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Get six different Mac cleaning tools for the low price when you purchase this bundle.
Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller Coupon Code, Discount
If you wish to remove just the undesirable service files and Remains – files from previously deleted programmes, use App Cleaner & Uninstaller PRO.
Nektony Duplicate File Finder Coupon Code, Discount
With Duplicate File Finder PRO, you can quickly and easily remove all duplicate files and folders from your Mac, compare comparable folders, and enjoy the cleaning process.
Nektony Disk Space Analyzer Coupon Code, Discount
The greatest money can be saved with the use of the Nektony Disk Space Analyzer Coupon Code.
Nektony Memory Cleaner Coupon Code, Discount
Nektony Memory Cleaner Coupon Code can help you save the most money.
Nektony Funter Coupon Code, Discount
With the help of the Nektony Funter Coupon Code, you may get the greatest offer possible.
Nektony VSD Viewer Coupon Code, Discount
VSD Viewer allows you to view files created in Microsoft Visio on a Mac. On macOS, Visio drawings may be seen with the help of a programme called VSD Viewer.
Nektony VPN Client Coupon Code, Discount
Get the best deal possible with the Nektony VPN Client Coupon Code.
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About Nektony

In 2011, Nektony was founded. Initially, we focused on developing the Disk Expert tool, which allows users to analyze their disc space use. VSD Viewer for Mac, another of our well-received apps, allowed cross-platform collaboration on Visio designs.

Our Macintosh machines were running low on disc space, and it wasn't clear what we might erase to clear up some room later on.

The result is a collection of Mac cleaning tools that we use regularly. Cleanup technology has indeed been our priApry focus since then, allowing consumers to fast up and pick up their gadgets while protecting their data.

As an Apple software development firm, Nektony is dedicated to creating high-quality, dependable programs for all Macintosh users.

The firm's software design expertise enables it to take on things of almost any intricacy and produce solutions that are both functional and user-friendly.


MacCleaner Pro 

Six programs in MacCleaner Pro clean and speed up your Mac. Using its utilities, you may use it to eliminate duplicate files and directories. 

Apps may also be securely and totally removed. Optimize your system's speed by removing unused RAM using Memory Cleaner. This tool will examine your disc space utilization and identify the heaviest files.

A powerful macOS cleanser, MacCleaner Pro gives you full control over the cleaning procedure, starting with a list of the documents, programs, and speed-up activities you want to focus on.

MacCleaner Pro has professional capabilities that increase system speed, remove junk folders, and handle enormous volumes of data.

An App Uninstaller and App Cleaner

Using Nektony's App Cleaner & Uninstaller is just a simple and straightforward process that anybody can do. Useful for removing useless files, links, and other junk after uninstalling an application.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller is the quickest and simplest method to remove a game from your Mac. If it finds any files related to the application package, it deletes all connected with the package at once.

Although you could have deleted an unnecessary program, there may still be traces of it on your system. App Cleaner & Uninstaller, for example, may help you delete these apps and other remains from your process entirely.

Finder of Duplicate Files

In a few seconds, you may search your Mac's disk drive or just any directory on it to identify and destroy all of the files that are identical. To just get away from or combine comparable folders, you may pay a one-time price for this service.

Using Duplicate File Finder Remover, users can easily identify and delete duplicate files on their Macintosh. It's a free tool that's straightforward to use.

A variety of options are available to you, including the ability to set minimum file size, acquire information about each duplication, examine copies by category, look at related subfolders in the same directory, and much more.

Disk space analyzer

The software finds and deletes unnecessary files on your Mac, as its name indicates. Even a novice Mac user may simply use Duplicate File Finder.

Manual file management is a time-consuming endeavor. Identifying the files that use the most incredible disc storage on your Macintosh can be as simple as using Disk Space Analyzer, a Macintosh disc space analysis tool.

Memory Cleaner 

Your Mac's speed is improved by Memory Cleaner, which checks and tidies up your system's ram. Memory Cleanup boosts speed by clearing cached RAM, which may eat up space required for newer applications.

Using Memory Cleaner, you could also check your computer's Memory consumption and clear up any unnecessary space with a single click of the mouse.

Menu bar option Memory Cleanup indicates how much storage you possess accessible or what is taking up the remainder of it. It also shows you which programs are using the most power on your computer and which ones are taking up Memory.


Using Funter, you may access secret files and documents with ease. Find hidden files, change the Finder view to show concealed files, conceal files, and copy or transfer them. You may even erase them.

Switching between the basic and accessible objects is a snap with this tool. It's possible to have Funter start automatically when the system boots up.

It's for Mac users who can't find files in Finder. Those in the fields of information technology, engineering, programming, and web development will particularly benefit from it.

VSD Viewer

Using Nektony Macintosh Visio Viewer, Mac OS X users may open and read MS Visio files. To show, you may use this Visio viewer.

This program is the best way to examine your MS Visio files. We are certain that you might not pick a decent application than just this one around here.

VSD Viewer is ideal for individuals who need to present Visio data in conferences without requiring to constantly ask CAD engineers for various layers or files.

Virtual Private Network Client

To be the best VPN, you must accomplish various responsibilities well. It can not be the fastest, and it should be the most reliable and secure. With a safe Virtual network, possessing a decent linkage can't outweigh the advantages of having one.

Using the Nektony Vpn Connection, you may protect your data from outside dangers and attackers. Aside from safety, Nektony helps you choose the best internet provider for your needs.

Nektony VPN guarantees a secure link with the security of its customers at the forefront. There's no denying that it's the ideal combination of fast, reliable bandwidth and a high-security connection, all at an affordable price.


Visit the company's website for pricing information. https://nektony.com/store

FAQs for Nektony

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Customers may take advantage of discounts of up to 53%.

Is there a way to save money by utilising Nektony?

Use this promo code at the time of purchase to get a discount. As a result, a link to your homepage has been generated.

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