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About Network Radar

Standard network diagnostic and management utilities are all available in Network Radar. It does not end there; after a fast network scan, the app will show you all the gadgets connected to your network, their IP addresses, and the functions they provide.

Access any device's Telnet, SSH, and HTTP services with a right-click.

Network Radar's real-time monitoring and alerts for the device's online/offline states are significant features that may greatly aid in troubleshooting, particularly for individuals responsible for many computers.

Any information you may want on your network hardware

One simple click of the Scan button is all that's required. There is zero setup time involved. After Network Radar completes a scan of your connection, it displays a comprehensive list of all connected devices, including those active before the scan begins.

By clicking on a device in the list, you may see further information about it, such as its IP address, IPv6 address, Media Access Control (MAC) address, vendor name, and more.

Techniques and Instructions

However, Network Radar is much more than just an IP scanner. It includes helpful networking utilities, including Ping, Portscan, Traceroute, Lookup, and Whois.

Additionally, you may issue orders to your gadgets with a button. If you have a Wake On LAN-capable device, you can put other Macs to sleep, restart them, or turn them off remotely.

Fundamental Characteristics

  • Do a complete system scan and get complete device information from your network.
  • Just click a button to execute helpful network functions like Ping, Traceroute, and SSH.
  • Personalize your gadgets any way you want by giving them unique names, symbols, types, and manufacturers.
  • Use folders and intelligent folders to categorize your hosts.
  • Project a list of all the accessible Bonjour providers on the networks.
  • To automate device handling, use the straightforward rules/actions framework.
  • Just double-click the item in the list to connect to it.
  • Generate scans using arbitrary IP addresses.

FAQs for Network Radar

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