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About Norton 360

Norton 360 provides some of the most comprehensive security suites with features including a password organizer, backup programs, cloud hosting, parental controls, free VPN service, and three tiers of identity protection, in addition to powerful antiviruses.

Those who can buy Norton's nine separate Windows antivirus programs will find they have all they need in one convenient location.

Adding more complex features that need to be incorporated will drive the price significantly.

Complete system scans using Norton's malware-scanning engine are resource intensive, and the company does not provide any products that may delete or encrypts.

Conversely, Norton is the best option if you want your digital safety and confidentiality to be protected in every possible way.

Any three Norton 360 with LifeLock subscriptions are suitable if you require top-tier antivirus security and top-tier identity theft prevention.


Monitoring the Deep Web

Norton's internet services include a feature that monitors the Dark Web. The function in your antivirus program will redirect you to your Norton account on

Specify the kind of personal information you want to have Norton look for on the Dark Web, and then input them here. The purpose is to see whether hackers sold any data on the dark web.

You may use Norton to look up your home address, car registration, health coverage, mother's middle name, username on gaming websites, contact information for your bank and credit companies, and even your phone number.

Confidential Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) conceals your online identity by encrypting your data and routing it via a different server. The main benefits are increased privacy and security when using public Wi-Fi.

In this study's VPN section, we explore Norton's VPN further. All of your data use is unlimited and free. Furthermore, it supports Netflix and is quick, safe, private, and log-less.

Safeguarding Against Present Dangers

Modern antivirus software makes possible protection against known and unknown online dangers to your gadgets and your personal and economic data when browsing the web.

Intelligent firewall 

It keeps an eye on your network activity and lets you filter out anything suspicious.

Confidential Virtual Private Network

Use a VPN that doesn't record your activity for a more personal and secure web experience (VPN). You may feel more at ease knowing that sensitive data like credentials and banking information numbers are encrypted to a bank-level standard.

Password manager

Password managers facilitate the generation and storage of complex passwords. If you require to sign in to a website, it will automatically complete those fields for you.

To sum up, though: it does the job well. Automatic filling, storage, and creation are all a pleasure. And Norton's support for biometric scanners for authentication is first-rate.

It's the best password manager available.

Settings for Parents

The Norton Family parental controls allow you to keep an eye on your kids while they're online. Observe the places they go, the activities they engage in, the time they spend there, and the times they do so. In addition, you may restrict what they can do online to keep them safe.

We go further into Norton's examination of parental controls separately. In any case, it's fantastic. It's the finest we've found, and it pairs well with Kaspersky's own set of parental controls.


Check out for pricing details.


When it comes to modern security software, Norton is without a peer. It excels at every task we've asked of it.

The anti-malware protection is outstanding, the VPN service is free and limitless, the password vault does its job, and the parental controls are adequate.

FAQs for Norton 360

Given the current offer, what is the price of Norton 360?

Obtaining a minimum cost-cutting success percentage of 76%.

How can I use my Norton 360 discount?

Choose this option and enter your coupon code in the box provided to get a discount.

What products are currently on sale, and where can I get this information?

The great majority of services now accessible provide promotional codes for savings.

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