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About Mailbird Pro

Mailbird Pro is already an excellent email client; we fully believe that it will only become better when additional capabilities and add-ons become available. You'll be wondering how you ever survived without several email accounts.

With Mailbird Pro, you may connect as many email accounts as possible, but the free version is restricted to one. The Unified Inbox allows you to view all of your incoming messages from your accounts in one spot, which is handy.

It's possible to integrate Mailbird Pro with almost any social network or chat service you can imagine using. Everything you need is at your fingertips, so you don't have to switch between internet tabs and desktop applications.

As soon as you're up and running, you'll have access to a wide choice of additional tools and feeds via the 'Add ons' section of the app.

Additionally, Mailbird Pro can sync with your calendar, which many email clients do not have, making it easier for you to keep track of your upcoming events.

Features of Mailbird Pro

Mailbird's Email Folders

For IMAP accounts, you may access custom folders and the default folders that are created when you set up an account in Mailbird: archiving, sending mail, etc.

Folders are used in the same way as labels in everyday life: Folders may be assigned colors to make them easier to see in the following topics while copying.

If you want to move messages around, you'll have to click a couple more times. Press V on your keyboard to swiftly search for folder names while moving or copying in Mailbird.

Effortless Ease

Managing email entails reading, responding, and sometimes composing new messages. Frequently, this entails repeatedly removing and archiving and doing it as quickly as possible. There are several options for quickly responding to emails in Mailbird. To open an email and utilize its toolbar or use a keyboard shortcut, you may do one of these things.

Putting Emails on the Backburner

You may snooze emails if you don't feel like responding right now, but there are a few recommended times or one of your own that you can choose from. If Mailbird is functioning now, the snoozed email will be returned to the top of the inbox.

Unless the email has been deleted, the message will appear when you open it again. Snoozed emails may be found in a Snoozed folder, accessible through IMAP.

Support for Emails and Users' Profiles

Mailbird's IMAP services do more than perform as expected with folders. With OAuth 2 for Gmail and OAuth 2 for iCloud, Mailbird will attempt to identify the best method for you to join and log on to your email provider.

With the help of Mailbird, you may create as many identities as you need for any given account.

The SMTP server for your primary account or one associated with the specified address may be selected. From and to the email server, all of your email data may be fully encrypted with Mailbird.

Signatures for Email Communications

A signature may be added to any email address you create in Mailbird, whether an account or a different identity.

Copying and pasting signatures from one address to another isn't an option when using the same signature for many addresses. You can use HTML and rich-text editing to get the appearance you want.

Mailbird Message Composition

Mailbird's message composition editor has the same advanced editing features as the HTML source editor. On top of your original email, you may type your response, but you can also insert your comments and responses inside the quoted text; Mailbird separates your reply blocks distinct with color and precedes them with the sender's name.

You may, of course, attach files from your computer to an email with the help of the built-in attachment feature in Mailbird.

Adding Apps to Mailbird

From calendars like Google Calendar and Sunrise to task management apps like Todoist and to chat/video conferencing services, Mailbird says it can be integrated with any service or application.

Most of these apps are nothing more than web services that operate on top of Mailbird. There is little or no integration.

Useful Gmail Hacks in the Mozilla-based mail client Mailbird

There are Send, and Archive buttons (and keyboard shortcuts), and a delay in delivery allows you to undo sending an incorrect message. Mailbird, on the other hand, can't plan future emails or repeat ones.

Mailbird can pull out only the content of an email and display it to you word-by-word without any other distractions for the lightning-fast email reading.

Pricing of Mailbird Pro

The three price plans for Mailbird are shown below.

You may use Mailbird for your business for nothing.

It costs $3.94 per month to subscribe to Mailbird Business (monthly).

Mailbird Business (yearly subscription): $23.67 per year.

You can check Mailbird Pro promo codes for the best price deal.

Favorite Things

  • The multi-account and multi-identity functionality in Mailbird is excellent.
  • Emails may be put on hold effortlessly.
  • For instance, basic email processing is lightning quick.

What Isn't Right

  • Filters and other automation capabilities, such as recommended answers or folders for filing, are not available in Mailbird.
  • There is a lack of discernment in the identification of critical emails.
  • Mailbird's search is quick and easy, although it could use additional criteria and targeting choices.


Mailbird could be the right choice for you if you're looking for an email client who does all you need. Mailbird is an excellent tool for managing your email, social media, and other applications while keeping you focused on your work.

Alternatives: ProtonMail, eM Client

FAQs for Mailbird Pro

⭐️ What is the best deal on Mailbird plans?

You can get a 75% discount on Business & 50% off on a Personal plan.

⭐️ How to activate the Mailbird discount code?

Copy the promo code once you click the discount button. Paste to at the checkout page.

⭐️ Which is the top-selling plan?

A personal plan with a yearly subscription is the best selling plan.

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