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About Mondly

Mondly has to learn different languages software that had generated a lot of hype, particularly after earning a few accolades when it first appeared on the market a few years back.

It's built around a mix of daily lessons focusing on games and interpretations into your languages, a chatbot, and one-of-a-kind augmented reality capabilities. There's even a virtual world app available!

Mondly was launched in 2013 by Alex and Tudor Iliescu. 

The firm is based in Brasov, Romania, and the app's crew is constantly expanding.

To assist learners in grasping a new language, the Mondly app combines course content, augmented reality, and chatbots. 

They presently support 41 languages, which may be used in any order. This indicates that you are not required to study English.

The Fundamentals of Mondly 

Translating into your L1

Mondly promotes you to learn to communicate between your native language or a language you currently speak well but the language you wish to learn, instead of learning methods that concentrate only on the target language.

This is accomplished using a combination of typing, speaking, and selecting phrases from a menu.

Learning Methods

In reality, this implies that it is a little simpler to get started with learning than it would otherwise be. Mondly takes pride in having a wide variety of base language possibilities, and you'll find yourself digesting information effectively, particularly in the early stages.

Various techniques of learning

We've all experienced how difficult it can be to learn a new language at times. That is why variety is essential!

Mondly's concept combines personalized daily lessons with a "route" through the many themes and levels of language acquisition. This is integrated with cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality courses and a chatbot.

However, the beauty of Mondly resides in their combination. You'll never use the same strategy again, so you'll never get bored!

Mondly Languages App's Operation

With cost covered, let's talk about how the Mondly program is organized at a high level (excluding their specialist AR and VR applications, which I'll get to later). To begin, after logging in, you'll be sent to the main Mondly interface, which resembles a map. You'll see a slew of landmark icons on this map, each representing a distinct subject or theme.

You may see all of these distinct "landmarks" throughout the interactive map by scrolling from left to right. Among these subjects are weather, vacation, and family, to name a few. After you navigate a subject, there are usually 6 to 8 lectures.

Various Methods for Learning a Language using Mondly

Mondly provides several language-learning alternatives, including:

Daily classes

Mondly encourages you to maintain your language skills by giving regular courses. Every day, you'll get a notice informing you that your course is ready.

You are exposed to the new language and suitable phrases for a specific subject via "game-like" tasks. For example, if you have a daily session on travel, you'll learn the terms for "airport," "passport," and a method to express "I'm here on business." After the lesson, you are informed of the new vocabulary you acquired in that session.

Weekly tasks and monthly quizzes

After going through a week's worth of daily sessions, you may take the exam to evaluate what you learned. You'll be able to access the monthly challenge if you've completed all of the weekly tests for the month.

Unlocking tests and challenges in this manner pushes students to complete their daily studies.


The language teaching chatbot is meant to simulate a conversation, allowing you the opportunity to practice the language you're learning.

The software introduces you to a virtual counterpart and invites you to reply to conversational cues like a general hello or dining role-play. Mondly proposes several answers to all these, but it will accept other accurate ones.

Although the discussions are far from genuine, Mondly's speech-to-text capabilities are rather excellent, so I found it amusing. You may go with the recommended comments at first, but it's a good idea to think about what more you might say!

Oxford language examinations

Mondly presents a unique Oxford English course that you may be interested in if you need to study English and intend to take a competence exam.

Oxford University Press and Mondly will collaborate in 2020 to build a new English module for the app. This modern language program is based on the Standard European Framework of Research for Languages, or CEFR, and contains practice examinations for levels A2, B1, and B2.

The curriculum has approximately 3500 problems and 108 English language development tests for each chosen language. Regardless of your mother language, this module is valuable for exam preparation.

AR Mondly

This feature is a key selling point of Mondly. You can create a CGI instructor in your workplace, homeroom, or anyplace you want with augmented reality technology!

Before conjuring items to educate you about, your instructor will talk with you in your language. The first lecture is on creatures, and she makes an impact by seemingly creating a lion out of pure nothingness.

Some aspects of this feature aren't too horrible. While providing you with the name of creatures isn't revolutionary, you may approach things and see vocabulary.

Mondly Virtual Reality (VR)

In addition to virtual reality, Mondly has dabbled in virtual reality with an additional VR app.

Mondly VR is a leader in the field of digital language learning. It's intended to supplement the main program, in which you might get vocab lessons via your virtual instructor and connect with her via the chatbot and voice recognition technology.

The VR app has significantly fewer language choices, with 30 to pick from, so that's something to keep in mind—though it's still enough!

Mondly for commercial purposes

Mondly has also ventured into the business realm with MondlyWORKS, which Delta Airlines & Canon Medical is being utilized.

It's an award-winning program for businesses to enhance internal and external communications and connections with partners, clients, and customers. Along with the standard Mondly capabilities, MondlyWORKS included a dashboard that allowed managers to monitor employee use and progress.

The business software that supports a more extensive range of languages is fantastic. Unlike the main program, MondlyWORKS provides corporations with access to 41 regional dialects, albeit I find it odd that all 41 cultures aren't available throughout the applications. There are also 1056 language courses, including several business-oriented modules to help workers in their meetings.

Mondly for children

A language game software would be incomplete without a version for children.

Mondly Kids has you covered whether you have kids or elder siblings who wish to study a language or need a complement to their language education. It's a cute app with lovely drawings and fascinating noises that will keep kids delighted and engaged.

There are 11 themes and 77 premium courses to choose from. Overall, youngsters may study up to 400 words using digital flashcards, including entertaining visuals and native speaker sounds.

Mondly Kids also is ideal for family language learning.

Mondly Languages Cost

Mondly does have a free trial; however, it is pretty restricted. As a result, most individuals choose the Premium package, which grants access to all Mondly content and services. Given the restricted number of features, I'd say the free version is more akin to a test version than anything.

The Mondly deluxe plan costs roughly $10 / month, or $48 a year if paid in advance for 12 months. You can also acquire lifelong access to Mondly, often available for roughly $90 overall with a discounted link or coupon code.

Overall, the main point is whether Mondly is incredibly inexpensive. It's far less expensive than rivals like Pimsleur & Rosetta Stone, and that's one of its most appealing aspects.


Beautifully crafted

Only language firm concentrating on VR and AR

An extensive language range is available at a reasonable price, and it also caters to youngsters.

Excellent value for money.

You can easily monitor your learning progress.

Lessons are brief and straightforward to understand. Select what you wish to study.


Some features seem to be a rip-off of other applications.

There is no ability to slow down the audio.

'Tough luck' return policy lacks comprehensive grammar and is mainly restricted to language.

Not valid for intermediate/advanced speakers.

There isn't a lot of grammatical assistance.

It occasionally seems repetitious.


Mondly pioneered integrated and virtual reality for online learning languages and is still one of the very few language applications that cater to adult and kid learners.

Although it is a well enough and popular software, it does have some drawbacks.

It's worth installing the free trial and then upgrading to the premium membership if the features appeal to you.

However, with the cost of a device like this being far from inexpensive, it has a long way to go before trying to catch up to many of the experts in the field.

FAQs for Mondly

⭐️ How much discount do I get on Mondly premium plans?

If you purchase lifetime access - 41 languages plan, you get a 96% discount.

⭐️ How to activate the deal using the Mondly discount code?

Click on the discount button next to the plan you want to purchase. Please copy the code and use it on the checkout page.

⭐️ Which is the top-selling plan?

Mondly lifetime plan is the top-selling for this month.

⭐️ What is the payment option for a lifetime subscription?

You can pay using a credit card or PayPal. For lifetime subscription, you have to pay just once and access it for lifetime.

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