NovaBACKUP Coupon Code & 25% Discount (Mar 2023)

Receive a discount of up to 25% on NovaBACKUP for your personal computer, server, and network.

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Take advantage of this offer, and you may be able to cut the cost of a NovaBACKUP Network by as much as 15%.
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If you take advantage of this offer, you might save as much as 20% on the cost of a NovaBACKUP Server.
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Get up to 25% Discount on NovaBACKUP PC.
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About NovaBACKUP

NovaBACKUP, developed by the folks who know something about backing up computers, does it all. Cloud copies, complete disc image backup and restore, strong AES 256-bit encryption, data compression, robust scheduling assistance, and a recovery disc maker are just some of the numerous capabilities this program supports for the Windows platform beginning with version 7.

NovaBACKUP is a Windows-compatible backup program that syncs with remote servers for off-site storage. Prevent data loss with regular automated file and picture backups that can restore to a factory setting.

Automatic backups encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) are a great way to ensure the safety of your data.

Using single-file restoration, you may reinstall a file type or your complete system to a new place. You can pick what you want to secure and how you'd like to book it from a menu that includes comprehensive, progressive, unequal, and duplicate.

If you're going to start safeguarding your information documents and folders from typical risks immediately, you may do so with 5 GB of free online cloud storage.


A Guaranteed Level of Confidentiality and Safety

NovaBackup's backup data sets encrypt with software that adheres to the AES-256 standard, and you have the choice of keeping a secret key for this purpose.

Encrypt the complete set of your internet backups with an encryption key using AES-128-compliant technology supported by NovaBackup.

Cloud Backup using NovaBACKUP

Through the NovaBACKUP Cloud's unified interface, you can easily back up individual files, folders, or the whole system.

Included with every PC license is 5GB of free data storage, with the option to upgrade as needed. Find out more.

Pure Metal Revitalization

If Windows fails to load, you may still use a Boot Disk to recover an Image Backup and get your computer back to the moment you took the backup.

Using a modern operating system and a computer with enough storage space, you may use the Boot Disk to recover an Image Backup.

Restoring a Single File

Just one file at a time from your Desktop backup, please. You may recover a single file from any NovaBACKUP backup.

Mounted images are included in this category. You have the option of restoring information to a different storage medium.

Notifications Via Email

Find out when your computer's backups are finished. There are several options for email notifications upon a job's completion, including "Always" and "Only if errors" for file backups and copy tasks, respectively.

Just insert your desired recipient's email account into our alert mail server, and we'll take care of the rest.


Do you know how much of a price cut I may expect?

Save as much as 25% off the regular price.

Where can I input my NovaBACKUP promo code to get my discount?

Entering the promo code at checkout will result in an instantaneous price reduction.

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