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About NapoloenCat

NapoloenCat is a digital marketing system in the cloud that helps with posting, discussion monitoring, content aggregation administration, and statistics for sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Customers may schedule posts in advance using the schedule and draught features, and they can simultaneously distribute information to many social network pages.

Users can reply to inquiries and remarks from various sources using the colonial mailbox. Users can post pre-configured answers based on terms, flag or remove material, and transmit client requests to designated recipients through automated moderation criteria.

Analytics software allows you to monitor how your content fares compared to your rivals. It also allows users to generate PDF reports, which can email.

Users may add their logos and notes to reports. Not only does NapoleonCat notify you through email and text message when certain user-defined conditions are met, such as when there is unusually high interest in a piece of material, but the user may also set these conditions.


Engaging in the social media practice of checking one's mailbox

Those who juggle many social media identities at once can attest to the chaos that ensues when trying to respond to everyone who contacts them.

It's already challenging enough to react to their remarks and queries; you must go from one site to another.

In light of this, NapoleonCat has developed a social inbox that lets you sign in with your accounts from the most popular social media sites so you can monitor your alerts in a centralized location.

Participation in Social Media

With NapoleonCat, you can consolidate your brand's messages into one place, making tracking and responding to customer comments easier.

You may sort letters via the inbox based on the kind of post they're responding to or the social media platform they were made.

You may even delegate particular talks inside NapoleonCat to specific members of your team.

The process of posting and scheduling

Schedule content publication across many social media accounts is an essential feature of any online reputation management solution.

Like other tools, NapoleonCat lets you build a social media marketing schedule gradually over time.

Examining Your Development

It would help if you then analyzed your social media management plan to determine where you can make improvements and what strategies were successful during the promotion.

In this case, NapoleonCat's Analytics section shines. Here, you may assess how well your social media campaigns have performed using the tool's compiled stats.

Building Reports

You may use the Reports section to keep your customers updated on your content management efforts utilizing NapoleonCat.

Reports may be generated instantly or set to automatically be distributed to customers on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

You may save time that would have been spent manually producing reports by scheduling their generation and distribution.

It would help if you only mentioned relevant factors to your customers. If you try to include too much information in your report, it may confuse the reader, and they may not be able to appreciate your social media campaign's success.

If you add the URL of a rival's social media page here, you'll be able to evaluate their activity as well.


The base price for one user and three profiles is $23.25 monthly.

For just $48 a month, you may have three separate accounts and one active user.

For businesses with more than 30 employees, we recommend contacting NapoleonCat directly for a quote.


  • Interface design that is both clean and easy to use
  • You may set up automated rules to reply to or delete particular messages.


  • Not possible to set up a queue or schedule recurring articles.
  • Absence of a professional social media feature
  • Product usage concerns are relatively minimal.


Businesses with a dedicated customer care department might benefit significantly from NapoleonCat. Their social mailbox makes it simple to manage conversations with people across all of their social media profiles.

There are additional functions available in NapoleonCat that some users may find helpful. When developing the most effective social media plan for your company, its analytics tool is among the finest.

FAQs for NapoloenCat

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Instructions for using my NapoloenCat discount voucher?

Enter your code when you're ready to check out, and the discount will automatically apply.

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