process the content, which makes it faster, but it's also bad because any technology analyzing the packet must be able to figure out what you're downloading.

Offcloud also does not offer anti-virus protection. Thus they cannot alert you if a file you just downloaded includes anything possibly harmful to your machine.

However, it offers one outstanding security feature in that it makes the user anonymous throughout the torrent process.

Assistance and reliability

Putting additional service between the client machine and a hosting torrent should logically slow down the download, but the Online world operates bizarre and inexplicable ways.

Some of the rationales for this are that a file acquired through torrent typically comes from several sources, including the originating host and those that already hold a portion of the file.

Offcloud's backbone connection allows it to extract the most excellent performance from those sources before funneling the return value to you over whatever internet bandwidth you have available.

The specific amount by which this translates into faster downloading relies on far too many factors to be quantified.

However, in our testing, utilizing Offcloud, even in 'Instant' mode, was much faster than a strong correlation.

An online chat would be good, but given the cheap cost of this service, it's not surprising that they don't provide it.

Usenet/newsgroups access and retrieval

Usually, a specific newsgroup reader must download the Usenet and newsgroup network file.

The program must be made and implemented on your machine, which raises privacy and security issues.

Furthermore, you must generally pay a charge to access a high-quality newsgroup network on Usenet.

Establishing your newsgroup client takes time, as well as significant technical knowledge.

Offcloud's Usenet feature combines the versatility and availability of SaaS solutions with a simple download procedure that is frequently lacking in the Usenet experience.

Download from Usenet or newsgroup networks has never been more accessible thanks to Offcloud. You have to submit an NZB file to Offcloud, and the data will be downloaded for you.

Our system will also recognize any newsgroups connection.

Remove any limits imposed by Upload.

With an Offcloud membership, you get unrestricted access to various commercial file-sharing platforms and websites, such as and Rapidgator. To utilize them, just put their URL into Offcloud and press Fetch.

Premium file transfer services provide quicker downloads than free services and premium material that free users do not have access to.

Setting up an account for these professional file-sharing services comes with many drawbacks, including the expense of doing so, the hassle of keeping all of the details, and the outright security and privacy dangers that are linking to these sites involves.

Offcloud saves you time and effort by acting as a middleman between you and file-sharing services such as While Offcloud links to the service, your anonymity will be entirely safeguarded.

There is no requirement for a premium account. You may use our infrastructure, including dedicated high-tech workstations and limitless bandwidth.

Zapier can help you automate Offcloud.

Offcloud connects with Zapier will make this more accessible and more effective for Offcloud customers to connect with various websites and applications and automate operations.

Zapier enables customers to create Zaps, which the firm defines as a template for a repetitive operation.

Zaps are comprised of two parts: a trigger and an action. To automate their work, users may mix and combine triggers and actions.

Zaps are easy to configure & light when coupled with Offcloud. The nice aspect about this connection is that Zapier monitors your trigger for new data and instructs Offcloud to do the appropriate actions.

This gives customers a robust automation configuration that synchronizes with the cloud.

Online articles may be saved like Pocket.

Offcloud ensures that your most valuable commodity, essentially your time, is utilized effectively so that you may focus on what is most important to you.

Offcloud allows you to store and export fascinating blogs and articles from the web to your mobile devices.

Offcloud is intelligent enough to recognize the primary material of your sites and extract and arrange it into a neat and straightforward format that is compatible with a wide range of browsers.

This ensures that you have a pleasant reading experience across all devices.

Offcloud allows you to store your preferred articles to a cloud storage provider, such as Amazon or Dropbox so that you can access and view them from every device or location.

You don't even have to leave the website to convert it using Offcloud's unique Google Chrome addon.

Right-click on almost any number of links, and Offcloud will do the rest, utilizing its dedicated hosting and extensive bandwidth.

Anything may be uploaded or synced to Microsoft OneDrive.

If you or your organization uses Microsoft, you'll be happy to hear that Offcloud now fully integrates with Microsoft OneDrive.

Whether you are a current OneDrive subscriber, you would benefit from having another valuable remote uploading option.

You may now immediately move any material from the web to OneDrive, a cloud storage system of one of the world's leading technological businesses.

Offcloud's remote upload abilities to cloud data storage such as Microsoft OneDrive and its flexibility in retrieving files and data in various formats make it an essential cloud-based downloading protege for people who are constantly on the move and frequently exchange vast amounts of data.

Go to your preferences page and click on Add New Account beneath Remote Accounts to set up & sync your Microsoft OneDrive with Offcloud. Then all you have to do is enter your Microsoft credentials.

Once you've completed the setup, you can begin providing links to web material and Internet information that you want to transfer to Offcloud.

Our solid and dedicated servers and high-bandwidth connections will immediately download the needed files and move that to your Microsoft OneDrive.

Unlocking all forms of constraints

Offcloud allows you to solve and avoid the most problematic aspects of downloading, including CAPTCHAs.

Please copy and paste the URL to your download or even the site where your download is placed into Offcloud, and our intelligent algorithms will do the rest.

Offcloud also enables you to remove geographical constraints. Most web pages and services restrict access to features & downloads to customers in a specified geographic region.

Because of Offcloud's global network of servers, we can grab any link and transfer it to your selected storage option.

Finally, Offcloud enables you to bypass the lengthy wait periods on file-sharing services and quickly download your preferred content to your chosen location.

Free account but with Restrictions

Offcloud also provides a free account with limitations. The first and most obvious limitation is the "3 links per month" regulation, restricting you to three download attempts to your cloud services.

It's conceivable that you won't be able to download anything else on all three of your attempts. This issue might be aggravating since you need a new URL if your download fails.

Another restriction is that you have just 10 Gb of storage and 0 B of proxy downloads as a full capability, which implies you cannot utilize Offcloud's proxy option.

Offcloud would boost your restrictions if you offered a reasonable cause and filed it through a ticket. This strikes me as excellent customer service, and I will remember it.

Cost of Offcloud

This company charges $9.99 a month or $69.99 a year if paid yearly in advance.

There have been no tiers or other hassles, and you get the same service and features regardless of how you pay.

You may also join sign up for a free, with the restriction that you can have three active connections and download 10GB of data from the site.

You can check the latest Offcloud discount offers to save money at the checkout page.

There are several Perks of Offcloud.

  • There are several characteristics.
  • Excellent visual Pocket-like functionality
  • Browser addons
  • Synchronization with the cloud
  • There are several characteristics.
  • Download any file, not just torrents.

Weaknesses of Offcloud

  • Private monitors and magnets are sluggish 
  • Fetching performance is below average 
  • No streaming option
  • No sound stream

The last word

Offcloud is a program for users who, for whatever reason, desire to maintain torrents a step removed from a direct connection.

One goal may be speed, another could be management, and a third could be legality.

Offcloud is the most excellent solution for managing torrent traffic, regardless of the necessity. It has an easy-to-use interface, intuitive modes, and outstanding performance.


We'd like that the safety side is user-customizable for encrypting and maybe virus detection. Still, consumers must be informed of the risks before they begin using torrents in the first place.

Aside from the legalities of torrent usage, Offcloud is an expensive approach for individuals who use them often to maximize their speed while retaining their anonymity.

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FAQs for Offcloud

⭐️ How much discount do I get on Offcloud?

You can save 35% on monthly & annual plans.

⭐️ How to activate the deal using the Offcloud discount code?

Click on the discount button next to the plan you are looking to buy. The deal automatically activates at the checkout page.

⭐️ How many active promotions are available online?

There are 3+ active deals available online.

⭐️ What are the payment options available?

You can pay using Credit cards & PayPal.

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